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Product 360 View for Magento 2


Product 360 View for Magento 2: This module helps show off every side of a product to customers. It enables customers to view products in a more magnificently and attractively manner. The admin could set up a 360-degree view of a product by adding multiple images in a proper sequence.

This module adds a value-added feature to your website that would draw the attention of customers to the products available online. It helps customers take a more appealing and magnificent view of products. The product is visible in a rotating 360-degree view from all sides.

Note - This module will work for Simple, Configurable, and bundle products only.

Highlighted Features

 Increase Conversion

It increases Product view or visibility.

 Decrease Return

Chances of getting a product return are less from the customer.

 Navigation Button

Play/pause 360 view Navigation buttons.

 Frame Time

The store admin can manage the spin speed at which images rotate in a 360-degree view of a product.

 Separate View

Set up 360 views separately for each product.

 Thumbnail Image

The admin can upload the thumbnail image at 360 degrees.

Module Configuration

Admin may set the view of a product to 360-degree. You can also add all the photos at the front end to be viewed in a 360-degree view of the product.

  • The admin can enable/disable the product 360 view configuration.
  • The admin can set 360 Frame times.
  • The admin can upload Thumbnail Image.
  • The admin should delete the images he added for a view of the product at 360-degree.
  • The admin can also change the position of the images he added while setting the product view to 360-degree

Product 360 View

By clicking on the Product Page on the product view button, a customer can see a 360° view of a product. A customer can view a product at any angle.

  • Customers can view every side of a product that helps them decide to purchase.
  • By clicking on the Start/Stop button, customers can stop or start 360° viewing of the product.

360 Product Spin

This extension helps customers view the actual product without the appearance of a physical product. Before they purchase it, a seller can show all of its products to his customers on their store website.

The customer can take a thorough look at the product and understand his / her preferences. In the technology world, however, the e-commerce market simply has the facility to display a 360-degree view of the product.

This plugin allows you to offer your customers an interactive shopping experience with a 360-degree view of the products. Easy and easy to use, it is compatible with the most widely used internet browsers and mobile devices.

  • Promote your products better.
  • Show every angle of the product, which in turn helps to increase sales on the web store.
  • It helps the store owner create a virtual shopping experience for customers.

Benefits - 360º Product View

  • The product 360-degree view gives customers the ability to view every angle of the product.
  • Compared with the image, a 360-degree view gives customers satisfaction in the authenticity of the product.
  • By showing a 360-degree view of the products, customers can look at the product as they would actually do, observe its quality and details, and purchase more confidently.
  • Increase the interest of your customers, increase the conversion rate and reduce the potential for returns.

Features List

  • The admin can easily set the view of a product to 360-degree.
  • The admin can delete the images to a 360-degree product view.
  • With a 360-degree product view, a customer can view every side of a product in a 360-degree rotating view.
  • The customers can stop or start again the 360-degree product view by clicking on the start/stop button.
  • The admin can manage the spin speed at which images rotate in a 360-degree view of a product.
  • The admin can preview the product 360 views, before saving the product and can manage the images accordingly.
  • Upload 36 still images from every angle and show a 360-degree effect.
  • Show custom thumbnail icon for 360 product view.


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