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    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode

    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode is an add-on that enables the admin to activate catalog mode for selected categories. But keep the default way for another category. It allows the store to operate in both ways.

    • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

    • Allow enabling/disabling catalog way for specific categories.

    • Option to allow catalog for the subcategories.

    • Automatics disable catalog products based on backend-set days.

    • Auto email notifications on product status change to the vendor, admin, and custom mail IDs.

    • The backend provides options for setting email notification templates.

    • One product is listed in either catalog mode or a regular category.

    • Easy to configure and manage at the admin end.

    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode
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    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode is an extra option for the CS-Cart online store system. CS-Cart is a popular tool that helps businesses make and manage online shops. This mode is for special cases. Generally, online stores let you see things, add them to a cart, and buy them. But sometimes, businesses want to show without selling them right away. It is where the Extended Catalog Mode helps.

    With this mode, stores can show things like in a catalog. People can't buy directly. Instead of the usual buying process, the main thing is to show details like what things are, how they look, and what they do. This feature is for businesses that want to show stuff online without letting people buy it directly. It's like when a shop displays nice things but doesn't let you buy them online.

    It is for businesses that have their plans and ideas for selling products. So, CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode is a tool for businesses that want to show their stuff online. It's for businesses that don't want people to buy things right away online.

    It helps them make their online shop just how they want it. Apart from this admin can also attract the customer by adding CS-Cart Special Promotion Conditions.

    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode

    Highlighted Features

     Selective Catalog Mode

    You can choose the category, you want to show as a catalog, displaying products without letting people buy them directly.

     Simultaneous Modes

    You can use both catalog and normal modes at the same time. Regular categories work as usual.

     Automated Product Disabling

    Products in catalog mode will automatically turn off after a set time. It keeps your product list accurate and helps with managing what you have in stock.

     Customizable Email Notifications

    You can make your email messages for automatic notifications. You can tell sellers, managers, and others about changes in product status.

    Why do we need CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode add-on?

    The CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode add-on is for businesses that want to show their products without letting people buy them immediately online. It's useful for companies selling special, expensive things like fancy watches or custom furniture.

    With this add-on, businesses can share product details and pictures, for which they can encourage customers to ask questions or get advice before they buy. It helps make customers' shopping experience better and lets businesses handle sales in a more personal way.

    Think about a fancy fashion brand that makes a small collection of expensive designer handbags. They want to show these bags on their website with lots of pictures and information, but they'd rather people get in touch to ask about buying.

    With the CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode add-on, they can show the bags nicely without a button for buying online. It keeps things special and lets the brand get info about possible buyers to talk to them more personally.

    Admin can ask for a review from the customer by adding CS-Cart Product Review Request, customer can share their shopping experience or the product they have purchased.

    Frontend View

    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode showcases products in selected categories without direct buy options. It provides a browsing-only experience for customers.

    • In the regular setting, you can buy the product directly from the store.
    • You can look at the information about the product.
    • Customers can personalize the product according to their needs.
    • Add to comparison option is there to compare the product.
    Frontend View

    Backend View

    Admin can configure and manage catalogue mode settings for specific categories. It provides control over product visibility and sales options.

    • Admin can enable catalog mode for specific categories.
    • Enable catalog mode for all categories.
    • Enter the number of days till which product will going to be active.
    • Admin can set the status of the product.
    Backend View

    Mail Template Settings

    Offers customizable automated notifications for product status changes to enhance communication and management. If the admin wants to avoid spam mail then the admin can go for the CS-Cart User Activation By Mail.

    • You can select receive notification alerts as the admin, vendor, or with custom email addresses.
    • Automatic mail is sent when the product status is disabled.
    • The store Operation mode can be set as catalog or store.
    • Set the mail template layout as well.
    Mail Template Settings

    Configuration Settings

    Here the admin can configure the module as per the need. This process encompasses configuring settings. These settings lead to the creation of a dynamic product display. The key aspect is the absence of immediate purchasing options.

    • Choose catalog to enable the catalog option.
    • Choose store to enable the store option.
    • Enter custom email Ids for the notifications.
    • Notify when the product is disabled after the active period.
    Configuration Settings

    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our other top-quality CS-Cart Modules.


    Product Version1.1
    Released7 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 9, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsCS-Cart  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  CS-Cart Multivendor  4.14.x  4.15.x  4.16.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode?

    CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode displays products without selling in specific categories. It maintains regular mode. Enhances store management and offers seamless shopping.

     How does catalog mode work in CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode?

    The catalog option hides products in selected categories, allowing showcases without direct purchases. Customers can view but not buy direct.

     Can regular categories coexist with catalog mode?

    Yes, this add-on balances regular and catalog options for successful product showcases.

     Is there a way to automatically disable products in catalog mode?

    Yes, the add-on offers automated product disabling after a specified time. It ensures that catalog mode products remain up-to-date and helps with inventory management.

     Can I customize email notifications for product status changes?

    Yes, it provides customizable email templates. It notifies vendors, admins, and custom addresses about product status changes.

     Can I disable catalog mode for specific products or only categories?

    Yes, you can Enable catalog for entire categories, not individual products. Use other features or add-ons for specific products.

     Can I activate catalog mode for many categories at once?

    Yes, you can activate catalog mode for many categories together. This Add-on makes it convenient to showcase products in various categories, without direct selling.

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