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Point of Sale Custom Receipt for Magento 2


Point of Sale Custom Receipt for Magento 2: Using Magento 2 Point of Sale Custom Receipt module, the admin can create customized POS sales receipt for the customers. The admin can design multiple POS sales receipt and assign them to the POS outlets.

The admin customizes the receipts like upload logo, add header and footer details and set custom labels for the discount, tax, change, sub-total, cashier etc. And, can even preview the POS receipt.

Please Note:

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Custom Receipts

Easy configuration to customize the multiple receipts.


Control the visibility of the labels on the receipts.


Change the receipt label names.


Upload the logo image.


Add text in the header and the footer section of the receipt.


Assign the receipt to the outlets.

Showcased at Magento Innovations Lab & Magento Imagine Adobe Summit 2020

Webkul again confirmed to become a benchmark in the e-commerce industry for its ability to stay attuned with the latest technologies. We have been showcased because of our top-notch innovations and ideas.

  • It is again a pleasure that Webkul is selected by the Magento Innovation Lab for its superclass technology that is PWA POS with MSI.
  • Webkul POS was also showcased at the Magento Imagine in Adobe Summit 2020 digital experience. 
  • This time we have created a POS that is based on MSI and PWA which works with a Magento 2 website.
  • Neither first nor second, Webkul is the winner for this Magento Innovation Lab from last Five times in a row.
  • Webkul is still dedicated to leveraging the cutting edge technologies as done in the previous years.

POS Custom Receipt

The module has flexible settings to customize the POS custom receipts as per the choice :

  • Control Label Visibility: Enable the fields which the admin wants to display on the receipt.
  • Change Labels: Set the names of the labels which will be visible on the receipt.
  • Logo Appearance: Upload logo image for the custom receipt.
  • Logo Dimensions: Define the dimensions of the logo to display on the receipt.
  • Custom Text: Add the content in the header and the footer section of the receipt.
  • Content with Images: Add the images in the text.

Change Receipt Labels

The admin can manage the visibility of the receipt labels by enabling or disabling them. And, can even set the names of the receipt labels which will be visible on the receipt -

  • Order ID 
  • Subtotal 
  • Discount 
  • Tax 
  • Credit 
  • Change Amount 
  • Cashier 
  • Grand Total 

The default names of the label will be visible on the receipt if no new names are defined.

Manage Receipt Logo Appearance

The module has an easy configuration to manage the logo appearance of the receipt-

  • Manage the visibility of the receipt logo by enabling or disabling it.
  • Upload the logo image as per the choice.
  • Define the logo width as per which the logo will be displayed on the receipt.
  • Define the logo height as per which the logo will be displayed on the receipt.
  • If logo dimensions not set, the default dimension will be applied.
  • Set the alt text for the logo image.

Receipt Content For Promotion

The admin can easily set the content in the POS custom receipts -

  • Insert the content in the header and the footer sections of the receipt.
  • Add the images in the content as per the convenience.
  • Easy to use the text editor to manage the content of the receipt.
  • Give additional offers as promo message on receipt.
  • Promote products by printing the promotional message on receipt.

Custom Receipt Actions

The admin can performs various actions on the POS custom receipts:

  • Status: Change the status of the receipts by selecting Enable/Disable option.
  • Delete: Remove or delete the existing receipts.
  • Edit: Update or edit the receipts whenever needed.
  • Preview: Preview the existing the receipts to have a quick view.
  • Assign: Assign the receipts to the outlets.

If you wish to have more flexibility of accessibility of your store we have a mobile based solution that has no dependency of a platform in the product- Mobikul POS - Point of Sale.

 Complete Features List

  • Admin can create multiple receipts layout
  • Admin can enable/disable/delete receipts layout
  • Admin can assign receipts to the outlet as per their need
  • Upload custom logo for POS receipt - set height, width, alt text
  • Preview receipt from admin panel
  • Add a custom header and footer
  • Change default labels for discount, tax, credit, subtotal, cashier, change, etc


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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