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Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce

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Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce: Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce allows the store owner to provide services to the crowd of a small area. On targeting a small area and a specific mass of that particular area, the user can study the temperament of the mass in a better way. This would push the store owners to provide better quality products to the customers.

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Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce: The main idea behind developing a hyperlocal system is to provide necessary services like food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, and many such services to customers which they can find in their locality or neighborhood.

This is an effective way to read the temperament of the locales and hence provide best services in quickest time. Through Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce, the store owner can provide necessary services to the customers by focusing on specific shipping areas or zones.

This is a very useful plugin for small business and enterprises which initially cannot expand to larger horizons.

Please Note: This is an add-on of Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace, so you have to install WordPress Woocommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace first.

 Highlighted Features

 Add Multiple Locations

The admin can add multiple locations in the area where the stores are located.

 Create/ Configure Ship Area

The admin can create shipping areas for the sellers and also set the configurations for the same.

 Add Seller Origin

The sellers can add their origin from the seller panel.

 Add Ship Areas using CSV

The sellers can add shipping areas using CSV files.

 Enter Nearest Location

The customers can add the nearby location of the seller’s store and make a purchase.

 Alter Location

The customers can alter the location by clicking on the navigator icon on the catalog page.

 Backend Configuration

The admin can set the configurations for Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin for WooCommerce in the admin panel. As per the configurations set by the admin, the Multi-Vendor Hyperlocal Marketplace Plugin will function:

  • Enable or disable the status of the module
  • Configure the Google API key.
  • Set the name/heading for the location pop up window.
  • Filter product or set ship area on the basis of distance or city, state/province & country.
  • The longitude and latitude is automatically set as the admin configures the location.
  • Set the positioning of the location icon.
 Backend Configuration

 Complete Features List

  • An excellent way to reach out to a generic mob to provide exquisite services.
  • The admin adds multiple locations, based on where the stores are established.
  • The admin creates and configures a shipping area.
  • The admin may activate, deactivate, delete, or edit the ship area.
  • The admin creates a ship area on behalf of the sellers.
  • The admin can create the ship rates on the basis of the shipping area.
  • The admin creates ship rates on behalf of the sellers.
  • The admin can also upload the CSV files to create ship areas and ship rates
  • The admin adds radius, distance, and weight units.
  • Sellers can create shipping area on the seller panel.
  • Sellers can delete or edit the shipping areas.
  • A seller’s origin may be added in the seller panel.
  • Sellers can add shipping areas or shipping rates through CSV files.
  • Customers can enter a location and buy products from the nearest seller’s store.
  • The customer can change the location simply by clicking on the navigator icon.


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