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The Progressive Web Application development uses web compatibilities to provide an app-like experience to its customers. The customer can launch the PWA the same as the native application regardless of browser choice.

The PWA develops from a browser tab and makes pages more immersive with a low-friction customer experience. Progressive Web Applications are light, fast, and require less memory. PWA supports Push notifications, can work in offline mode, look and feel like a native app, load on the home screen, etc.

Adobe Commerce Progressive Web Apps bridges gaps in web and mobile apps. Magento 2 PWA extension enables cross-browser compatibility to provide an app-like experience.

Please Note:-

  • Currently, this module supports Android Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera Mobile browser only.
  • PWA extension for Magento 2 supports all Magento 2 responsive templates as well as Webkul's Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace module.
  • Now, Headless PWA for Magento 2 is also available which is built on PWA Studio.
  • The web push notification is only compatible with Android and IOS(After installing the PWA) devices.
  • Implement PWA Scan & Go technology in your physical retail stores using Product NFC Tags for Magento 2.
  • Get a unified shopping experience with Shopping Cart QR Code for Magento 2 and sync items from the desktop web browser to PWA.

Highlighted Features

 Offline Mode

The PWA can run both offline and in poor connectivity mode.

 Push Notification

The Progressive Web Application supports the functionality to send push notifications, which helps to draw the attention of the customer to the web store.

 High Speed

The PWA loading time is much less, so the software provides faster browsing speeds.

 Require Less Memory

The PWA in the respective devices requires very little memory.


In comparison to native applications, progressive web apps are very compact.

 Device Compatibility

It is compatible with various devices such as smartphones and tablets across Android and iOS platforms.

 Easy installation

No need to install the application from the app marketplaces, instead, add PWA to the home screen from the web store.

 Require No Update

As it is a web application, not a native app. So the customers don't need to update the PWA.

 PWA Orientation

The admin can set different orientations of PWA as Any, Natural, Landscape, or Portrait.

 Various Display Type

Specify a PWA Fullscreen, Standalone, Minimal UI, and Browser display form.

 Workbox Cache Strategies

This module incorporates the Cache strategy to quickly execute for better performance. Website performance is also enhanced by caching assets in the first-page load.

 Workbox Background Sync Plugin

Background Sync is an absolute solution that enables the disrupted network to restart.

 Workbox Cache Expiration Plugin

To impose cache restrictions and specify how long it should allow information to be stored in a cache or how many items in a cache should be stored.

 Workbox Run-Time Caching

During page loading, it gathers all properties and adds them to the browser cache.

 Graphical Representation of Download Analytics

The admin can view the PWA Download and Reject Analytics in the form of a Graphical representation.

 View Downloads for Particular Date

The admin can even view the total number of PWA downloads for any previous date by using date filters.

Why Need PWA for Adobe Commerce Web Store?

This Magento 2 PWA extension provides a better customer experience since the app load instantly, which provide better reliability to the customers. The app responds quickly and supports push notifications for Android devices, which leads to an increase the customer engagement on the web store.

Helping to increase the conversion and retention rate on the website Due to less memory space in the mobile, many customers avoid to download the application, so the PWA will help in that case, because the customer does not need to download the PWA. They launch the app just by Adding it to the Home Screen.

PWA for Magento 2 Store

Magento 2 PWA extension is a very easy-to-implement Progressive Web Application for your online store. You just need to do some simple configuration and it becomes ready for your customers.

  • The admin can set the application's name and short name.
  • To send a push notification, set up credentials.
  • Decide the splash background color and the theme color from the configuration.
  • Set  PWA orientation as Any, Natural, Landscape, and Portrait.
  • PWA display type can be defined as Fullscreen, Standalone, Minimal UI, and Browser.

PWA Push Notification

Magento 2 PWA extension has a push notification feature and we know, it is useful for an eCommerce business. So here in a progressive web application, the admin can send notifications to PWA apps.

  • The notification can be managed by the admin from the store backend.
  • The admin can add, delete, and edit the notification templates.
  • Set the title and the body of the notification along with its target URL.
  • Show an image icon for the push notification.
  • The push notification will be seen by customers once the PWA is added to their smartphones.

Add PWA To the Home Screen

The customer can easily add the PWA by adding the website to the Home Screen.

  • The customer can easily install the app by adding it to the home screen.
  • The customer can also edit the name of the application while adding it to the home screen.
  • The PWA launches the same as a native application.
  • The application launches with a splash screen with an icon image.
  • The customer can click on the Plus icon, near the cart button to add the app to the home screen.

Offline Mode - Magento 2 PWA Extension

One of the best features of the PWA is that it works in poor internet connection as well as in offline mode.

  • The customers can access the application in poor connectivity.
  • Using the PWA, the customers can easily access the store even in offline mode.
  • The store pages, which are already cached, do not need to be loaded at all times.
  • The customers can easily navigate through the pages, which they already visited in the offline mode.

PWA With Workbox Technology

Workbox handles cache updates for you and offers premium features to build high-level Progressive Web Apps. It also helps to improve PWA performance and provides numerous ways to create an offline-first experience.

  • Precaching
  • Runtime caching
  • Strategies
  • Request routing
  • Background sync

Workbox Run-Time Caching for Superfast Loading

The runtime caching implementation helps to improve the performance of the Progressive Web Apps. Also facilitates to advance of the PWA app with faster page loading.

  • A premium feature of the service worker is it allows the implementation runtime cache.
  • Enables cache assets in the first-page load.
  • Runtime Caching refers to adding a response to a cache as you go.

Workbox Precaching to Serve Cached Data

Artificially speed up the internet connection with pre-caching, web pages are cached (momentarily saved) so that they load promptly the next time you visit that page.

  • Use a service worker to cache resources on the customer's device because accessing cache memories is more immediate than accessing the main memory.
  • Prefetching allows applications to maximize performance and minimize wait times by preloading resources that customers will need before they request them.

Workbox Cache Expiration Tool

Allows to put restrictions on a cache and define how long it should allow details to be stored in a cache or how many items should be stored in a cache.

  • Restrict the number of cache entries.
  • Restrict the time range of cached entries.
  • Helps to remove old entries for the new response.

Strategies for Faster Results

Cache strategies improve the responsiveness of the website. Caching allows content to be regained faster because an entire network request execution is not necessary. Drafting used cache strategies name below:

  • Cache First - To fulfill the request using the cached response without using the network.
  • Network First - Network First strategy is an essential solution for requests that are performed repeatedly.
  • Network Only - To fulfill the specific request from the network.
  • Cache Only - To assures that responses are received from a cache.

Resume Interrupted Network with Background Sync

Performed search request fails instantly due to the dropped internet connection or server down problem. So the implemented BackgroundSync is an absolute solution to this problem.

  • BackgroudSync for the search page is implemented.
  • Let the service worker detect the failed network request and register to receive a sync event for delivering the requested search result when connectivity has returned.
  • Sync events automatically replay failed requests even if the customer has left the app to deliver the requested search result.

Track PWA Download Records

Tracking downloads is very important for any store owner. This tracking system helps the store owner to know how many downloads or rejections are done on any date.

  • Track the number of downloads on any particular date.
  • Rejected PWA can also be tracked.
  • Can view the PWA Download tracking analytics in graphical representation.
  • The date filter is available to view the tracking analytics for any previous date.


  • Instant Loading - Service workers allow your apps to load nearly instantly and reliably, no matter what kind of network connection your customers are on.
  • Add To Home Screen - Web app installs banners give you the ability to let your customers quickly and seamlessly add your web app to their home screen, making it easy to launch and return to your app.
  • Push Notifications - Web push notifications make it easy to re-engage with customers by showing relevant, timely, and contextual notifications, even when the browser is closed.
  • Fast - Smooth scrolling and navigations keep the experience silky smooth.
  • Secure - HTTPS secures the connection between you and your customers, ensuring your customer’s information is protected.
  • Responsive - Modern customers live on phones, tablets, and laptops; your apps and websites should do the same.

Complete Features List

  • The application name can be entered by the admin.
  • The admin can upload and change the application icon.
  • The splash background color of the Progressive Web Application can also be changed by the admin.
  • The theme color of the PWA can be selected by the admin.
  • Select the orientation of PWA as Any, Natural, Landscape, or Portrait.
  • Select the display type for PWA Fullscreen, Standalone, Minimal UI, and Browser.
  • The admin can upload the splash screen image for iOS.
  • The admin can change the version number when want to refresh the service worker cache.
  • A graphical representation of the total number of PWA downloads can be viewed by the admin.

Virtual Mart Grocery PWA

Virtual Mart - Jamaica's largest grocery store operating online. The store is in alliance with multiple numbers of well-established players within the grocery sector of Jamaica only. 

To solve the grocery issues of customers, this time Virtue Mart has added PWA functionality on the website.

Thus, allowing the customer to purchase the product from the native-like app.

This will allow the customer to freely look into the product from anywhere and anytime even with low network connectivity.

Orra Jewellery PWA

Orra - One of India’s finest jewelry retail chains having 34 stores across 25 cities.

It has consistently been at the forefront of design leadership and product innovation with five global design centers in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Antwerp, Mumbai, and New York.

Orra is utilizing PWA (progressive web application) technology for providing a seamless mobile commerce experience to its customers.

Orra Jewellery PWA offers many advantages to both online shoppers and merchants.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 11 reviews
Posted On - February 2, 2024
Excellent Support and Team
A top team with a lot of attentive professionalism.
Quick response and immediate problem resolution. Thank you very much Webkul
Sonali Sharma
Posted On - September 1, 2022
Best App & Excellent Support by Team Webkul
This app is really helpful exactly what I was looking for.
The customer support service is really great and gives the best solutions and always replies on time! :)
Nutthanun T
Posted On - March 10, 2022
Great Service
Great services & products
Posted On - October 9, 2021
Highly recommend!
The Webkul UI customization, Sales and Support team were amazing to work with! Their level of organization, skillfulness, and responsiveness to my vision made working with them such a pleasure. I am so glad to purchase the PWA module. Absolutely highly recommend the PWA and Webkul team.
Stan Byford
Posted On - July 16, 2021
Excellent PWA
Functions just like an app and makes your website available even if it's offline or the visitor has no connection.

Ease of use-
Simple to install and set-up

I had a small problem and the support was excellent and resolved the problem for me in a short space of time.

Excellent documention that will walk you through the whole set-up process.

Value for money-
Even as a developer it will save you more time than the cost of the app. So, in my opinion it's worth every penny.
Vinod Kumar
Posted On - August 11, 2020
Great extensions and support
Thank you for the wonderful support with explanation about the themes features.
Be Positive
Posted On - August 6, 2020
Awesome Support
The plugin is awesome and their support team is also awesome. They quickly respond and support me to build the PWA app. I really appreciate it!
Rukshan Fernando
Posted On - June 11, 2020
Great support
Great support, the guys were very patient with my questions and answered them all.
Nick Nicolae
Posted On - June 4, 2020
Very good support!
Very good support!
There are not enough stars here, or in other platform to express my opinion.
Simply very good team!

Aaron T
Posted On - November 11, 2019
Great software and support
Great piece of software. Been using it for 2 plus months now and developer has always been at hand to assist on the few occasions we've needed assistance.
Martin Aarts
Posted On - November 9, 2019
Fast and excellent support
Excellent company, can make great custom products for Magento. Have been a customer here for a couple years, always a great experience.
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