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The seller will use it to check whether the customer attending the event is valid or not. This can be done through the generation of the QR-Code for the product form of Event Booking. The QR code can be accessed by both vendor and customer until the order status is set to be completed in the order details.

You can easily view, download PDF, or email tickets from the seller and customer, including a QR code. This module helps the admin and the sellers to generate QR-code for the Event Booking products. This is an add-on to the marketplace advance Booking for Adobe Commerce.

When the order status is complete, the QR-Code will be visible to the seller/admin as well as customers. This module helps the sellers to authenticate the customer at the time of the Event.

Important Note -

Highlighted Features

 Faster Registration Verification

To verify the individuals attending the event, the seller or event coordinator can scan the QR code.

 Secure Authentication Order

The QR-Code is a much more secure form of authentication with a special 3D code, as it cannot be duplicated.

 Easy Printing of Invoices, Downloading

The seller and customer can print, download or mail the invoice with the QR-Code attached to the registered mail ID.

 Show Information Related to the Order

The QR-Code can be scanned to derive order-related information.

Why We Need Magento 2 Multi Vendor Reservation Booking QR Code?

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Reservation Booking QR Code plugin provides sellers on an online marketplace with the ability to generate QR codes for Event Booking products. These QR codes serve as efficient tools for authenticating customers during events.

They streamline the check-in process, offer accurate attendance tracking, and minimize fraud by linking unique QR codes to specific orders. The plugin enhances the seller experience, promotes customer transparency, automates QR code generation, and ultimately saves time and resources.

Management of Event Registration By Seller

The seller can handle the event booking easily from the orders section in the backend of the seller. In the Order Invoice, the seller will access the QR-Code. For the QR-Code to be available, the seller must set the order's status as complete.

A success message is obtained by the seller while checking the QR-Code to authenticate the visitor/customer. It will assist the owner of the store in

  • Verifying the user.
  • Removal of any manual effort required to store the data.
  • Managing a wide crowd of people.

Streamline the Verification Process Security

A matrix barcode that is readable by a machine is the QR-Code or Quick Response Code. A certain collection of data is stored in the code. The matrix is really hard for any human being to reproduce. Thus, enabling the feeling of security for both customers and store owners.

  • The customer would not be afraid of duplicating the order ID.
  • Much more secure than your normal barcode.
  • Removal of the apprehension of unwanted event participants.
  • It can only be read by a QR-Code reader or a device with the QR-Code reader program allowed.

Easy Customer Identification

By presenting the QR-Code, the customer can get checked at the case. Once the completion of the order status is set. The QR-Code can be seen on the ticket. This advanced technology will make it much easier for the customer to get confirmed.

Ease of use because no specific number or alpha-numeric characters need to be recalled by the customer.

As they are saved in the QR-Code that can be accessed from both the seller and customer panel, there is no fear of losing the order information.

Easy Ticket Details

The customer will save the ticket and share it with the people they want. Three separate acts may be taken by the customer through the action.

  • Print Ticket - By keeping a hard copy of the ticket that will contain the QR-code, the customer can save the ticket easily.
  • PDF download - The customer can keep a copy of the ticket as a PDF file that can be shared with the customer.
  • Email Ticket - The ticket can be sent by the customer to the registered mail ID of the respective account. This email should be exchanged with the other user so that the QR-code can be shown in the case.


  • Quick and efficient authentication by scanning the QR-Code for event attendees.
  • Compared to other types of authentication such as order ID, unique ids, and other such codes, protection for the event ticket owner.
  • The module only works for Event Goods, for now.
  • The QR code is added to the page of the ticket, which will be available until the seller produces the invoice.
  • The seller and customer can download a ticket in PDF format.
  • The customer can send a ticket to his registered email id.
  • The seller can send a ticket to the customer’s registered email id.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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