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    Store Pickup Locator for WooCommerce

    Store Pickup Locator for WooCommerce: WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup Locator allows the admin to create different stores and allocates products and their quantity to them. The admin can add different physical stores along with the store address, zip code, store contact, etc. After adding the stores, the admin can add any product (newly added or previously available) to any of the stores. The customer can search for stores using city name or zip code and all the nearby stores will be shown.

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    Store Pickup Locator for WooCommerce: WordPress WooCommerce Store Pickup Locator module allows the admin to add different physical stores. The module does a GEO location look-up to match close stores as per the location which the customer has searched for. And let them select the nearest store from where they can pick up their orders at any time.

    Note:You must have the Google API Key to make use of this extension. To generate one for you click here.

    Highlighted Features

     Add Stores

    Add multiple stores with detailed information.


    Search the store within the define location and radius.

     Get Directions

    Get the directions for reaching to that store.

     Self Pick

    Let customer self-pick up the order from the most suitable location.


    Neither pay the shipment fee nor deal with the shipping.

     Convenient Shopping

    convenient shopping experience for the customers.

    Why Store Pickup?

    These days customers prefer to get their products by dropping into the nearest store. Because they consider such shipping method rather convenient.

    This module is perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses and merchants selling their products online. Because the module lets customers pick up their orders in the nearest store.

    This also reduces the delivery time and cost while their customers save time and money on shipping. Because the module allows customers to pick up their orders at any time they want as per their convenience.

    The store pickup module allows showing pickup locations based on the customer search for the store within the defined radius. It will be helpful for online stores with stores located worldwide locations.

     Why Store Pickup?

    Add Store

    With the help of this module, it is possible for the admin to add an unlimited number of stores-

    • Add different physical stores along with the store address, zip code, store logo etc.
    • Google API to match close stores as per customer search.
    • Offers the customers dual function – buy online, pick-up in store.
    • Ability to pick up the orders from nearest available sales outlets rather than pay for shipping.
     Add Store

    Manage Stores

    The admin can view and manage the stores which they have added

    • View the complete list of the created stores.
    • View and edit the complete details of the store.
    • Assign multiple products to the store as per the requirement.
    • Assign the quantity of the product assigned to that store.
    • Separate section to view and manage the store orders.
     Manage Stores


    This module offers a seamless shopping experience and allows customers to reserve a product before they come over in the store

    • The list of all the stores present in the searched location will be displayed.
    • Search for nearby or any particular location store by entering the name for that location and the radius.
    • Check the stock availability of the product in other stores as well.
    • Select the store for the store pick-up.
    • Check the directions for reaching to that store from their location.
    • Choose whether want to pick up the order from the store or want home delivery for that order.

     Features -

    • The admin can add their physical stores.
    • The admin can enable, disable, edit, and delete any of its stores.
    • Product assignment is simple to their physical store.
    • The admin can allow Store Pickup for their products.
    • It supports Home delivery of products as well.
    • The admin can set the quantity/availability for the products.
    • A customer can search stores using zip codes or location name.
    • Searched store results are visible on the Google Map to the customer.
    • A customer can check for product availability on any store.
    • Customers can get directions on Google Maps for reaching to the store.

     Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the admin assign the products to the store?
    Yes, the admin can assign the products and their quantity as well.
     Can the customer check the product availability on any store?
    Yes, the customer can check the product availability on any store.
     Can the guest users opt for store pick-up option?
    Yes, the guest users can opt for store pick-up option.
     What if the customers don’t want the store pick-up?
    If the customers don’t want the store pick-up, then the customers can opt for the Home Delivery option for their order.
     What is required to use this module?
    You must have the Google API Key to make use of this extension. This API will search the nearby stores as per the location and radius the customer has entered.

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