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    Odoo Marketplace RMA

    Odoo Marketplace RMAAre you still manually managing returns and exchanges on your Odoo Marketplace? How do you keep track of the processes? It can be quite a cumbersome task. But Odoo Marketplace RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) gives you an easy-to-use tool to deal with return exchange & requests raised by your customers on your marketplace. You as Odoo marketplace Admin and your sellers can receive Odoo RMA requests from customers and process them. All the steps followed and the result of each request is stored in the Odoo for quick tracking and analysis.


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    Odoo Marketplace RMA:  Now, allow customers to raise a return and exchange request with a simple Odoo RMA form. Track returns and exchange requests generated by customers on your Odoo marketplace.

    Streamline the process of managing refund requests among multiple sellers of your Marketplace with Odoo marketplace RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Module.

    As Odoo Marketplace Admin;

    • Access complete control over return and exchange policy. Monitor exchange requests.
    • Approve/disapprove Refund request. (No return refund can be processed without approval from Marketplace admin.)
    • Track each RMA request raised for every Marketplace seller in Odoo, see their current status and make informed decisions.

    Odoo RMA for Marketplace provides a proper channel to handle returns and exchange on your Odoo Marketplace.

    What does Odoo Marketplace RMA provide:

    • Streamline RMA process in Odoo.
    • Promote return policy on your Odoo Multi Marketplace
    • Returns & Exchanges can be managed by admin and sellers.
    • Provide convenience to customers.
    • Facilitates communication between sellers and customers to process returns and exchanges

    Odoo Marketplace RMA

     Prerequisites For Odoo Marketplace RMA Module

    Odoo Marketplace RMA works in conjunction with the following modules:

    You would need to install both of these modules for Odoo Marketplace RMA to work properly.

     Features For Odoo Marketplace Admin

    Added A Separate RMA Menu.

    • A separate space for admin to view and manage returns and exchanges in Odoo.
    • The Odoo RMA menu is added to keep things organized on your end.
    • See all the RMA requests at every seller’s end.
    • Track the status of all the RMAs raised at your Marketplace

     Define Odoo RMA Stages

    • Manage the progress of Odoo RMA process with stages (status).
    • Create representative stages for different product inspections in your RMA process.
    • Create different stages for Return & Exchange respectively.

    Set RMA Reasons list

    • Create a variety of RMA reasons for the customer to choose from.
    • The RMA reasons are used by customers while filling RMA form on Odoo Marketplace.
    • Add appropriate reasons to better understand the customer’s issues.

     Create A New RMA Request From Backend

    • Only Odoo Marketplace admin can create new RMA requests from Odoo backend.
    • The Sellers cannot create the RMA from their Marketplace dashboard

    Track All Odoo Marketplace RMA Requests

    • The admin can see all the RMA requests raised on his Marketplace.
    • Track their current status and other details from Admin Dashboard.

     Control Refund Request From Sellers

    • Refund requests agreed by the seller are sent to admin for approval.
    • Only admin can approve a refund RMA request.

    Track/ Check Customer-Seller Communications

    • The admin can access the Odoo Marketplace RMA records from backend.
    • See all the messages & attached images in a RMA request.
    • The admin can message the customers in the same thread.

     Define your Product Return period

    • The admin can define the return policy for his Odoo marketplace.
    • Set product return window on the basis of order date or delivery date.
    • Set default return policy globally for all sellers.
    • Or, the admin can set different return policy for each Marketplace seller.

     Added Features For Your Odoo Marketplace Sellers

    Separate RMA Menu For Each Seller .

    • Each seller can manage his/her RMA requests from the Seller Dashboard.
    • Manage return and exchange requests of Odoo Marketplace customers.
    • Set appropriate status/stage to a RMA request

     Approve/Disapprove Exchange Requests

    • The seller can approve/disapprove the exchange requests of his products.
    • The seller can create a new delivery for an approved exchange request.

    Create Refund Approval Requests .

    • The seller can only create a confirmation request for the refund.
    • (Note: The approved refund request can only be confirmed by the admin. See Admin Features)

     Chat With the Customers through Chatter

    • The seller can ask questions to the customers from RMA request via chatter.
    • The customer can see the message in their website portal.

     Added Features For Your Odoo Marketplace Customers

    Create RMA requests for sellers from Odoo Website Portal

    • The customer can create the RMA requests from his/her website portal.
    • The request is created directly for the respective product seller.

     Simple Legible RMA Form

    • Easily legible odoo RMA form is designed for customers’ convenience.
    • A unique RMA# (number) is assigned to each RMA request.
    • The RMA stages are visible on the RMA form for the customers.

    Upload relevant images

    • Send the relevant images of the product with the RMA request to the sellers.
    • The customers can upload images directly from the website Portal.

     Directly Communicate with the Seller

    • Communicate directly with the seller for any RMA request through Odoo chatter.
    • The message is added to the chatter in the RMA request at the Odoo backend.
    • The seller can reply to the customer with the same chatter.

    Check the Status/stage of the raised RMA

    • The customer can check the current stage of his/her RMA requests.
    • Any change in the Status is instantly reflected in the website portal.

     Maintain the record of all RMAs

    • The customers can see the list of all the raised Odoo RMAs.
    • Open any record to see the details of the Odoo RMA request.

     Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Marketplace RMA Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Marketplace RMA Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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    Product Version1.0.0
    Released4 years ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsMarketplace
    Last UpdatedDecember 14, 2023 (7 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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