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    Odoo Pathology Lab Management System

    Manage and operate path labs with Odoo Pathology Lab Management System!

    • It allows managing pathology more efficiently in Odoo.

    • Manage patients, technicians, lab tests, lab centers, pathologists, etc., on a single screen.

    • Assign and handle collection centers from a single screen.

    • Create and manage labs, technicians, and pathologists in Odoo.

    • Set test parameters and define maximum, minimum, and normal values for each test.

    • Create the required numbers list of samples for different pathology lab tests.


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    Avoid human errors with Odoo Pathology Management System!

    The chances of human error are always there. No one can be sure of the results until they have criteria to check accuracy. In a path lab, the most common errors occur in the pre-analytical phase (46-68.2%) and post-analytical phase 18.5-47%, with less (7-13%) occurring in the analytical phase. Hence, to avoid and minimize these errors, you need set parameters for every test.

    Odoo Pathology Lab Management System simplifies pathology management. It allows you to book a test for the customer, enter the customer’s details, conduct the test, and give test reports to the patients. Further, the path lab management module makes lab records, test results, and staff more efficient. The pathology lab management system makes sure that it meets the demanding requirements set out for an ideal software to manage your busy pathology labs.

    Moreover, the module sends an email notification to patients before an appointment and for report collection and various other scenarios. The Odoo admin can approve or reject any appointment request. You can set the parameters, equipment, and values for a test. Also, the module records for Test Parameters, Lab test Units, Lab tests, Test Packages, etc., can be created and stored in a pathology.

    Odoo Pathology Lab Management System

     Odoo Pathology Lab Management System Features

    Manage Odoo Pathology Management System from Single Screen

    • Path lab management allows administer all your pathology operations.
    • The module covers every pathology service key area.
    • You can document patients, pathologists, technicians, and reports, in Odoo.

     Operate All Pathology Labs and Collection Centers

    • The module allows you to manage the contact and address of every path lab.
    • You can assign multiple collection centers for each path lab.
    • Specify a collection center and allot primary lab and pathologist to each.

    Maintain Pathology Staff List in Odoo

    • The path lab management module creates and manage the list of pathologist and lab technicians in Odoo.
    • You can save all the relevant information in a single place in Odoo.
    • Each technician's records store the history of diagnoses performed by them.

     Give Access to Technicians and Pathologists

    • The Odoo admin can control pathologist and technician access in Odoo.
    • You can create an internal user for every pathologist and technician.
    • Create user-only access and send login details with a click.

    Create and Manage Patient Records in Odoo

    • You can save the list of every patient with the Pathology lab management module.
    • Save the contact and address information of all the patients.
    • Save the appointment history and results in each patient’s record.

     Pre-set the Required Parameters and Units for Lab Tests

    • Create and manage a list of every parameter for a test and assign relevant parameters to each lab test.
    • The Odoo admin can specify maximum, minimum, and normal values for every parameter.
    • The module picks up values while creating the lab report, and you can set units of each parameter like mg/dl, pmo/l, etc.

    Specify Samples to be Tested in Each Test

    • The admin can create a list of needed numbers of samples for various pathology lab tests.
    • Choose from the created list and add relevant sample types while adding a lab test request.

     Add Lab Tests and Packages List

    • You can create a list of tests performed in the lab and add details like price, pre-test information, report TAT, pre-test, etc.
    • Create packages by clubbing different tests in a combo.

    Create Pathology Lab Test Requests in Moments

    • The admin can create lab test requests for patients in Odoo.
    • The module designates each appointment request to auto-set to a new state.
    • The Odoo admin can manage the stages of each lab test request as New, Pending, Approve, and Reject.
    • Once approved, it will create a lab diagnosis reference for each test in the draft state.

     Manage Lab Diagnoses for Every Test

    • Each lab diagnosis consists of a list of parameters, which the pathologist or technician has to test.
    • Every test has set minimum, maximum, and normal values.
    • The admin can manage the stages for lab diagnoses like Collect Sample, Processing, and Done.
    • The Odoo admin needs to add the obtained value for every parameter before marking it done.

    Set Default Collection and Pathology Center

    • The admin can specify the default values for the pathology center and lab.
    • The system will automatically pick the default values if the fields are left blank while creating a test request.
    • It minimizes the chances of error and misfiling of reports and lab tests.

     Create digitalized reports and print and send them to Patients

    • Once the tests are completed, you can print the diagnosis report.
    • Also, the Odoo admin can send several emails to patients automatically and manually.
    • You can send reminders, request approval, and diagnosis report emails on marking the state done.

    Create Pathology Personnel in Odoo

    • The module allows you to create staff, such as pathologists, technicians, etc.
    • You can also create an internal user for every technician or pathologist.
    • You create multiple collection centers and manage them from a single screen.
    • The admin can create and administer the list of pathologists and lab technicians in Odoo.
    • You can view the record of every technician and pathologist’s activity.
    • Set different test parameters and define their values (minimum, maximum, and normal).
    • The module picks up values while creating the lab report, and you can set units of each parameter like mg/dl, pmo/l, etc.
    • The Odoo admin can save the patient’s list with the Path lab management module.
    Creating Personnel in Pathology Module

     Configuring Default and Other Settings of the Pathology Lab

    Configuring Default Settings
    • The pathology management system module allows for documenting patients, reports, technicians, and pathologists.
    • You can set collection center and assign a primary lab and pathologist to each.
    • The admin can save all the applicable information in a single place.
    • You can control pathologists and technician access in Odoo.
    • It allows you to create different units, parameters, pre-information, and sample types.
    • You can create multiple labs and collection centers in Odoo.
    • Also, the module permits you to specify and add appointment sources.
    • It allows you to define minimum, normal, and maximum values for each test.

    Odoo Pathology Lab Management System

    Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Pathology Lab Management System.

    For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE


    Product Version1.0.2
    Released6 years ago
    CategoryOdoo Apps
    Last UpdatedJanuary 23, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  11.x  12.x  13.x  14.x  15.x  16.x  
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