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      Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is a Chinese multinational company that provides telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics, and smartphones devices globally. Founded in 1987, the company initially focused on manufacturing phone switches.


      Today, Huawei has expanded its business into building telecommunications networks, providing operational & consulting services, equipment to enterprise clients within and outside China, and manufactures communications devices for the consumer market.


      Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than 170 countries and overtook Ericsson in 2012 as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world. In 2018, Huawei overtook Apple to be the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, behind Samsung Electronics.

      Smartphone Market in GCC

      The overall mobile phone market in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries received a yearly growth of 20.2% in Q3 2019. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), there were 4.84 million units shipped worth $1.62 billion in the quarter. With Samsung leading the no. 1 spot, Apple came second, followed by Huawei.

      GCC Smartphone Market

      Smartphone markets consist of three segments - premium, mid-range, and entry-level. For Huawei, the bulk of their shipments are for the last two segments which contribute majorly to their sales. The $100 - $200 price level offers a real value-for-money proposition to consumers, as this offers the latest software, good hardware spec, big screens, high-resolution cameras, and much more.

      i2 - Middle East's Leading Distributor

      Established in 1993, Itsalat International (i2) is the leading mobile phone distributor, retailer, and wholesaler in the Middle East. i2 has partnered with many enterprise companies, smartphone manufacturers (Huawei, Nokia) and telecom networks (STC) to offer the latest smartphone devices and services in different countries.

      i2 Itsalat International

      i2 is an authorized distributor of the Huawei brand in the Kuwait market. From its online store -, Itsalat International offers all the latest range of Huawei brand smartphones, tablets, wearables, and accessories items. The web store is managed using the Magento 2 e-commerce platform.

      i2 Online Store

      Product Not Available

      Dealing with out-of-stock products is a challenge faced by every other retailer and online seller. No matter, how reliable is the flow of goods and materials, your supply chain management can get affected due to many controllable or uncontrollable reasons - political or economic instability, cross-border relations, environmental risks, health hazards, cyber risks, etc.

      Whenever a customer is keen on buying a particular product, searches online and finally finds it on the web store and sees it unavailable. This leaves a poor impression in the eyes of the buyers and further hinders the customer experience.

      Product Out of Stock

      (Example - As visible in the above image, where Huawei P30 Pro is not available on the Croma web store.) There is a strong chance that a customer may or may not wait for it to arrive, he may look for similar products from other brands or try to find it on the competitor's web site.

      Hampering SEO Rankings

      Out-of-stock product pages affect the overall SEO of the site, as shoppers are less likely to stay on the page where it shows "This item is not available" message. Dwell time is very much important for any website and online shopping store. It is the amount of time a user spends on the webpage after clicking the link on the SERP.

      Google SERP SEO

      Higher the number of users who are returning back to Google Search, the higher will be the bounce rate of that site. Moreover, if you are removing the web page temporarily and thinking about re-enabling it again. Even, this hampers the SEO, because if someone visits your link, finds 404 error page frequently, Google bot may take down your link and disable it forever for search engine indexing.

      Managing Unavailable Products

      For managing temporarily unavailable products on Huawei Kuwait Online Store -, our client implemented Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension on the site. This allows customers to subscribe to receive an in-stock email message, whenever the product is back and ready to buy.

      Huawei Out of Stock Notification

      Sometimes there's a situation, where a product is available, but the customer's desired color variant or storage option runs out. Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification even works for these types (configurable/associate/variable/selection) of products too, letting buyers subscribe to a notification when their favorite color or size is available on the web-store.

      Out of Stock Notification for Variable Products

      There have been cases when a new smartphone model is released in the market and the popular color option becomes sold-out quickly. This has happened to many premium smartphone brands where the popular color is not unavailable on several online stores.

      Magento 2 In-Stock Notification RTL

      Webkul Extensions supports RTL (Right to Left) layout for many languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and other. With this, Middle-East customers can easily switch the store view for checking the content in their native local languages.

      Send In-Stock Notifications via. Email

      Webkul's Out of Stock Notification extension comes with various options to manage the email templates and the notifications for both- store admin and customers. The admin can choose to deliver notifications automatically or send them manually to one or more customers.

      Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification Extension

      From the Magento Admin Panel, the store owner can check the list of all the customers who have shown interest and subscribed to receive in-stock product notifications. This data is very much important for doing future marketing and promotional activities. 

      Moreover, the merchants will be able to anticipate the demand for a particular color, size, or model and co-ordinate with their suppliers. As the grid shows the product selection information as visible below:

      View Subscribed Customers List

      Whenever the product is back in stock, all the subscribed customers will receive the email notification. With this, Huawei customers won't have look anywhere else or wait for the product. They can simply click on the product link and buy the item from the online store.

      Product In Stock Email

      Pre-Order Marketing Strategy

      Companies apply pre-order as one of the marketing techniques to estimate the market demand for newly developed products. And also estimate the quantity needed to fulfill the orders. Here, the customers are asked to pay a partial or full price before it is available in the store.

      Magento 2 Pre-Order

      For Huawei Kuwait's online store, the client needed a pre-ordering system as well, where customers can pay an amount to pre-purchase the items before they're released. From the backend, the store admin can check the list of customers and know about their preferences as well. Once the items are ready to buy, all the customers are notified via. emails automatically.

      Complete Pre-Order

      Competition is extremely high in the smartphone market, manufacturers, and retailers are always seeking to lure buyers with the latest features at affordable prices. No online seller or retail merchant wants to leave the customer empty-handed. It is impossible to recover and re-connect with lost customers at the walk-in stores. But recovering a lost customer can be achieved on the online store.

      Client Review

      The client shared the feedback on Trustpilot (leading consumer reviews website for businesses worldwide) as well, here's the link -

      "We had lately a very good experience with Webkul Support and Development team! They were very helpful, supportive, and they did their best to satisfy our requests. Me and my team do highly appreciate their professionalism, dedication, and commitment."

      Rami and the team


      Disclaimer - Please note all the images, screenshots and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners and we've used them here for representational purposes only. If you have any issues or complains related to this article, please send us an email to [email protected]

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