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Increase website traffic with Odoo Website SEO Suite!

Organic traffic is the soul of any website ranking and sales. As per stats, the average click-through rate of the top-ranking pages on Google is 32%.

The first step of increasing conversion is to bring in more visitors to your eCommerce website. More visitors means more opportunities to convert potential leads to customers.

In today’s world, improving your website’s position in SERPs of the search engines is a very effective way to garner exposure and growth. By including metadata on your Odoo website, you help the search engine learn about its content. It can help your products or categories to appear in the result of the search engines.

Odoo website SEO Suite module helps you to define meta-data for your products and website product categories to allow them to be read by the search engines.

You can set meta-title, meta-description, and meta-keywords, for your Odoo website products and product categories.

 Odoo Website SEO Suite Features

Configure Meta-Information In Your Odoo

  • This module allows the Odoo user to specify meta-title, meta-description, etc., for each product in the Odoo.
  • Enables you to configure meta-information for your Odoo website categories.

 Define Meta-Information Limits In The Odoo Backend

  • Define the length of each meta-data attribute while configuring.
  • Set meta-title, meta-description, and meta-Keywords for products and categories in the Odoo.

Creating Meta-Data Attributes From Odoo Backend

  • In the Odoo backend, you can define and create the met-data attributes.
  • The Odoo user can choose and set one or multiple attributes to define the metadata, the values of which are then automatically picked up when the product appears in the SERPs.

 Adding Description And Images On The Odoo Website

  • The customer can also select images and descriptions for each public category on the Odoo website.
  • Add alt-text to all your Images displayed on your Website.

Create Meta Title And Description In Odoo

  • The module allows you to set meta-data at the product and category levels for your Odoo website.
  • You can set meta-title, meta-description, and meta-keywords for products and categories in Odoo.
  • It helps you increase visibility and organic traffic on your website to promote the growth of your e-commerce website.
  • View how the meta-data will appear on the Google search result.
  • Make improvements in the meta-data according to the preview.
  • Helps you in ranking your website pages on the Google search engine to attract more users and aid your selling.

 Set The Count Criteria For Meta Data In Odoo

  • Set the character limit for meta-title, meta-description, and meta-keywords.
  • You can set the character limit as per the criteria of google(the most used search engine).
  • It will give an idea to define the meta-data to the users who are not so aware of the SEO part.
  • Set and define a limit for alt-text for every image of your Odoo website.
  • Overrides the default Odoo setting and lets you add alt-text to every image of your Odoo website.
  • Change the meta-information character length from the Odoo backend whenever you want.

Odoo Website SEO Suite-

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