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    WordPress Booking Plugin

    WordPress Booking Plugin: The WordPress Booking plugin provides the users with the feature to enable the booking widget anywhere on their website. The users can activate the widget by simply adding the shortcode in the post, adding the widget to the sidebar, and by adding code to their template file. The customers can use the booking widget to book their slots from various bookings according to their requirements saving their valuable time.

    WordPress Booking Plugin WordPress Booking Plugin WordPress Booking Plugin WordPress Booking Plugin WordPress Booking Plugin WordPress Booking Plugin WordPress Booking Plugin
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    WordPress Booking Plugin The WordPress Booking plugin explicitly developed to work with our Booking Commerce Product. The plugin enables the user to add a booking widget to their website in a very simple and easiest way. The user just has to enter the domain of his booking commerce application and all the products created by the user in his booking commerce account get reflected onto the widget and the customers can book their slots from the widget accordingly.

    Using the plugin the user can enable the booking widget on his website from where the customers can book, schedule, reschedule their slots for any booking accordingly.

    WordPress Booking Plugin

    Highlighted Features

     Real-Time Booking

    It supports real-time booking for no-hassle bookings.

     Disable Time Slots

    The admin may disable time slots; the admin may, if appropriate, disable time slots for a specified duration.

     Dynamic Event

    Creation & display of a Booking Dynamic Event.

     Reschedule Booking

    Customers may reschedule their booking at any time.

     Booking Widget Management

    To fetch all the booking products from the domain to the widget using the plugin, the admin can enter his booking commerce domain in the plugin.

    • The booking widget can be set by the admin under Appearance-> Widgets-> Booking Widget
    • The admin will use the shortcode inside a page/article to allow the widget.
    • A script code can be used by the admin to allow the widget on a website template.
    Booking Widget Management

     Booking Commerce Admin Management

    From his panel, the admin can manage and build booking products and can also allocate agents accordingly to the booking products.

    • Develop Booking Products
    • Book a Customer Slot
    • Manage all the product bookings
    • Managing customers reviews
    • Develop agents and allocate them the products for booking
    • Calendar view for all of the bookings
    Booking Commerce Admin Management

     Booking Commerce Agent Management

    The agent can log in to their admin-created account to view all the details on their dashboard, such as bookings, notifications, reviews, booking stats, etc.

    • All his booking products can be seen by the agent. Under the action tab accessible in front of each booking product, the agent may edit/remove a booking product.
    • The agents are able to see the customers' booking details and can even make a booking from their panel for their customers.
    • Agents can sort bookings on the basis of the date and can sort the result on the basis of time, product, tracking ID, customer name, customer email, product booking, date of the booking, etc.
     Booking Commerce Agent Management

     Customer Bookings

    The customers can view the booking widget on the website and can click on the widget to see all the booking products and then book a slot for a product accordingly.

    • Reschedule the booking
    • Cancel the booking
    • Select the payment method for the booking
    • Add booking to Google calendar
    • Download the booking in .ics file
     Customer Bookings


    • A slot-based measure of quantity was used.
    • Creation & display of a Dynamic Event for Booking.
    • Customers will be able to see the product's booking information in the cart (like Date & Time Slot).
    • Dynamic creation of an event.
    • Time Dynamic Environment.
    • Brilliant UI and UX for display and booking of events.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality WooCommerce Plugins.


    Product Version3.0.2
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedMarch 2, 2023 (1 year ago)
    Supported VersionsWordPress  2.6.x  3.0.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     May customers book their slots by selecting the booking widget?
    Customers may use the booking widget to save their precious time by booking their slots from different bookings according to their requirements.
     Can the customer cancel his booking?
    Yes, the client can cancel the booking at any time or can reschedule it.
     Mention of an interesting aspect of a booking system?
    For showing and booking activities, it shows brilliant UI and UX.
     Does Real-time Booking help the WordPress Booking Plugin?
    Yes, if two customers reserve the same slot and one successfully makes a reservation and the other fails, the slot will be filled and a new slot will have to be reserved by the second customer.
     What is the WordPress Booking Plugin's major advantage?
    This removes the task of making customer phone calls because, let's say, a hotel, customers would not have to step in, making a reservation that is also a time-saving feature.

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    • + Features
    • - Bugs
    • * Added support with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
    • * Fixed security issues.
    • * Added module status enable/disable Features
    • * Admin can select his country timezone
    • * Added feature that sends booking alert on mobile through SMS
    • * Resolve date formate and related issues
    • * Introduced new Layout for both admin side and customer side
    • * Fixed slot issues
    • * Compatability with the latest WooCommerce version
    • * Added new Flatpickr User interface
    • * Fixed some translation issues
    • * Fixed issues
    • * Fixed compatibility with the latest WooCommerce plugin.
    • * Fixed admin side field issue.
    • * Make compatible with booking pos.
    • * Updated order metadata format.
    • * Time format according to WordPress time format settings.
    • * Support language translation.
    • * Fixed the issue in front slot screen regarding disabled days.
    • * Modified template part both in front and backend.
    • * Show the slots according to the set timezone.
    • * Automatically update the slots on updating products.
    • * Added feature of managing stock per slot.
    • * Responsive template updation.
    • * Added feature of adding multiple slot directly to cart.
    • * Added feature of disabling days if the date does not have booking available.
    • * Template updation.
    • * Fixed cart issues.
    • * Improved slot management.
    • Initial release