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Opencart eBay Connector: Opencart eBay Connector integrates eBay store with Opencart store. With the help of this extension, the admin can import products, categories, and orders from eBay to Opencart. The eBay connector even allows the admin to export products from Opencart to eBay.

Add, edit, and manage multiple eBay accounts for mapping products, categories, and orders. Also, provide additional information for the exported products such as – shipping, tax, return policy, dispatch time, listing details. The extension supports the mapping of products having multiple options/variations such as colors, sizes, etc.

If any edit happens to exported product’s name, price, description, quantity, conditions, variations in Opencart. The extension automatically updates the same information on eBay. When an exported product becomes unlisted on eBay, the admin can relist the same from Opencart.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple eBay Accounts

This module allows to add multiple eBay accounts and do synchronization.

 Export Products

Export products from the Opencart store to the eBay store.

 Import Multiple Product Images

The admin can import the multiple images of the eBay imported product to the Opencart store.

 Import Single Order

The admin can import a single order using the eBay Order Id.

 Map Sub Category

This module allows admin to select sub-categories to map from eBay to Opencart.

 Define Return Policy

Define return policy with return days, pay by, other info.

 Product Delete Option

The products will auto-delete if the same product's stock is zero on the eBay store.

 Real-Time and Sync

The activity of Adding, Updating, and Deletion from the eBay site will be updated on the Opencart store and vice versa.

 Integrate eBay Connector to Opencart Store

The Opencart eBay Connector allows the store owner to connect multiple eBay accounts with Opencart stores.

For mapping categories, import & export products, sync orders from eBay to Opencart.

  • The admin needs to select the eBay store country.
  • Store Owner needs to select mode either sandbox or production.
  • The admin needs to enter the eBay account user id.
  • App RU Name can be configured by the admin.
  • Enter the User Token created from the eBay developer website.
  • Enter the App ID of your eBay account.
  • Enter the Dev ID from your eBay developer account.
  • The admin needs to enter Cert ID.

 eBay Template Listing

The admin can export the product’s additional information along with the product as per the choice. For this, the admin needs to create the eBay Template Listing. The admin can-

  • Edit or delete the template.
  • Add or create an unlimited number of Templates.
  • Create two type of template – Product Description and Custom Description
  • Configure the template for the product on the product edit page.

 Product Price and Quantity Rule

The admin can easily update the price of the synced products automatically. For this, the admin needs to create the Price Rules and can:

  • Edit the Price Rules Delete/remove the existing Price Rule from the list.
  • Add an unlimited number of price rules.
  • Set the operation of price rule as fixed or percentage.
  • Set the price operation type as an increase or decrease in price rule.

Note: The admin can even bulk upload the price rules via a CSV file.

 Map Categories

Before importing or exporting products, the admin needs to do the categories mapping. Associate the correct the eBay category with the Opencart category. Select the parent and sub-categories of the stores and do the mapping accordingly.

  • Set the default no. of eBay categories to fetch
  • Select the default import category for eBay items
  • Choose sub-categories of Opencart and eBay
  • View and delete entries from map categories list
  • View result after the categories mapping process

 Import Products

After mapping the Opencart categories with eBay, the admin can now import products. The admin can import products from multiple eBay accounts. All the basic information about the eBay products will be mapped.

  • Import all the products from your eBay store
  • Sync product's - name, price, description, quantity, images
  • View and delete entries from import eBay products list
  • View result after the eBay product mapping process

 Map Orders

The admin can also do the mapping of eBay orders with the Opencart store. Please make sure that the ordered products are already mapped with Opencart. The mapped order list shows Opencart order ID, eBay order ID, order status, order total, and created date.

  • Select the default eBay order status to import
  • View and delete entries from the mapped order list
  • View result after the eBay order mapping process

 Export to eBay

The admin can export Opencart products to the eBay store. Real-time sync for exported product's name, description, price, quantity, condition, variation. Include the following information for the exported products:

  • Define return policy with return days, pay by, other info
  • Set the eBay listing duration of the exported product
  • Enter the dispatch time for the exported product
  • Set default quantity for exported products having zero quantity
  • Include tax information with the exported products
  • Set shipping service, cost, additional cost, minimum & maximum time, free shipping
  • Add eBay product specification, condition, and variation for exported product
  • View exported product list showing the price, quantity, product ID, name, category
  • View result after the exporting process

Real Time and Sync

Through this feature, the admin can perform all the activities of Adding, Updating and Deletion from the eBay site will be updated on the Opencart store also.

  • Any changes in products done on the eBay store will be real-time updated and sync on the Opencart store also.
  • If a particular account has been deleted from the eBay store then Admin will receive the notification on the Opencart store.
  • Products of the Opencart store can also be synchronized at multiple eBay stores.

eBay Motors Integration

The Opencart eBay Connector also works with eBay Motors. You can import or export products from eBay Motors to Opencart.

  • Import all the eBay Motors categories and map them with the Opencart store categories.
  • Do complete synchronization of products, categories, and orders.
  • A warning message will appear if the category is not mapped correctly for both stores.
  • A separate tab will show which product has been imported successfully or not.
  • The imported product will have Product Map ID, Opencart Product ID, Name, eBay Product ID, Opencart Category, and Sync Source.

 Complete Features List

  • Add multiple eBay accounts and do synchronization.
  • Real-time synchronization of events like add item, revised item, sold item, and remove the item. Edit Mapped Product.
  • Import products, orders, and categories from eBay.link section.
  • The admin can create multiple price/quantity rules to update the price/quantity of the synced products automatically.
  • Price-Quantity rules can be set on import/export the eBay store products.
  • Import/update a single product/order using it’s eBay Item Id and Order Id.
  • Can import the multiple images of the eBay imported product to the Opencart store.
  • View a complete list of eBay Categories, eBay Specifications, and eBay Conditions imported with an option to delete each respective imported Category, Specification, and Condition.
  • The admin can create eBay Template Listing to export the product’s additional information along with the product.
  • Export products from the Opencart store to the eBay store.
  • Do mapping for products having variations/options.
  • View results after every synchronization process.
  • Map complete information about products, orders, and can link section categories.
  • The exported scheduled product will be visible at the eBay site at the configured date and time.
  • Include shipping & additional shipping costs for exported products.
  • Add tax information with exported products.
  • Real-time updates for exported products – condition, variation, price, name, description.
  • Define return policy details for exported products – return days, pay by, other info.
  • Relist the exported product from the Opencart backend.
  • Select sub-categories to map from eBay to Opencart.
  • Set the number of records to sync during mapping.
  • Set the default number of category rows to fetch from eBay.
  • Use sandbox mode for testing or debugging.
  • Works with eBay Motors (US) also.
  • This module provides the facility of importing custom categories of the eBay store to the Opencart store.
  • Provides the facility to view all synchronized products together.
  • There is a separate option for the mapping of the product data.
  • The admin can also Enable/Disable the business policies, Real-time event status, and clouser notifications.

 Opencart eBay Connector Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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