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Social Chatbot for Magento 2: Facebook Chatbot is a program developed for the Facebook Messenger platform. It allows businesses to do automated communication with their customers.

A chatbot can send and receive messages from the users. With the help of this extension, you can set up Facebook Chatbot for your customers. The customers will get instant replies to their questions. Add message template for salutation, not found, greeting, product search.

Highlighted Features

 Initiate Automated Communication with Customers

Using the Chatbot feature, businesses can institue automated communication with their customers.

 Add Content for Various Messages and Search Keywords

Different search keywords and even content for messages, such as greetings, not found, etc, can be added.

 Display Store Products

The products present in the store can be showcased on messenger.

 Click on Links

The customers can click on the links for viewing the site, products, or category.

 Product Options Visibility

The product options ( size, color) and all the images of the product are visible to the customers.

 Price Range Selection

The customer can even choose a price range to view products in that specific price range.

Why do we need Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2 module?

Prompt customer service is the prime motive of every online business; after all, no online merchant would want to lose their valuable customers. Also, there may be times when the store owners cannot reach out or connect with their customers, in such situations Facebook Chatbot for Magento 2 can prove to be beneficial.

One can easily customize the chats and messages that are sent via messenger. In addition to that, it offers an unbound user experience with its automated chat and messaging experience. This intelligent chat process can turn out to be a boon for your business in terms of sales and revenue generation.

 Introduce Facebook Chatbot to Store

After the installation, the admin needs to set up the Chatbot module from the back-end. The admin can provide some answers and messages for the Chatbot.

  • Set status as - enable/disable
  • Enter Facebook credentials
  • Welcome greeting message content
  • Salutation message content
  • Not found message content
  • Product search message content 
  • Product search keywords
  • Option to update Greetings message

 Chatbot Presentation to Customer

On your Facebook page, the Chatbot will be replying to your customers. The Chatbot will be answering questions on your behalf. After starting the chat, the customers will see:

  • Welcome greeting message in the chat window
  • Salutation message replied by the Chatbot
  • View top products with image, price, description
  • Redirect links to store, products, categories
  • View product search results in the chat
  • Option to choose a price range

 Show Categories

On the Facebook page, the chatbot will display all categories. The user can select any category and able to see all child categories and products of the category:

  • Available link redirects to the category on the store -
  • Option to show the child categories of the main category -
  • Option to show products of the category
  • The user can see all product of the main category and the child category.

 Show Products

User able to see all type of product. The chatbot will also display the product's options and images.

  • Display the name and the short description of the product.
  • Available link redirects to the product page on the store.
  • The user can see all options of the product ( color, size etc.)
  • User able to see option's values ( size - S,M,XL etc)
  • Option to display all images of the product.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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