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    Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts

    Odoo POS Promotional Offers & DiscountsCater customers with not just percentage discounts but with different promotions and make them feel special in your store. The module provides you with the perfect tools that you can use to bring new customers and retain the old ones in your store by using Odoo POS promotions and Offers. Give discounts to a first-time store customer, give away complimentary free items to long standing customers, run promotions to give rewards to first X customers and much more. Design your own Store promotion strategies with Odoo POS and Promotions

    Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts
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    Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts:  Use the modules to design your own Odoo POS Promotions and Offers for your store in a way that suits you the best.

    Not more simple direct discounts for your store, get a little creative with Odoo POS promotional Offers & Discount module. The flexibility of the module allows you to combine any specific store condition with any specific discount or offer to create new POS promotions for your customers..

    Odoo POS Promotions

     Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Features

    Facilitates Odoo POS Condition Based Offers & Discounts

    • Create new POS promotions that suit your POS store.
    • You can create offers for special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
    • You can also create discounts for various customer types i.e. first customer, lucky customers, etc.

     Create unique POS Promotional Offers For Customers

    • Combine various Discount types with different conditions.
    • Create unique purchase offers for customers in Odoo POS.
    • Give direct discount or free products with POS purchase on your store.

    Add POS promotions on products or product categories

    • Add the Odoo POS condition based promotions on various levels.
    • Set the promotion offers on all products, product categories or selected products

     Create different POS Condition Based Discount Configurations

    • You can create different Promotion configurations in the backend.
    • Each shop can have its own individual POS Promotion configuration.
    • You can create a new POS promotion configuration for each condition.

    See available discounts for a product/customer in POS

    • The POS user can also see the available offers on the product added to the cart.
    • The available discount can be applied to the product with a click.
    • If POS promotions are enabled the offer is auto-applied when you add the product in the cart.

     Enable/disable promotion from POS Session

    • A manual tab is added to the POS shop to toggle promotions on/off manually.
    • The Pos Shop user can enable/disable the POS promotions with a click.

    Multi-POS Shop compatible

    • Each pos shop can have its own promotional discount configuration.
    • Create independent promotions and offers for each POS Shop.
    • Each POS promotion works individually for each POS shop.

     Show Discount details on the Odoo POS receipts

    • The offer/discount type is visible on the Odoo POS receipt.
    • Each orderline in the Odoo POS Shop also shows the promotion applied to it.

     Introduce Odoo POS New Customer Discount

    • You can set auto-offers for new customers on your store.
    • The first-time customer POS promotions are automatically applied to the customer’s order.
    • Bring in more customers with a first time POS purchase discount.
    • Give direct discount, free products or complimentary goodies to the new customers.
    Odoo POS New Customer Discount

     Odoo POS Promotions for every nth Order in your Store

    • Give big discounts to lucky customers in your store.
    • You can set offers and discounts to be won on every nth order in your store.
    • The offer is valid per the POS session of the respective POS shop.
    • Set special POS Promotional offers and discounts on the specific order number in POS Session.
    • Say, 50% off on every 10th order in the store.
    Odoo POS nth Order Discount

     POS Discount Offer for First X Customers Per Session

    • Increase sales volume by giving discounts and goodies to the first 10, 20, 50, 100 or any number of customers that shop from your store.
    POS Discount Offer for First X Customers

     Odoo POS discounts & Offers On Holidays & Specific Dates

    • Run Odoo POS season sales, holiday promotions and more with Odoo POS.
    • Set the date in the backend and the offer is auto-enabled in the respective Odoo POS Shop(s) on that date.
    • Give a direct discounts on products or give away complimentary free products with purchases.
    Odoo POS special Dates Discount

     Dedicated Support For Your Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Module

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo POS Promotional Offers & Discounts Module.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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