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      OpenCart, 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

      Opencart eBay Connector

      Opencart eBay Connector: Integrate eBay Marketplace with Opencart store and sync products, categories, and orders. Merchants can manage multiple eBay seller accounts for mapping products, categories, and orders. Provide additional information for the exported products listing such as – shipping, tax, return policy, dispatch time, listing details.


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      Opencart eBay Connector: Opencart eBay Connector integrates eBay store with Opencart store. With the help of this extension, the admin can import products, categories, and orders from eBay to Opencart. The eBay connector even allows the admin to export products from Opencart to eBay.

      Add, edit and manage multiple eBay accounts for mapping products, categories, and orders. Also, provide additional information for the exported products such as – shipping, tax, return policy, dispatch time, listing details. The extension supports mapping of products having multiple options/variations such as colors, sizes etc.

      If any edit happens to exported product’s name, price, description, quantity, conditions, variations in Opencart. The extension automatically updates the same information in eBay. When an exported product becomes unlisted on eBay, the admin can relist the same from Opencart.

      Opencart eBay Connector

       Complete Features List

      • Add multiple eBay accounts and do synchronization.
      • Import products, orders, and categories from eBay.
      • The admin can create the multiple price rules to update the price of the synced products automatically.
      • Can even bulk upload the price rules via CSV file.
      • Import/update a single product using it’s eBay Item Id.
      • Can import the multiple images of the eBay imported product to the Opencart store.
      • Import a single order using the eBay Order Id.
      • View a complete list of eBay Categories, eBay Specifications, and eBay Conditions imported with an option to delete each respective imported Category, Specification, and Condition.
      • The admin can create eBay Template Listing to export the product’s additional information along with the product.
      • Export products from Opencart store to eBay store.
      • Do mapping for products having variations/options.
      • View result after every synchronization process.
      • Map complete information about products, orders, and categories.
      • Include shipping & additional shipping costs for exported products.
      • Add tax information with exported products.
      • Real-time updates for exported products – condition, variation, price, name, description.
      • Define return policy details for exported products – return days, pay by, other info. Configure eBay listing options for exported products.
      • Relist the exported product from Opencart backend.
      • Select sub-categories to map from eBay to Opencart.
      • Set the number of records to sync during mapping.
      • Set the default number of category rows to fetch from eBay.
      • Use sandbox mode for testing or debugging. Works with eBay Motors (US) also.
      • Supports multiple language translations.
      • The source code is open for customization.

       Opencart eBay Connector Configuration

      The Opencart eBay Connector allows the store owner to connect multiple eBay accounts. For mapping categories, import & export products, sync orders from eBay to Opencart. After the module installation, the admin needs to set up the module using the following options:

      • Set the module status as Enabled or Disabled
      • Select the eBay store country location
      • Use Sandbox or Production Mode
      • Enter the eBay account credentials
      • Import categories settings
      • Return policies of eBay items
      • Item listing options
      • Dispatch options
      • Payment options
      • Default shipping details
      • Order sync options
      Opencart eBay Connector Configuration

       Ebay Template Listing

      The admin can export the product’s additional information along with product as per the choice. For this, the admin needs to create the eBay Template Listing. The admin can-

      • Edit or delete the template.
      • Add or create the unlimited number of Templates.
      • Create two type of template – Product Description and Custom Description
      • Configure the template for the product on the product edit page.
       Ebay Template Listing

       Product Price Rule

      The admin can easily update the price of the synced products automatically. For this, the admin needs to create the Price Rules and can:

      • Edit the Price Rules Delete/remove the existing Price Rule from the list.
      • Add an unlimited number of price rules.
      • Set the operation of price rule as fixed or percentage.
      • Set the price operation type as increase or decrease in price rule.

      Note: The admin can even bulk upload the price rules via CSV file.

       Product Price Rule

       Map Categories

      Before importing or exporting products, the admin needs to do the categories mapping. Associate the correct the eBay category with the Opencart category. Select parent and sub-categories of the stores and do the mapping accordingly.

      • Set the default no. of eBay categories to fetch
      • Select default import category for eBay items
      • Choose sub-categories of Opencart and eBay
      • View and delete entries from map categories list
      • View result after the categories mapping process
      Map Categories

       Import Products

      After mapping the Opencart categories with eBay, the admin can now import products. The admin can import products from multiple eBay accounts. All the basic information about the eBay products will be mapped.

      • Import all the products from your eBay store
      • Sync product's - name, price, description, quantity, images
      • View and delete entries from import eBay products list
      • View result after the eBay product mapping process
      Map Products

       Map Orders

      The admin can also do the mapping of eBay orders with Opencart store. Please make sure that the ordered products are already mapped with Opencart. The mapped order list shows Opencart order ID, eBay order ID, order status, order total, and created date.

      • Select the default eBay order status to import
      • View and delete entries from mapped order list
      • View result after the eBay order mapping process
      Map Orders

       Export to eBay

      The admin can export Opencart products to eBay store. Real-time sync for exported product's name, description, price, quantity, condition, variation. Include the following information for the exported products:

      • Define return policy with return days, pay by, other info
      • Set the eBay listing duration of the exported product
      • Enter the dispatch time for the exported product
      • Set default quantity for exported products having zero quantity
      • Include tax information with the exported products
      • Set shipping service, cost, additional cost, minimum & maximum time, free shipping
      • Add eBay product specification, condition, and variation for exported product
      • View exported product list showing price, quantity, product ID, name, category
      • View result after the exporting process
      Export to eBay

       eBay Motors Integration

      The Opencart eBay Connector also works with eBay Motors. You can import or export product from eBay Motors to Opencart. Import all the eBay Motors categories and map them with the Opencart store categories. Do complete synchronization of products, categories and orders.

      ebay motors integration

       Opencart eBay Connector Support

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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      Great service and support

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      Very good support.

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      • + Features
      • * Bugs
      • * Resolve Validation and configuration tab management on error issue for Opencart all version.
      • * Resolve default sorting missing and sorting disappear on filter issues for Opencart all version.
      • * Resolve server-side validation issue in the module configuration for Opencart all version.
      • * Resolve the same eBay account are saved multiple time issues for Opencart all version.
      • * Fixed the fatal error in Real-Time Sync.
      • * Shipping array correction in the export section.
      • * Correction in config email variable name in version 3.x
      • * Coding issue(method was not close properly) resolved in version 3.x
      • * Table closing issue resolved in version 3.x.
      • * eBay to OC syncing issue resolved in version 3.x.x.x
      • * Fixed template-icon status issue
      • * Fixed the map product data scheduling issue
      • * Fixed the issues applying price quantity rule while revising eBay item
      • * Fixed the issues of exporting Auction Product
      • * Some fixes regarding updates
      • + Added Updates in OC 3.0.x.x
      • * updated code at v3
      • * fixed git issue
      • * fixed git issue
      • * git issue resolved #152
      • * Git issues resolved #141 to #154
      • + real-time sync and sync products price and quantity to multiple accounts products added
      • * Ticket issue resolved
      • * Ticket issue resolved
      • + Added Category Management on the account level
      • + Added option to import the CSV & Xls file for catalog product to export at eBay end
      • + Added Shipping Management at the account level
      • + Added feature for Auction product and Price (sales, base) management.
      • + Added feature for importing and mapping merchant's shop categories to Opencart Store
      • + Added separate panel for managing the variation, specification, etc.
      • + Added Quantity Rules the same as Price Rule Feature.
      • * Fixed the EAN issue in variation
      • + Added functionality for mapping a single product (Opencart or from one of your eBay account) to other accounts product for having same price and quantity and if one changes then every other product price change in both end (Opencart and eBay)
      • * Resolved the issue on the eBay account edit for big amount of products.
      • * Resolved the issue product description deleted when product updated on eBay
      • + Added feature when stock quantity reduced to 0 then product deleted from Opencart or not.
      • * Issue fixed for removing price rule mapping on the failed export products
      • * Template data issue resolved
      • * SKU and EAN check added
      • * Duplicate entry issue resolved in all versions.
      • * Removed the code of the "product real-time sync event" in version 2.3
      • * Changed email id to default email id in events for OC 2.3
      • * Removed unwanted codes
      • * Added events functionality in v3
      • + End listing of eBay item, when Opencart product quantity is zero.
      • * Fixed issue for Unnecessary code on the git commit
      • * Fixed issue for the MPN, UPC and separator error on the Product Map Page
      • + Added Real-Time Events Update feature for adding/updating/removing the eBay products on both sides when action performs on the eBay site.
      • * OC product can be saved when all the product sold at eBay site
      • * eBay product sync delete when deleting from OC with eBay from the admin product page
      • + Added feature delete eBay product(exported from OC) when deleting from the default catalog product page.
      • * GalleryType changed to Featured
      • * Fix ebay_condition_list list delete issue
      • + Added feature to import weight class id the Products.
      • + Added feature to import MPN code, UPC code, and Manufacturer of the Products.
      • + Added Feature to the Importing Product height, width, and length
      • * Fixed issue for the Importing Product's stock status with quantity 0 (zero).
      • * Fixed issue for the Imported Product Main Image
      • + Add feature to import multiple images for all the Opencart Versions from eBay.
      • * Fixed issue for price rules feature
      • + Add feature to applying the price rules on the Import / Export products.
      • * Fix the issue of eBay specification and eBay condition will now display only fields that are for selected category
      • * Fix the issue of displaying invalid request in an email to userID
      • * Fix the issue for Display of Email Id at orders.
      • + Add feature to use a custom template for the eBay product description.
      • * Fix the issue for already exported OC product to eBay, will not show to another account to export again.
      • * Fix the issue for Opencart Sub Category Mapped with eBay least category.
      • * Fix the issue for Opencart Export Product Currency issue.
      • + Added warning message if composer not installed
      • + File added /catalog/model/catalog/ebay_product_map.php
      • + Add functionality to update the stock on the eBay store, at the time order will place on Opencart store for the mapped product.
      • + Add feature to import single eBay's product and order from eBay Store to Opencart Store.
      • + Add filtering for Mapped entries ( Mapped Categories, Products, and Orders).
      • + Add a separate listing of eBay imported categories according to eBay sites.
      • + Add a separate listing of eBay specifications based on eBay categories according to eBay sites.
      • + Add a separate listing of eBay conditions based on Opencart and eBay mapped categories.
      • +Updated for Opencart version 3.x.x.x
      • Initial Release