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    Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration

    Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration: Looking for efficient, reliable and fast delivery and logistic services for your business? Aramex offers an optimal solution for you and your customers for both domestic and international orders deliveries. And Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration module brings that services to Odoo. It pleasantly integrates Aramex shipping with Odoo. So, you can automatically get the Aramex shipping rate and add it to the order in one click. It works for both- website and Odoo backend. It also provides the option to generate Aramex shipment label in the Odoo backend for quick order processing.




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    Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration

    Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration: Today, the delivery times for orders have shrunk to 1-2 days and even hours. Timely and correct delivery has become the backbone for every eCommerce business.

    The quality of delivery services offered by a business has become one of the most important factors to rate the customer satisfaction index for any business whether its offline or online.

    Thus, it is prudent to have multiple options at your disposal.

    Coming to Aramex, It is one of the most efficient shipping and logistics services provider with its presence in over 54 countries.

    Thus, having Aramex in your Odoo can buttress your logistics and delivery service and refine your delivery times for your orders, which in turn would lead to happy customers.

    Odoo Aramex Shipping integration module is aimed at providing integration of Aramex shipping services with your Odoo.

    Once configured, you can ship orders with Aramex (if eligible).

    You can set the type of packaging options, get shipping rates directly from Aramex and ensure timely delivery of the orders.

    The tracking number of the shipping can also be seen in the respective sales order.

    Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration Features

     Work on Both- Website and Odoo backend

    • The customer can select Aramex delivery from the website on his/her order.
    • The Odoo user can use Aramex on the sales order in the backend.

     Supports International and Domestic services

    • The users can use Aramex for international as well as domestic delivery.
    • The feature would depend upon the type of services acquired from Aramex.
    • The delivery prices are automatically added to the order(if set) once Aramex is selected.

     One step Aramex integration with Odoo

    • The admin needs to enter the Aramex credentials in Odoo to integrate the module.
    • User Name, Password, Account Number, Account Pin, Account Entity, Account Country Code, Environment, Get prices from Aramex.
    • The user can also use the test environment to check the module integration.

     Aramex Shipment and tracking number

    • Supports real-time Aramex shipment label generation.
    • The tracking number is also generated with the order.
    • The user can see the tracking number in the sales order.
    • If needed, the shipment can also be canceled from the sales order itself.

     Packaging Options

    • The user can add different packaging options as per Aramex to deliver the orders.
    • The packaging options available would depend upon the type of services availed from the Aramex Delivery Services.
    • Create a separate shipping label for each product of the same order or create a single label for all the products in an order.
    • Additional option to set product package creation to manual or automatic.
    • The admin can also choose to add any extra service charges to the shipping price as per the requirements.

     Set Default Values for faster operation

    • The default configuration tab allows you to set default values for a number of fields to save time.
    • The set values are automatically picked by the system while generating Aramex shipment in the Odoo. So, you don't need to enter the same values them each time you generate a shipment.
    • If needed, the values of the desired fields can be changed directly from the delivery shipment form.
    • The Odoo user can set default values for fields such as product weight, Units of Measure (UoM) for both Aramex and Odoo, Aramex packaging, Aramex service, etc.


    Before You Generate Aramex Shipment in Odoo

    Please keep the following points in mind to avoid getting an error message while placing a delivery with Aramex Shipping Carrier:


    1.) Valid Credentials

    • Please use the correct Aramex credentials to configure the module to successfully generate the shipment in the Odoo backend and on the website.


    2.) Correct destination and sender address

    • The addresses entered in the order for both user/receiver and warehouse/sender should be valid entries to process the shipping successfully. The addresses and range from the source to the destination depending upon the type of service availed from Aramex by the Odoo admin.


    3.) A non-zero weight of the package

    • The product added to Aramex shipping should not have zero as the listed weight in the Odoo otherwise the shipment generation request returns an error from Aramex. To avoid this, the admin can also set a default weight to be automatically sent to the Aramex in case the product in case the listed weight is zero.


    4.) You need to put the product in a pack to generate a shipping label


    Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Aramex Shipping Integration module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released7 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsShipping
    Last UpdatedJanuary 23, 2024 (4 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  9.x  10.x  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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