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      Joomla Virtuemart RMA

      Joomla Virtuemart RMA : This splendid add-on has the feature which provides authorization to user in managing the concept of return and exchange in store. The process is a part of returning products in order to receive return or replacement based on admin's configuration.


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      Joomla Virtuemart RMA :This splendid add-on has the feature which provides authorization to user in managing the concept of return and exchange in store. The process is a part of returning products in order to receive return or replacement based on admin's configuration.

      Joomla Virtuemart RMA

      Joomla Virtuemart RMA Features:

      • Allows user to replaced or return the products bought within limited period of time.
      • The facility of RMA is made available to user once the status of order is set to “confirmed”.
      • For a purchase with multiple products in single order, customer has the opportunity to return single or multiple items depending on admin's configuration at backend.
      • Admin has the feature to design how he wants to display RMA reasons under various categories.
      • Reasons and categories can be published or unpublished as per requirements.
      • Admin can take individual action on each product in case of multiple product in single request.
      • The option of re-requesting of items is available at user end if admin replace or decline any request.
      • Mail will be send for every RMA request, communication message and action taken by admin on each request.
      • RMA History page is provided at frontend to view the display of all RMA requests related to any order.
      • Selection of reasons for return and replacement are provided to users with a dropdown configured by admin at backend.
      • An additional comment box is provided at frontend to leave any message for admin in case of return.
      • The option to define the return period of product is provided.
      • A communication tab is provided at backend to communicate with users of store.
      • ** Note** Joomla Virtuemart RMA is well integrated and compatible with our Joomla Virtuemart Wallet System.

      Joomla Virtuemart RMA -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 5.0
      based on 2 reviews

      Recent Reviews

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      Extension done very well and useful

      Posted On - September 14, 2018

      1) Functionality - Return management and complete product replacement with full functionality.

      2) Ease of use - Simple to use and the user can manage his request in just a few steps.

      3) Support - Impeccable assistance service

      4) Documentation - Complete and reliable documentation

      5) Value for money - Excellent value for money

      Good extension for something missing in Virtuemart World

      Posted On - December 7, 2016

      Functionality - This is the first version of the component so there is definitely to improve here and there but the base is very good.

      Ease of use - Quite easy to use and customize.

      Support - Supporto competente e veloce nel rispondere.

      Complete documentation and Worth buying also because there is not much else around to handle Virtuemart's RMA. It seems a good starting point

      Joomla Virtuemart RMA FAQ :

      How does it work?
          Admin needs to create return reasons and assign a category to them. These reasons are displayed on user RMA view to select from. Admin set order status on which user is allowed to place the request.After a request is created admin needs to approve or decline the request. 
      Can admin set order status on which user is allowed to return/replace the item?
         Yes, admin can set statuses on which user is allowed to request the return/replace. 
      Is it compatible with Webkul Booking and Reservation extension for VirtueMart?
         Yes, it is compatible with Webkul booking and reservation. Admin is also provided with an option to set whether to allow return/replace/cancel for only booking products or for all products. 
      What are refund rules?
          Admin can create refund rules - for example, percent of amount refund based on days after order placed. 50% after 3 days or in case of booking product 50% before 3 hrs of the show. Admin can create multiple rules.  
      Can user request RMA for a single item in his/her order?
          Yes, If admin allow. Admin has the option to set single return or not. 
      What is the compatibility with Webkul Wallet system for Virtuemart?
          If a request is accepted by admin amount will be refunded to user wallet based on wallet configurations. 
      Why some items not displayed on the return/replace view to the user?
          There may be following reasons: 1. Order placed days exceeds days define by admin. 2. In case of booking reservation, a product may not be booking product and admin set return for only booking products. 3. Return request already processed. 
      How admin manage RMA requests?
          Admin can see all the request in request view and can manage from there. 
      Can user check all the return requests?
         Yes, History view is provided to check all the request by a user. 
      Can user communicate with admin?
          Communication tab is provided in which user and admin can communicate. 

      Joomla Virtuemart RMA - Support

      For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system : Support System

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