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Point of Sale Price Rule (Price list) for WooCommerce


Point of Sale Price Rule (Price list) for WooCommerce: Customers usually rush in when they know they can save money and purchase more products by having to pay less for the purchase. Therefore online stores offer discounts for the products.

Discounts not only grab the buyer's attention but also increase potential buyers for your web store. Offering discounts may also create room for new products in a store as there are chances that discounted products may sell quickly. WooCommerce POS Pricelist is one such extension that provides discounts on products on the basis of Pricelist Rules for a limited time period.

Please Note:

  • This module is an add-on so you must install WooCommerce Point of sale system first.
  • POS System will work with devices having a 1280px screen resolution or above. Currently, we are working on to make the POS work with up to 768 screens. resolution and above.
  • POS pricelist plugin supports dark theme according to your computer/laptop settings, Which only work with POS version 3.6.3.
  • For mobile devices-the user needs to develop the POS application for mobiles accordingly. For mobile application development, you can contact our mobile development team at support@webkul.com.
  • For better inventory management using a barcode, you may use POS Barcode Inventory Management for WooCommerce
  • For refund management by POS cashier, you can use POS Order Return for WooCommerce

Why do we need Point of Sale Price Rule (Price list) for WooCommerce?

Discounts are used to attract more customers to a store in the e-commerce era because people prefer to buy things on sale. WooCommerce POS Discounted Pricelist is one such extension that offers product discounts based on Pricelist Rules.

For a given time period, these Pricelist Rules apply to Products, Product Categories, Product Variations, as well as the entire store or globally. Discounts increase customer traffic and sales when offered for a limited time period, allowing your business to grow.

Highlighted Features

 Coupon And Discount

Offer your order cart a coupon and a discount when you check out.

 POS Mode

Both online and offline, the POS system will work.

 Price Rule

To configure the Discount Pricelist, the admin will add new Pricelist rules.

 POS Store

Along with the actual price, the POS store shows the discounted price.

 Apply Multiple Discount

The customer can apply multiple discounts on any product based on price rules and quantity conditions.

 Set Discount Priority

The admin can set the create discount priority accordingly it will apply on the POS checkout page.

 Pricelist Management

From his account panel, the admin manages the Discount Pricelist options feature. An admin may define:-

  • The Discount Price Label.
  • The minimum quantity to which the discount applies.
  • The start date and the end date of the discount for the products.
  • If the discount is extended to products, groups of products, combinations of products, or all products (global).
  • If a percentage-wise discount is determined or whether it can be determined as a fixed one.
  • The status of the price list of discounts is enabled or disabled.

Global Pricelist Rule

  • The admin can determine the Global Pricelist Rule.
  • All the products in the POS store are shown at a discount.
  • The buyer can choose to purchase from the POS store any discounted product.

Product Category Pricelist Rule

  • For a specific product category, the admin may define the Pricelist Rule.
  • The admin also determines the category under which he wants the discount to be given.
  • From the category that shows discounted items, the buyer can choose the product.

Product Pricelist Rule

  • For some specific products, the admin can define the Pricelist Rule.
  • The admin will define a list of the products or products for which the discount is intended to be offered.
  • From the list of discounted items, the buyer can choose to purchase any product.

Product Variation Pricelist Rule

  • The price list rule for the variations of different products which be defined by the admin.
  • The admin may specify a list of product variations or a variation of the product for which he wants the discount to be offered.
  • Based on discounted product variations, the customer may purchase a product.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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