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This Adobe Commerce extension enables the functionality of product return and order return between buyer and seller. Marketplace RMA System for Magento2 module provides the buyers to create RMA requests for sellers/vendors products and Complete RMA management.

Please Note - This module is an add-on of the Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed first Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module.

Highlighted Features of Magento 2 RMA System Marketplace Add-on

 Partial Refund by Vendor

The seller has the option to do partial or full payment during a refund.

 Vendor and Buyer Conversation

The vendor can communicate with the buyer on a particular RMA request.

 View Conversation

The admin has the option to view the communication between the vendor and the buyer.

 RMA Request By Guest Users

Guest users can also Request New RMA by just providing their order ID & email address.

 GraphQL Implemented

GraphQL has been implemented for the extension.

 Hyva Theme Compatible

The extension is fully compatible with the Hyva Theme.

 What is the use of this module and why should use it?

End-User satisfaction is very important for any business. By adding an RMA service to your marketplace for the product will improve customer satisfaction. That’s why RMA is an essential feature of any functional e-commerce store. It provides freedom to the customer to return and exchange the bought goods. The customers will be more confident while purchasing the product. Magento 2 RMA System Marketplace Add-on will reduce the hassle of the seller to manage the product return manually. It will create more transparency between the customers and the seller.

 RMA Requisition

The buyer can request for RMA if the product does not meet their (buyer) expectation. The Buyer will have an option for selecting the order for which they need RMA. Buyer will select the reason behind the RMA, upload images of the received product, select the “Order Status” and can write additional information as well.

The buyer can view their RMA list under the tab “RMA”. When the buyer will be satisfied with the seller's action (refund or exchange), then the buyer can close that particular RMA.

  • The buyer can request for new RMA.
  • The buyer can send the message to the seller.
  • The buyer can close the RMA if satisfied.
  • The buyer can upload multiple images of the received product.

 Action On Requested RMA

The seller can view all the RMA under the “All RMA” tab. Here seller can view the complete information regarding RMA and can change the “RMA Status” accordingly. The seller can also send a message to the buyer.

  • The seller can view the RMA and change the status of RMA.
  • The seller can message the buyer regarding their RMA.
  • The RMA status on the customer panel will reflect with order status.
  • The customer can close the RMA. If it is solved.

 Whole List of RMA

Admin from the back-end can add a reason for RMA under “RMA Reasons”. These reasons will be displayed on the front end while creating an RMA request. Admin can view all the RMA under the “All RMA” tab. It allows the admin to enter a number of days under option "Default Allowed Days" to create RMA by a customer from the day of product purchase. And if that period exceeds then the customer will not be allowed to create RMA.

  • Admin can add “RMA reason”.
  • Admin can view order information, product detail, and conversation related to RMA.
  • Admin can enter “Default Allowed Days” to create RMA by buyer.

 RMA Resolution

The resolution of the RMA is done by the admin or the seller of the store. At the time of creating RMA, customers can select RMA resolution as Refund or Replace. After creating the RMA, the customer can see the status of the RMA and can message the seller to get any possible solution.

  • The customers can also cancel the order placed by them before the invoice for that particular order is generated.
  • The buyer can generate RMA for Refund/Replace.
  • The seller can do a Full or Partial refund.

E-mail Notification for RMA

Notification always keeps the customers updated about their activity on to the store. As per the functionality of the module, whenever the customer request RMA, then they will soon get the RMA notification on their registered mail Id.

The RMA request could be any type namely Return, Refund, Replace, Cancel.

  • The guest user will also get the notification for RMA generation.
  • The RMA email notification consists of the entire details about the RMA.
  • Also, the customer will get a notification at the time of the RMA status change.

Conversation on RMA

The communication system is a key feature which any eCommerce business can have. It builds the transparency between the buyer on the store and the seller of the store.

In this module, the customer and the seller can communicate with each other on the RMA request and share their point of view on the RMA requested. It also helps to decrease the refund or cancel request on the store.

  • View Date & Time of the particular message.
  • All the conversations are stored and can be viewed later for a particular RMA request.
  • The admin can also view the conversation between the customer and the seller.

Marketplace RMA System for Magento 2 Features

  • Customers can request RMA to cancel the order.
  • Customers can generate RMA for Refund/Replace.
  • Sellers can do the Full or Partial refund.
  • Allow the seller to do the offline/online refund.
  • Dynamic selection of items for an order for making RMA request.
  • Admin will create RMA reasons.
  • The admin will be able to see the seller-buyer conversation history.
  • Admin can see the list of all the RMA.
  • The admin can export all the RMA in CSV or Excel XML format.
  • The admin can solve the Requested RMA for his products.
  • RMA history for buyers and sellers with pagination.
  • Guest users can request an RMA to cancel the order.
  • The guest user can generate RMA for Refund/Replace.

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For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 4 reviews
Florencia Juarez
Posted On - May 21, 2024
Excellent Work
They helped me with my problem and are very attentive when it comes to updates. I recommend their customer service.
Nabil Lefi
Posted On - December 24, 2021
Great customer service
Great customer service and support, I really appreciate it.
Pascal Ojong
www.paycheap.co.za/ (ZA)
Posted On - May 4, 2020
I have been working with Webkul since 2016
I have been working with Webkul since 2016 and they have never disappointed me with their best in class customer support. When you have an issue with any of their extensions and your support period is still valid be sure that they will fix it for you. I will continue working with them as long as our store is running on Magento.
Posted On - May 12, 2017
Seriously Clever Extension.
This extension is world class. Its dead simple for customers to identify the purchase, and upload a full ticket of information for a refund or exchange. Works beautifully! A+++++
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