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Odoo Marketplace Product 360° ViewNow, the market demands the 360° view of the products so that customers can avail it; once they are fully satisfied.

Looking at a study by Shopify, only 0.52% want to see a single product photo, a 33.16% prefer to see multiple photos; and the majority of them, exactly a 58.03%, prefer photographs that will enable them to have a 360º vision of the product.

Showing the overall view of the product tends to reduce the return rate as 360° view offers them to see the exact look of it.

It also builds the credibility of your online store as people can trust the product with an overall view more than a product with specific images from a certain angle.

You can allow selected sellers to show the 360º vision of the product.

To enable the feature, sellers need to add Images in a sequential manner in order to have a smooth 360° rotating view.

It's your customers’ wish to see the product view automatically or drag with the cursor in the direction they want to see. They can even Pause, start and stop Product 360° view anytime to view the product properly.

 Prerequisites For Using Odoo Marketplace Product 360° View Module

Odoo Marketplace Theme Shopoint Module works in conjunction with the following module:

You would need to install these modules first for Odoo Marketplace Product 360° View to work properly.

Odoo Marketplace Product 360° View Feature List

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile Optimized Module
  • Auto spins the product View on product page
  • Sellers can choose to add the functionality of 360° view
  • Enable/Disable the 360 degree view for a Specific sellers
  • Pause, start and stop Product 360° view anytime
  • Customer can replay the product spin to view the product from all angles
  • Use Mouse, Keyboard and gesture events to move the product image

 Configure Product 360° View in Odoo Marketplace

  • You can easily configure the Product 360° View in Odoo Marketplace.
  • Simply, enable or disable the checkbox as per your preference.
  • From here, you can configure the setting globally for the marketplace.

 Add Images in Sequence for 360° View

  • If you want to show 360° View of your products then add the images in sequence
  • You need to simply add the image, its sequence along with the title.
  • Customers can see the view as per the sequence of the image added.
  • Your Sellers can add images for their product only; however, you can manage the images of any seller.

 Product 360° View in Odoo Marketplace

  • Now, you can offer ease to your customers by showing them complete view of the products in your Odoo Marketplace.
  • Customers can simply click on the previous or forward button to check the view from all angles.
  • It helps the customers to make the decision quickly; hence, results in quicker checkouts.

Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Marketplace Product 360° View Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Marketplace Product 360° View Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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