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CS-Cart Odoo Bridge (COB): CS-Cart provides a vivid platform for your e-commerce store. Increase the versatility and efficiency of your store management by connecting your CS-Cart store with Odoo using CS-Cart Odoo Bridge/Connector. Unlock the entire resource management system to handle all your store using Odoo and stay ahead of the curve.

Import/export products and product categories from CS-Cart shop to Odoo and vice -versa. Import orders, shipping methods, and customers from CS-Cart to Odoo with a click. Enjoy real-time synchronization of stock across Odoo and CS-Cart. Moreover, configure the scheduler in Odoo so the data gets updated automatically periodically in Odoo.


Prerequisites for using CS-Cart Odoo Bridge (COB) Module

Below is the list of things you would need before installing CS-Cart Odoo Bridge (COB):

  • CS-Cart Odoo Bridge (COB) is a dependent module on Odoo Multi-Channel Sale Module, which is the framework module to provide the structure to integrate CS-Cart with Odoo. The base module needs to be installed first for CS-Cart Odoo Bridge (COB) to work.
  • For Odoo online(SAAS) users, you first need to install the Odoo.sh tool before installing CS-Cart Odoo Bridge (COB) because Odoo restricts third-party software installations on Odoo online(SAAS).

CS-Cart Odoo Bridge/Connector (COB) Features

  • It allows you to integrate the CS-Cart store with Odoo so you can manage your CS-Cart store using Odoo.
  • The admin can Import/export products and product categories from CS-Cart store to Odoo and vice-versa.
  • Import and manage Orders placed on CS-Cart Store using Odoo.
  • Real-time order synchronization from CS-Cart to Odoo.
  • The admin can Import and update customers from CS-Cart store to Odoo and manage them using Odoo.
  • Import and update shipping methods from CS-Cart to Odoo.
  • Automatically update data in Odoo from CS-Cart periodically by configuring the scheduler.
  • Real-time update of order’s state like invoice generation /payment done/shipment done.
  • The progress state of the order like invoice generation, shipment delivered etc are synchronized to Odoo from CS-Cart in real-time.
  • Go to the dashboard to overview all the necessary CS-Cart store information at a glance.
  • Handle various operations for CS-Cart Store using Odoo like inventory management, invoice and report management, email marketing campaign, purchases, etc.
  • Create and manage multiple instances using Odoo from a single screen, with a different set of configurations and preferences. (Note: You can integrate up to 3 instances of each store. For integrating more than three instances please contact our support team)
  • Maintain synchronization history at Odoo's end for each import, export and update action.
  • Manage and track Feeds For Products, Categories, Orders, and Partners at Odoo backend.
  • Manage mapping For Products, Categories, Orders, Partners, Payment Methods for tracking and bug and error fixing.

Dashboard To Display The Entire CS-Cart Store Details

  • Smartly designed dashboard to give you all the necessary information in one quick peek.
  • Quickly glance at the number of products and product categories present at any time on your CS-Cart store.
  • Overview the total number of orders in the system along with the total number of customers in your CS-Cart shop.
  • You can also see the details for all the CS-Cart instances at once to manage them properly.
  • Moreover, you can integrate other e-commerce channels/marketplaces to Odoo and track all of them from the same dashboard.

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Manage Products On Your CS-Cart Store Using Odoo With CS-Cart Odoo Bridge/Connector

  • Integrate the CS-Cart store with Odoo to manage your products on CS-Cart store using Odoo.
  • Export the products from Odoo to CS-Cart or import them from CS-Cart to Odoo to manage CS-Cart store using Odoo.
  • Create and Import CS-Cart product categories and attributes from CS-Cart to Odoo.
  • Changes made to the product stock in Odoo gets automatically reflected on the CS-Cart store end and vice-versa.

Order Management With Odoo CS-Cart Bridge/Connector

  • Manage the CS-Cart store using Odoo to effortlessly manage orders placed on CS-Cart at Odoo's end.
  • The changes in the Order status gets automatically updated between Odoo and CS-Cart so you are always aware of the progress and changes to any order status at both ends.
  • Real-time order synchronization from CS-Cart to Odoo.
  • The progress state of the order like invoice generation, shipment delivered etc are synchronized to Odoo from CS-Cart in real-time.
  • No need to import Orders manually to Odoo from CS-Cart. The scheduler in Odoo does that for you.

Flawless Accounting And Invoicing With CS-Cart Odoo Bridge/Connector

  • An entire menu to provide you with accounting and invoicing solutions for not just sales orders from CS-Cart but also bills for your purchase orders so you can effortlessly manage your CS-Cart store using Odoo.
  • Handle CS-Cart bills and generate sales reports at Odoo backend with CS-Cart Odoo Bridge.
  • No need to keep the records for your sales and purchase orders separately when you can handle both at the same place.
  • Manage vendor bills, taxes, credit notes and much more of the purchase orders.

Inventory Management For Your CS-Cart Store Using Odoo

  • Handle warehouses and their locations, product stock, and stock operations across all warehouses to ensure a streamlined flow of products for your CS-Cart customers using Odoo.
  • Effectively manage warehouses across all locations using the advanced inventory functions.
  • View the current delivery status of any order, set procurement rules, generate delivery slips, and manage your warehouses with orders from a single screen using Odoo.
  • Managing entire CS-Cart store made easy with Odoo. Efficiently track the movement of the products.
  • Any changes made in product stock after an order is placed on the CS-Cart store are also reflected in the Odoo in real time.

Use Multi-Channel Sale Module Add-Ons To Integrate Multiple Stores With Odoo And Manage Them At One Place

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Dedicated Support For CS-Cart Odoo Bridge/Connector Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your CS-Cart Odoo Bridge/Connector Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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