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WooCommerce Marketplace Booking Reservation: This module creates a dynamic booking and reservation system for your products. The admin can generate booking and reservations and can add booking slots as well. This module provides two types of bookings for the products: Many Bookings in One Day and One Booking for Many Days. Once the booking product is created, the buyers can see it on the front-end and can book the product from there by selecting the date and time for the booking as required.

Note: This extension is an add-on of the Marketplace Multi-Vendor extension. You must have installed it before making use of the WooCommerce Marketplace Booking Reservation System.

Highlighted Features

 Create Different Reservation Products

Create bookable service products having booking types as multiple booking in a day and single booking for multiple days

 Booking Creation Rules

Create rules which will prevent booking creation for certain time slots and days

 Configure Booking Status

Set booking slot status for the customers as open or close as required

 Booking Period Availability

Set up the availability of bookings from the admin end for the random and continuous days.

 Reschedule & Cancel Bookings

The customers will be able to reschedule a booking or cancel it as required.

 Booking Confirmation SMS Notification


 Email Notification on Reschedule & Cancel Booking

The customers receive email notifications for the booking rescheduled and canceled.

 Booking Invoice PDF

The customers can download the booking product invoice in PDF.

What is the need of this extension?

In today's fast-growing online sector almost everything is available for online purchase. From home decor to mobile phone and from appointments to movie tickets and what not?Using this extension, empowers the store owner to sell bookable services as a product for hourly and daily reservations.

Moreover, helping all the businesses who require scheduling and management for their bookings. The customers can book appointments, tickets for movies or events and reservations, and more by making a few clicks and without having them leave their home.

Create Booking Services

This extension transforms the store into a dynamic event-driven website wherein the admin can easily add and manage the booking products. The admin/seller can create two types of booking service products that will allow the customers to make - multiple bookings in a day and a single booking for multiple numbers of days.

The customers can easily confirm a booking for their respective booking service products from the webstore frontend.

  • Create and manage booking products
  • Set the period available for bookings and reservations
  • Configure booking status for each slot as open or close
  • Add a start, end date, and the number of items available for each slot
  • Setup flexible exclude days rules to prevent bookings for certain time slots and days

Multiple Bookings in One Day

The admin of the webstore can select which type of booking they want for their products. The admin can create the booking products wherein the customers will be able to make a reservation for multiple slots in a day.

This applies to the bookings made for movies, drama, adventure rides, and other similar types of services. Here, the admin/sellers can create a booking product by -

  • Selecting the availability start and end date for the product
  • Adding booking stock per slot for the product
  • Choose booking slot status as enabled or disabled
  • Change the default time slot set for the product
  • Add break time between the created slots for the product
  • Add days start and end time for the slots of the booking product

One Booking for Multiple Days

The admin/sellers can create the booking product where in the customers will be able to make a single booking for multiple days just like we see for the hotels, camping events, resorts and other similar types of services. Here, the admin can create a booking product by -

  • Selecting the availability start and end date for the product
  • Adding booking stock per slot for the product
  • Setting the booking status as enabled
  • Entering the location of the booking service
  • Setting up the start day/time and end day/time for the booking

Customer’s End

After the booking products are set up, the customers will be able to see a Book Now button on the product page. And from this button, can select the date and slot for the booking product. The customers will be able to -

  • Select the date to book any product using a calendar
  • Set the quantity of bookable product while booking
  • Select the booking period via calendar’s days or time slots
  • Select single or multiple slots as enabled by the admin
  • See booking/reservation details in the shopping cart as well
  • Multiple bookings for the same time slot based on the available quantity
  • The completely booked slot is displayed as unavailable

Flexible Exclude Days & Slot Rules

The admin/sellers have the option to keep off the booking for a particular time slot of the day thus allowing the total admin control over every booking. The admin can set up the days for which the admin wants to make the bookings as closed as per his requirement.

The admin can set up the closed days for random as well as from calendar as well.

  • The admin can disable a particular time slot of a day.
  • Disable random days from the calendar as per the choice.
  • Disable the bookings for continuous days by selecting “closed from” and “closed till” date from the calendar.

Booking Management

After the bookings made by customers, the admin/sellers can quickly check all the booking details of both the bookable service products. Here, the admin/sellers can check separately the bookings made for both the booking types.

  • View bookings of “Many Booking in one day” and “One booking for many days” product separately.
  • Details like - start date, end date, break time, deal period(timespan), and status is visible.
  • The stock of booking product reduced only when the customer's order status gets complete.
  • Easy management of booking

Send Booking Confirmation SMS

Now, the customers of the WooCommerce Marketplace will be able to get an SMS notification when they have placed an order for the booking products.

  • Customers are notified instantaneously via SMS notification.
  • Booking confirmation SMS notification is sent.
  • The customers can see the details of the booking products within the SMS notification.

Booking Reschedule & Cancel Option

After the order is placed for the booking product, the customers will also be able to reschedule the booking or cancel it as required. It depends upon the configuration set by the admin.

  • The customers can easily manage their bookings.
  • Reschedule the booking before the set number of days.
  • Cancel the booking if required.

Reschedule & Cancel Booking Email Notifications

After the customers have placed the order for the booking product and try to reschedule or cancel the booking, the customers will receive email notifications for the same.

  • Customers are notified of changes to the booking via email notification.
  • Email notification at the time of booking reschedule.
  • After canceling a booking product, an email notification is received by the customer.

 Complete Features List

  • The admin and sellers both can add bookable products and manage their respective slots.
  • Bookable Product type has been made available for creating the booking products.
  • The admin and Sellers both can edit products and create two types of bookings “One booking for many days” and “Many bookings for one day”.
  • The sellers can see all booked product history under their account.
  • The customers can check their booked products under their account panel.
  • The customers will have a panel on the product page from where they can book their booking as required.
  • The admin and the sellers can keep the slots as open or closed for particular time slots and particular days.
  • The admin & the sellers can edit slots and set the disable days for the booking product.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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