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Opencart SEO Extension: This extension provides various techniques for improving the search engine rankings of the store. With this extension, the admin can create SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs for all pages. The admin can generate robots.txt and sitemap.xml from the backend. The Opencart Advanced SEO uses JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data) for the structured data.

Also, check out the OpenCart Elasticsearch extension for improving the online store's backend search engine to handle big data.

Highlighted Features

 Show Rich Snippets

The admin can select the available options under rich snippets to display additional product information for the search results.

 Search Engine Friendly Listing

This module facilitates the admin to view the SEO keyword list for every route.

 Snippet Preview

The admin can view the Google search snippet preview for the products by using the admin panel.

 SEO Meter

The admin panel has an SEO Meter that helps the store owners to improve the SEO of the product.

 Google Language Translation

To be able to translate language into any language as desired.

 Error Log Generation

The admin will get the updates for the wrong URL directory, 404 error log message, and ALT image text.

 SEO Content Checker

Duplicate content feature in SEO meter.

 Service Ping

Whenever the product is created or saved, make an automatic ping service.

 Notifications by Email

Receive the customer's IP and URL email notification when 404 pages are reached.

 Searchbox Sitelinks

The search box for Sitelinks will be shown on the SERP and redirected to the online store.

 Robots Search Engine

It includes settings for web crawlers and bots that index your site to generate and manage instructions.

 Bing Webmaster Integration

By using Bing Webmaster tool integration, the admin can access all sorts of useful data about your search traffic from the various tools within the Reports & Data section.

 Google Rich Snippets

After the module installation, the admin needs to enable the Opencart Advanced SEO module status. In the module configuration, the admin can select which rich snippet properties to display on the search result page.

  • Add a SEF Extension.
  • Rich Snippets Status - Enable or Disable.
  • Select Rich Snippets Properties - Yes or No.

Optimize web page speed with OpenCart Cache System that minifies, combine and compress CSS, JavaScript, HTML files. Also leverage from CDN integration, WebP image compression, and more.

 Search Engine Friendly URLs

The admin can provide search engine friendly (SEF) keywords for various web pages of the store. Instead of using variables or numbers, the admin can provide clean and easy to understand URLs for the pages. Improve the search process with OpenCart Advanced Search extension.

  • Multi-language SEF keyword support.
  • SEF keywords improve SERP ranking.
  • The customer will be redirected to the updated URL even if the customer navigates to the previous SEF keyword URL.
  • The customer can only navigate to the last 3 altered SEF URLs.

 Automatic Sitemap XML File Generation

With one click of a button, the admin can generate the Sitemap file for the website. The sitemap file is used by search engine crawlers and users for navigating the pages of a website. The following options are available:

  • Set update frequency - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.
  • Show web page modification date - none, server response time, custom date & time.
  • Select priority for search bot crawling - auto or manual.
  • The admin can generate the sitemap automatically via cron by running the respective command.

 SEO Optimized Robots.txt

Create Robots.txt file for web crawlers and search engine bots. Mention the areas of the website which the web crawlers should visit and should not visit.

  • Set the crawl delay rate.
  • Disallow web page for crawling.
  • Generate or update the Robots.txt file.

 Search Engine Optimized URL

Create search engine friendly URLs for your store. There are lots of benefits of using SEO URLs as they are clean and easily readable by customers. The admin can create SEO URLs for the following pages:

  • Category pages.
  • Product pages.
  • Manufacturers pages.
  • Information pages.
  • Auto-generate product SEO URL.
  • Multi-language SEO URL support.

 Meta Information

Meta information is information about a web page. The meta-information is visible on the search engine result page (SERP). The admin can provide meta-information for the product pages. Here are some of the features:

  • Auto-generate Meta Title.
  • Auto-generate Meta Description.
  • Auto-generate Meta Keywords.
  • View Analysis and Suggestions.
  • Multi-language Support.

 Google Snippet Preview (Web+Mobile View)

The Opencart Advanced SEO allows the admin to view the Google Snippet preview for the products. It shows how the product will look on the Google search result page. For mobile users speed optimization, also check OpenCart Google AMP and OpenCart Headless PWA.

  • View Mobile version of Google Snippet.
  • View snippet preview for other languages.
  • Edit meta - title, description, keyword.
  • Add the SEF keyword.

 Social Share - Facebook OpenGraph/Twitter Card

Create content for the Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card for products. So whenever a user shares the product link, the information will be fetched automatically. The admin can edit the content and view the live preview of Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card.

  • Add title.
  • Add description.
  • Upload image.
  • Multi-language support.

 SEO Meter - Analysis

The admin can view the SEO Meter for analyzing the SEO of the products. It shows the rating scale with a percentage. The higher the percentage, the better will be the SEO.

  • View suggestions for improving the SEO level.
  • View analysis results when SEO is done perfectly.

Error Logs

This section will help the store owner to get the logs of the wrong SEF URL hit by the customer and alt image text if not available.

  • The store owner can get the notification for every wrong SEF URL hit by the customer.
  • The store owner will get the IP Address and the wrong directory.
  • The store owner will get the logs of all the images whose ALT text is not added.
  • The store owner can update the image Alt image text which will improve the SEO meter.

Core Web Vitals - Google Ranking Factor 2021

With Google announcing upcoming algorithm update on ranking factor, measurement, and page experience. The site owners are now guided with three key metrics (LCP, FID, CLS) that are essential for delivering a great user experience.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (Loading) - It measures the time taken to show the main content element (such as a large image or text) to the user. This is useful to check page rendering time and loading performance.
  • First Input Delay (Interactivity) - It checks how quickly a page responds to user interaction (such as clicking a link or tapping a button).
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (Visual Stability) - It scores unexpected page layout shifts (such as - movement of text, link, button) during the loading phase.

Opencart  SEO Extension and Opencart Cache System offer various important features (WebP Image Optimization, Improve Lighthouse Page Performance, Minify & Combine CSS, JS, HTML files, CDN Loading, Leverage Cache). Helping to optimize your web store content and support upcoming 2021 Google Algorithm UX changes with Core Web Vitals.

Dondolo Shop

Dondolo Shop - Based out in Kampala, Uganda, Dondolo does online and offline selling to individuals, companies, NGOs, and local & foreign government agencies.

It deals with mobiles, gadgets, computers, electronics, fashion, auto spares, and other categories.

Learn how a complete e-commerce marketplace solution is built for web, mobile & POS channels and also helping sellers to manage their physical stores.

Additionally, the hyperlocal marketplace system is integrated which enables local shop owners to sell products to nearby customers quickly.

 Opencart Advanced SEO Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Ahmed Nor
Posted On - December 21, 2020
Super Company with Amazing Team!!
I use their service and have benefited a lot from them.
I advise everyone to deal with them
Nimba Qolbu
niqmart.com/ (ID)
Posted On - April 22, 2020
Very satisfy support
Very satisfy support, Recommended Opencart partner
Posted On - November 19, 2019
Very reliable and patient customer service
Very reliable and patient customer service. Good SEO extention. It creates the friendly pages on our website sheartak.com. Highly recommend.
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