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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Magento 2 Marketplace Blog Manager

      Magento 2 Marketplace Blog Manager: With the help of this marketplace add-on, the vendors will be able to create blog posts on the marketplace.The customers can view the posts from the seller profile page and can also leave a comment on the post. The admin has complete control over the marketplace blogs, comments, approve/disapprove/delete, manage blog categories.


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      Magento 2 Marketplace Blog Manager: Using Magento 2 Marketplace Blog Manager module, the admin can enable the marketplace sellers to add blogs and share their views or opinions about the various topics that are relevant to the store. The post can be related to the product reviews, shopping tips, shopping experiences, etc.

      The module provides a functionality where marketplace sellers can publish a blog post on the store which will be visible to the customers. The customers can share their views and opinions on the seller blog using the comments section. The admin can manage the blog posts and blog comments from the back-end panel.

      Important Note - To use Magento 2 Marketplace Blog Manager module, Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace must be installed.


      • The admin can enable or disable Marketplace Blog Manager module from backend configuration.
      • The admin can set the limit of words to be displayed on a particular blog on List view page of blogs.
      • The seller can add any number of blog categories.
      • The seller can add an unlimited number of blogs for their products.
      • The sellers can view customer comments added to their blog.
      • Even the sellers can add comments to their blog.
      • Proper blog management like add/edit/delete from seller’s account.
      • A separate page to view the particular seller blogs.
      • The logged in customers can add comments to the seller blogs.
      • The guest users can view the blog and can add comments as well.
      • The admin can fully manage the blogs and its comments by approving/un-approving or by deleting them.


      • This module offers online blogging which is one of the best marketing strategies for product promotion.
      • You can effectively draw potential customers’ attention to the store items by adding blogs to your store.
      • The module enables most effective mean to share your views or opinions about the product reviews, shopping tips, shopping journey, etc.
      • The seller can learn about customers’ choices, views, and preferences by letting them post comments.

       Module Configuration

      This module is an absolute solution to promote official information on your store for upcoming products, promotions, sale etc. The admin can:

      • Define the character limit of the blog content as per which the blog content will be displayed on the blog list page.
      • Enable or disable the comments approval requirement.
      • Enable or disable the blog approval requirement.
      • Configure the mail templates for several events of this module.
       Module Configuration:

       Seller End

      Adding blogs to your store using this advanced blog functionality can drive more potential customers to your store. Using this advanced blog feature the sellers can:

      • Create multiple categories for the blogs.
      • Specify blog titles, meta keywords and descriptions of the blog.
      • Assign a category to the blog and define tags for the blog.
      • Add images to the blog content.
      • Edit or delete the created blogs as per the need.
      • View customer comments posted on the blog.
      • Even add the comment on their own blogs.
       Seller End

       Front End

      • “View blog” link on the product page to view the blogs of that product seller.
      • Separate page to view the complete list of blogs of a particular seller.
      • Display limited content for a compact view in the blog list page.
      • Along with the blog content the customers can view blog category, author name, created date and time, blog tags and blog title.
      • Customers can share their thoughts and comments using the flexible Comments section.
       Front End

       Manage Blogs

      In the back-end, the admin has got full control to manage the blog functionality like -

      • View and manage all the blogs and the comments.
      • Approve the seller blogs and the customer comments.
      • Disapprove the seller blogs and the customer comments
      • Delete the seller blogs and the comments.
      • View the customer details who have posted the comments on the blog.
       Manage Blogs


      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      Version 3.0.0
      • + Compatible with magento 2.3.x
      • + Compatible with marketplace 3.0.x
      Version 2.2.0
      • + Compatible with magento 2.2.x and above
      • + Compatible with marketplace 2.3.x and above
      • - Bugs fixed
      Version 2.1.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
      Version 2.0.1
      • + Blog posts will be shown website wise
      • - Bugs fixed
      Version 2.0.0
      • + By using this module seller have their own blog where they can add/update posts.
      • + Proper blog management like add/edit/delete from seller’s account.
      • + Add/edit/delete blog categories.
      • + Add posts via created category from seller’s account.
      • + Buyer can see seller’s blog by visiting seller’s product page.
      • + Any user can comment on any post of seller.
      • + Admin can manage all blog and it’s comment.
      • + Admin can perform approved/unapproved/delete action for particular seller’s blog.