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Using Magento 2 Quickbooks connector you will be able to create sales receipts of your store orders on QuickBooks – Manually and Automatically. All the information that is related to the orders such as customer name, email address, items ordered, billing address, etc is synchronized with your QuickBooks account.

Please Note:

  • You need to create API credentials – Client ID and Client Secret.
  • At the moment this extension supports one-way synchronization from Magento 2 to QuickBooks.
  • Magento 2 QuickBooks is fully compatible with QuickBooks Online.
  • For integrating QuickBooks Desktop with Magento 2 store, then please check out Magento 2 QuickBooks Desktop Connector module.
  • Synchronize multiple QuickBooks accounts with different store views using Magento 2 Multi QuickBooks Connector.

Magento 2 QuickBooks Connector - Highlighted Features

 Automatic Order Export

The new order is placed in the store, it is automatically created on QuickBooks.

 Guest Customer

Sync Guest customer orders from Magento 2 to QuickBooks.

 Export Order Information

It will sync customer name, email, billing address, order date, product name, quantity, rate, and amount.

 Tax and Discount Management

Display discount and Tax amount in sale receipt.

Why Use Magento 2 QuickBooks Connector?

Magento 2 QuickBooks online integration allows the store admin to create the sales receipt and credit memo for store orders at the QuickBooks end. The most basic and interesting point is that the admin can do the same automatically or manually as per the requirements.

All the information related to the orders, invoices, credit memos, etc can be easily checked at the QuickBooks end. This follows real-time synchronization in the case of automatic selection.

Development Details for Sales Receipt

The admin will be able to create sales receipts of his Magento 2 Orders on QuickBooks – Manually and Automatically. In Magento 2 QuickBooks Connector, the admin can -

  • Enable or Disable the module for use.
  • Select one of the options from – Order Place, Invoice Create, or Order Complete to automatically generate the receipts on QuickBooks.
  • Select one of the options from – Pending, Processing, and Complete to set the order statuses that should be synchronized with QuickBooks when synchronizing manually to create the sales receipt on QuickBooks.
  • Enter the Client ID and Client Secret.
  • Option to identify the QuickBooks account USA-based or Non-USA.

Automatic/Manually Order Export

The admin can export the order to QuickBooks Manually and automatically as well.

Automatic Order Export

  • The admin can configure when sales receipt creates on QuickBooks like - Order Place, Invoice Create, or Order Complete.
  • If the admin has selected the option “Sales Receipt Create On QuickBooks” as “Order Place“, then all the orders when placed by the customers on your store will be synchronized with the QuickBooks automatically.

Manually Order export

  • The admin can select the status ( Pending, Processing, and Complete) of the orders in the module configuration, only those orders will be exported.
  • If you select pending then all the orders with the status “Pending” will be exported when you manually export the order using “ Export order to QuickBooks “.

QuickBooks Order Receipt

After exporting the orders from the Magento store to QuickBooks an order receipt will be created for each order on QuickBooks.

  • Below information will be exported to QuickBooks
  • Export customer name, email, billing address, order date, product name, quantity, rate, and amount.
  • Product variation in case of a configurable product.
  • Export Payment method and shipping method & cost.
  • Export discount and tax rate as well.

Tax Rate Synchronization

The admin can create different tax rules and the same tax will be exported with the order from Magento 2 to QuickBooks

  • The admin needs to create the same tax rates on the QuickBooks end to sync tax details with orders.
  • You can add the different names of tax rules but the tax rate must be the same on QuickBooks as well.

Map Credit Memos

Not just the sales receipt, but the admin can now also map credit memos.

  • A separate section is available for the exported credit memos
  • The list of all the generated credit memos is visible here.
  • Exporting the credit memos depends on the backend configuration.
  • They can be exported manually as well as automatically.
  • The same will be visible on the QuickBooks end.

 Magento 2 QuickBooks Extension Features

  • Auto-Sync Orders placed from the Magento 2 Store to the QuickBooks.
  • Admin can manually synchronize the Magento 2 store – Orders.
  • Select when to create Sales Receipt in QuickBooks - Order Place, Invoice Create, or Order Complete.
  • Select which orders to sync with QuickBooks - Pending, Processing, or Complete.
  • The QuickBooks sales receipt number is the same as Magento 2 order/invoice number.
  • Sync customer name, email, billing address, order date, product name, quantity, rate, amount.
  • Sync Guest customer orders from Magento 2 to QuickBooks.
  • The sales receipt of the Magento 2 order is exported to QuickBooks with a payment method description.
  • Downloadable products are created as Non-Inventory product in QuickBooks.
  • The admin can set the QB product name & description to get export as per the name, SKU, short or long description respectively.
  • The admin can also check the automatically or manually exported credit memos.
  • Appealing Export orders in the process window with a detailed execution message with the number of orders to synchronize.
  • Sync the already placed orders within your store that were not synced with QuickBooks before as well.
  • The extension helps in Syncing the TAX details to QuickBooks with orders.

Magento 2 QuickBooks Online Integration Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/. You may also check our quality Adobe Commerce Extensions.

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Jared Law
Posted On - February 12, 2020
Professional Developer Team
Web development and system integration can get a bit tricky. Webkul provided the support needed for their Magento 2 extension to make it work with my clients Quickbooks configuration.
Posted On - August 2, 2018
Incredible Service and Abilities!
Webkul, specifically Abhishek, delivered as promised and helped us with deep customization between out Magento 2.2.2 store and QuickBooks Desktop Premiere 2018. Abhishek has a deep understanding of the underlying code of both and worked with us with great patience and got everything right, just as we requested. And during a reasonable period of time as well. I will definitely recommend the Webkul team for any integration work between M2 and QuickBooks Desktop. The QWC is fast, easy, and doesn't require complicated 3-rd party software to bridge them. So glad I found them! A++++
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