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      ODOO 13 Compatible
      Odoo, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.x, 13.x

      Odoo POS Order Return

      Odoo POS Order Return : POS Order Return module is used to return orders in running Point of Sale session.This module helps in returning an order in a more convenient way, which is something every customer strives for in today's world. As after standing in a long queue, customer desires that the user at the POS end consumes less time to return their product.Hence, our module POS Order Return facilitates to return order at ease and in a more convenient manner with allied features.

      Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return Odoo POS Order Return
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      Odoo POS Order Return - It happens sometimes when customers change their mind and decide to return the product. So, the customers should be provided with a convenient way to return the product as per their wish. Odoo POS Order Return module let the Odoo POS user to process refunds/returns directly in the running POS session. It facilitates to Refund/Return orders in live Odoo POS session. This makes it convenient for customers to return the product and get all the refund details in the return receipt. The POS user can just select the order and enter the quantities the customer wish to return and process the refund.

      Advantages of Odoo POS Order Return

      • Easily return the products in the running POS session.
      • Helps customers returning orders in more convenient way.
      • Customers get full refunds whenever a product is returned.
      • The Odoo user can also set some products as non-returnable.
      • Odoo user can enter the quantities as per customer wish for order return.
      • The receipt of the returned order is generated that shows the refund details.

       Prerequisites Of Odoo POS Order Return Module

      • TheModule is dependent on this module so in order to use Odoo POS Order Return you need to install this module also.

        Odoo POS All Orders

       Odoo POS Order Return Features

      Return POS orders with ease

      • The Odoo users can return orders within the POS Session.
      • Odoo users can return an order completely or partially (by selecting products to return).
      • They can again return the partially returned order according to customer

       Choose the products that are eligible for return process

      • The Odoo users can also set product(s) as non returnable.
      • These products will not be returned once the POS order is placed.

      Detailed view of the previous POS orders is provided

      • Odoo users can see the detailed view ( ordered products, quantity, price, total amount, payment mode, customer etc.) of previous orders directly in POS Session.
      • No complex backend configuration is needed at the time of return.

       Generates receipts for the returned products with refund details

      • The Odoo user can return or refund the product quantities as per customer wish.
      • A receipt is generated that shows the refund details of the returned product.

      Configure the POS all orders list

      • You can manage all the POS orders from the Odoo backend.
      • Select among the given options to load offers that you wish to load in current POS.
      manage orders

       Select the shop for configuring order return in POS

      select shop
      • You can select the shop for which you want to configure order return in POS.
      • Select the POS session option as shown in the picture.

      Open any product to make it non-returnable

      • To make a product non-refundable or non-returnable, open any product.
      • Under the sales sub-menu, tick the checkbox next to non-returnable.
      open product

       Other Modules that can help

       Dedicated Support For Your Odoo POS Order Return Module

      Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo POS Order Return Module.

      For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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      Excellent modules and even better support

      Posted On - February 28, 2019

      We have purchased several Webkul modules for Odoo POS and they are the best we have seen. We had some compatibility issues but the support team provided excellent care in solving all problems.

      Awesome module

      Posted On - April 11, 2018

      Awesome module, The Webkul staff are very responsive, they are really helping and answer all questions.

      The module does its job well. Webkul team is very responsive.

      Posted On - April 6, 2018

      The module does its job well. Webkul team is very responsive and resolves any issues that one might face. I have been their regular customer and their quality of support and modules is consistently great.


      Posted On - October 27, 2017


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