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Magento 2 Pre Order

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Magento 2 Pre Order/ Back order : Magento 2 Pre-order extension allows the customer to pre-order products which are not yet available at the online store. With the help of Magento 2 Pre-order extension, the customer or the guest user can place orders for out of stock products. The admin can set the whether the customer will pay a full or partial amount of the product.


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Magento 2 Product Pre Order Back order Extension: If you to want a solution which can gauge a level of demand for pre-launch or out of stock products. Then, Magento 2 Pre-Order module is one such solution.

Using Magento 2 Pre-order extension, the registered customer and the guest user both can place orders for upcoming product and out of stock products. The customers can pay in advance and get their orders shipped when becoming available. The customer can pay either a full or partial amount of the product's price. The admin can configure the pre-order product availability date. And, can even charge the additional fee for pre-orders placed by the customers.

 Highlighted Features


Sell and accept orders for upcoming and out of stock products.

 Customer Demand

Analyze customer demand and initial sales of the products.

 Advance Booking

Pay in advance and book items to guarantee assured delivery.

 Advance Payment

Accept partial or full payment for pre-order products.

 Arrival Date

Specify the product availability date.


Notify customers when a pre-ordered product comes in stock.

 Module Configuration

Magento 2 Pre-Order module is useful for the products which are about to be launched or not in stock. So, that the customers can pay in advance and book their items to guarantee assured delivery. The admin can configure the module for the proper workflow like -

  • Define payment for pre-order for the customers – Full Payment or Partial Payment.
  • Set the percentage amount of the product’s price to be paid by the customers if payment for pre-order is partial payment type.
  • Configure a custom message displayed on the pre-order product page.
  • Can even charge the pre-order additional fee by defining additional fee calculation type as fixed or percentage.
Module Configuration

 Product Page

The module works with simple, virtual, and configurable products. On the product page, the customer will see various information about pre-ordering the product such as:

  • Partial Payment Info – The partial amount of product’s price needs to be paid by the customer.
  • Pre-order Custom Message – Custom message for displaying the additional information for the customer
  • Product Availability Date - Date of pre-order product availability.
  • Pre Order button – Pre Order button to place the order for the pre-order product.

Note - The pre-order product should have stock status as ‘Out of Stock’ and pre-order option as ‘Yes’.

Product Page

 Placing Order

  • Registered and guest users both can place the pre-orders successfully.
  • The customer can place the pre-order either by making the full payment or partial payment as per the configuration.
  • On the product page, the customers can view the pre-order payment information.
  • For the full payment, the customer will make the full payment including the shipping cost and place the order.
  • And, when the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification.
  • But in partial payment, the customer first pays some percentage of the product’s price plus the shipping cost.
  • And, when the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification for making the remaining payment using the second order ID.
 Placing Order

 Shopping Cart

The customers can add pre-order products and non pre-order products both to the single cart successfully. After adding the product to the shopping cart, the customer can see the following details about pre-order:

  • Pre-order Type: Displays the pre-order payment as partial or full payment for pre-ordering the product.
  • Pre-order Percent: Partial amount percentage of product’s price configured by the admin.
  • Original Price: Displays the complete price of the product.

Note: The customer can place the same order multiple times for a particular pre-order product.

 Shopping Cart

 Completing Pre Order

  • Placing the order by the customer will not reduce the inventory.
  • The product inventory will decrease only when admin completes the pre-order.
  • When the product will be in-stock, the customer will get an email notification for completing the order and pay the remaining amount.
  • The customer will not pay the shipping charge at the time of pre-order completion.
  • The customer cannot update the quantity of pre-ordered product on the shopping cart page.
  • Once the order is placed, the customer can view the pre-order information “My Orders” section.
Completing Pre Order

 View Pre-Order List

The admin can see all the pre-orders received from the customers, showing detailed information. The admin can select the orders in bulk and send emails to those selected ones.

  • The admin can easily differentiate between the normal and pre-order orders checking the order type under the column “Order Type”.
  • The admin can filter out the order for pre-order products in the global order list using the filter “Order Type”.
  • The module also has a separate section to view all the pre-orders received from the customers.
  • The admin can see the Order Id, Purchase Date, Product Name, Customer Name, Customer Email, Paid Amount, Remaining Amount, Pre-order Type, Pre-order Status.
  • The admin can even notify the customers manually about the product availability.

Note - If the invoice is not generated for the pre-order, the customer will not get the In-Stock notification. Therefore, the admin must create the invoice after receiving the pre-order payment.

View Pre-Order List

 Complete Features list

  • Buyer can pre-order only out of stock products.
  • Works with Simple, Virtual, and Configurable products.
  • The module also supports the product with the custom options.
  • Set a custom message to display on the preorder product page.
  • Admin can set preorder status and availability date.
  • Using this module customer can pay full or partial payment.
  • Set the custom percentage of the partial amount to pay for pre-ordering.
  • Customers can receive an automatic email notification when a product is in-stock.
  • Guest users can also use the pre-order feature and place the orders.
  • The admin can display Free Preorder Note to customers.
  • Multi-Lingual support/All language working including RTL.
  • The code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need.

 Magento 2 Product Pre-Order Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Mark G (Maddog Fpv)
Posted On - March 21, 2018
(United States)
Great Quick Service
To start Webkul made sure they understood what I needed done. They completed the job within the time frame, and also noted all files that were modified. I would use them again and actually have started a second project with them.
Posted On - January 22, 2018
Good Extension and awesome support team
I am really happy that I chosen Webkul products for my Magento 2 website.
I use custom theme and faced some problem with the extension.
The support team resolved my issues very quickly and professionally.
Posted On - October 25, 2017 (Romania)
Great and useful extension
This is a great extension and very useful for any Magento 2 site. I recommend anyone.
kelechi kalu
Posted On - August 9, 2017
(United States)
truely enjoyed the support team
This is an Excellent Product for my Magento 2 site and a must have for any Magento 2 staff. I truely enjoyed the support team as they were very responsive and timely when I needed help. I high recommend this product to anyone.
Posted On - December 16, 2016
Excellent app and top class service
Bought this with installation, module works perfect with on 2.1.2 and guys from webkul were very fast and professional and helpful. Would recommend.

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Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation (Paid Service)
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  • + Features
  • - Bugs
Version 2.0.6
  • + Preorder Qty feature added.
  • + Added Global and customer wise Preorder Fee feature added.
  • + Preorder Order Status added.
  • - Issue related with 0 quantity fixed.
Version 2.0.5
  • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.x.
Version 2.0.4
  • + Email template functionality added for notification email.
  • - Tax management issue fixed.
  • - Currency management issue fixed.
  • - Some xss issues fixed.
  • - Partial preorder shipment issue fixed.
  • - Filter issues fixed in preorder grid.
  • - Multiple items for Preorder Complete issue fixed.
Version 2.0.3
  • + Preorder note added on category page.
  • + Preorder note added on search page.
  • + Preorder note added on wishlist page.
  • + Preorder note added on compare page.
  • - Fixed issue of quantity decrease after complete preorder.
  • - Fixed issue of complete preorder for guest.
  • - Fixed issue of email for complete payment preorder.
  • - Fixed issue of multiple quantity complete preorder.
  • - Fixed issue of preorder button on wishlist page.
  • - Fixed issue of preorder button on compare page.
  • - Fixed issue of preorder button on advanced result page.
  • - Fixed issue of wrong preorder info in minicart.
  • - Fixed issue of edit preorder complete product in cart.
Version 2.0.2
  • + Ui grid added in admin.
  • + Order note functionality added for preorder product.
  • - Validation added in system configuration
  • - 0 percent preorder issue fixed.
  • - Grid issue fixed.
  • - Swatch issue fixed.
  • - All products add to cart button issue fixed.
Version 2.0.1
  • + Updated composer.json as per magento 2.1.x version.
  • - Date issue fixed
  • - Quantity issue fixed
Version 2.0.0
  • + Buyer can preorder out of stock products.
  • + Works with products like Simple, Downloadable, Virtual & Configurable.
  • + Using this module customer can pay full or partial payment.
  • + Admin can set custom percentage of the amount to be paid for preordered product.
  • + Admin can set a custom message to display on the preorder product.