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Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 - Mobikul, a product of Webkul, providing an effective solution to the app user to purchase the product on a Magento 2 store easily. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder is a ready-made solution for building a customized app for your webstore. Further, you can integrate - Live Chat, Wallet System, Delivery Boy Tracking in your Magento 2 Mobile App.

This will increase user engagement with the store, as merchants/sellers don't need to worry about the complex website, the customers can easily download the apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and shop for products using their smartphones and other devices.

Mobikul Mobile App for Magento 2 is a Fully Native Application. So it will be efficient in interaction with the device based features - barcode search, geolocation, voice search, fingerprint login, photo search, etc. The app is dedicated as per the operating system.

The app’s features are very much similar to your existing Magento 2 webstore. With the help of REST API, all the customizations, features, functionalities available on Magento 2 store can also be replicated on the Mobile App via customization paid service. Further, mobile app source code is available for purchase.

Magento 2 Mobile App is automatically synced real-time information with the web store to reflect the action on the app. So, it's time to advance your store with the mobile application!

Magento 2 Mobile App QR Code Login - Now enable your customers to sign in to the Magento web store using the QR code scanner in the app.  

 Why We Need a Mobile app?

The mobile apps are predominating the e-commerce industry due to their usability and availability. They have played a great role in the globalization of e-commerce industry. The major factors are-

  • Better UI/UX.
  • Mobility.
  • Faster Loading.
  • Full Utilisation of Device Based features.

 Major Features Of Mobile App

 Supports Default Product Types Of Magento 2

Simple product, Grouped product, Bundled product, Configurable product, Virtual product, and Downloadable product.

 User Friendly

The app has a set of the interactive banner, set of carousels- category carousel, featured product carousel, and new product carousel.

 Optimization of Search result

The search result can be filtered via the Layered Navigation of collection page.

 Supports default shipping methods

The app gives by default supports default Magento 2 shipping methods which may

 Supports default payment methods

The app gives support to default Magento 2 payment method- phone, cash on delivery, money order and personal cheque.

 Easy Configuration

The app can be configured from the admin panel, with all the basic setting like a banner, notification, category icons and banner, and other sections.

 Multilingual support

The app can be converted to the desired language. Just the language must be enabled on the store. Note- The app supports RTL layout for languages having RTL formats like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and others.

  One-Page Checkout

The app user can checkout with the product in a few steps, which makes the checkout process fast. Thus, increasing user engagement.

Home Page Configurator

The home page of the mobile application is its center of attraction for any customer. Managing and maintaining it in the best way possible is really important for the store owner. In order to make it responsive plus fascinating, this app creator feature is out now:

  • With this, the store owners can manage the sort order of the home page layout.
  • The store owner can change the sort order of the carousels and categories of the homepage by just drag and drop method.
  • The categories and carousels can be selected and dragged to the desired position.
  • A default list is already present therein the backend.
  • The store owner can also add any new category or carousel.

 Magento 2 Mobile App with AI-Machine Learning

Our Magento 2 app has used the ML Kit’s ready to use API in Google’s Firebase. This will enable to make the app smart by enabling the machine to learn and respond accordingly. The app supports two cases for now-

  • Text Detection- Reads the text on an object via camera and show the related result in the app. Currently, the text detection works for English language only.
  • Product (Object) Detection- This will detect the object via camera and through machine learning the result related to the object will be displayed to be selected by the user. This will help the user to search the product more efficiently.

These features can be extended to face recognition/ landmark detection and barcode scanning for implementing uncountable use cases. To know more - https://mobikul.com/features/e-commerce-mobile-app-machine-learning/

 Interactive Homepage

The homepage of the application is meant to attract the maximum user that can aid in increasing the store sales. The homepage is enriched with multiple features-

  • Multiple sets of carousels - The home page of the app gives its user a great user interface-
    • Category Carousel - The categories are displayed in the form of a horizontal carousel which can be seen on the top of the homepage of the app.
    • Featured Product Carousel -The sliding carousel will have a collection of exclusive products.
    • New Product Carousel - This will contain a set of product which has recently arrived on the store and is fresh on the store.
    • Recently Viewed Product Carousel - This section is the most influential part as it contains all the products which the customer has seen in the past. It is said the number of times a product is visited the increment conversion rate is also prevalent.
  • Banner slider - A sliding set of multiple banners are displayed to represent the information related to the store.

 Advanced Search [ Keyword Based, Voice, Machine Learning ]

The app user can search for the product is a very easy way. This could increase the user experience by decreasing the struggle of the customer to look for the desired product.

  • Typing keyword - The user can simply type the special keyword and look for the desired product.
  • Voice Search - In this case, the app user will speak the desired keyword and through Voice Recognition the word is identified and finally it gets browsed in the complete app.
  • Search via image - Here, the search is done by the image. The app learns about the desired product through- the image detection or text detection. After the machine learns it searches the product in the app.

We generally use the ML Kit for Android whereas we use Core ML for iOS.

 Layered Navigation [ Category Filters ]

In this, the buyer can search the product based on their interest. In the layered navigation, the customer can search any product by any attributes which are designated by the admin to be displayed on the front-end and filterable.

It benefits the customer to narrow the search, according to the desired product. For eg. Shoes can be filtered by size, material, price, color etc. It benefits the customer to narrow the search according to the desired product.

These can be changed according to specified product attributes. The store owner can control the filters from the back end and thus can benefit the customers by-

  • Speeding up the products search
  • Saving their time
  • Providing more search flexibility

Order Place Point [ Web, iOS, Android ]

This app provides you a feature that the admin can check the orders that are placed by the customer from the web end or mobile app. It gives meaningful information about the customers that which platform they are using for placing the order.

The benefits of this functionality are if admin finds out that the maximum customers are using a website or mobile device of an order placed then admin can give better offers for the customers.

Once a seller identifies whether the particular order happened from the mobile application or the website then they can expand our market according to the customers.

 Multiple Payment Gateways Supported

The application supports a wide range of payment gateways. The payment extensions provide a unified and seamless payment experience for your customers while keeping your inventory and order data organized through one central platform.

Also, have the following advantages which make your business flourish.

  • Secure and reliable real-time transaction processing.
  • Expand customer base exponentially by enabling shoppers from around the world to have access to your store.
  • Faster transaction processing than manual processing and customers can make an easy purchase.

Note: We do provide Free Integration with one payment gateway as per your requirement. If you want to add some additional payment gateways then it will come under customization (paid service).

 Offline Mode [ Poor Internet Connectivity Support ]

Internet connectivity issue is predominant in third world countries. This issue is well managed in Mobikul Mobile App where the customer can scroll through the complete app even when there is no internet.

Here, the Pre-loaded pages (when internet connectivity is present), will get open even if the internet is not available. So if the customer is in moving state they can still visit your store and look out for various products.

  • Can help in increment of sales as now the customer can review the store products in offline mode also.
  • Removal of internet connectivity barrier.

 Pure Native App Built on Kotlin and Swift

The Mobikul Apps are native in nature to provide complete device-based functionalities. They are built for a dedicated operating system so render better performance. The Mobikul Android app codes are written in Kotlin on the Android Studio framework and iOS apps are coded in Swift using Xcode. Thus, native apps always servers an upper hand as compared to other types-

  • Better User Experience and interaction.
  • The more efficient response of device-based features like GPS, Machine learning, and other device-based functionalities.
  • Supports more Graphics.

To know about the native and how it is different from hybrid app read here - Magento 2 Native Apps Vs Hybrid: What to choose

 GDPR in Mobile Application

The Mobikul Apps ensures the app user's data privacy and full control over the shared data. It doesn’t enforce the app user to bid by terms and conditions which they are not willing to. The EU has lead postulate to safeguard the data of its citizens which the app abides by.

  • The GDPR feature can be enabled from the admin end.
  • Enable or disable the set of terms and conditions can be accepted or declined as per the choice of app user on Sign up Page, Account Information Page, Address page, Shipping page, Payment page, and on Review Page.
  • State the terms and conditions for the above pages.

 Showcased at Magento Innovations Lab & Magento Events

Webkul has always been at the forefront for utilizing the latest emerging technologies in everyday use E-commerce Mobile Apps. From AI (Artificial intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), AR (Augmented Reality), IoT, Blockchain, PWA (Progressive Web Apps), AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Text-Detection, Object Detection, Voice Search, and more. 

Magento Innovations Lab has recognized our contributions many times for pushing the boundaries of e-commerce and defining the new realities.

For leveraging cutting-edge innovations in previous years Webkul got showcased several times at Magento Innovations Lab and Magento Events - Imagine 2019, Magento Live 2019 as well.

 Augmented Reality [ AR ] Support

The Mobile is now made more advanced and user interactive by the feature of Artificial Intelligence, where the objects in the real-world environment are augmented into computer-based information. Here, the surface is detected by the device, and the product is placed on that surface. The customer can see all this in AR mode on their device.

  • The customer can have a clear image of the product being purchased.
  • Helpful in the design industry, automobile industry, etc.
  • The app user remains much connected with the store via this feature.

Note- To know more about the feature, refer here - Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2 and AR (Augmented Reality).

 Computer Vision-Based Augmented Reality Size Calculation

This is an additional feature of AI in the application. This allows the user to take in measurement visually. The app user can scan the product and measurement gets recorded accordingly.

  • Removes the requirement of any measurement device.
  • Helpful in the design industry, automobile industry, and many other such places.

Note - For now we are having this feature in the iOS app only. To get an insight into this feature you can follow the link here.

 RTL [ Arabic Support ]

The Magento 2 mobile app provides easy support to the language written in RTL (Right-to-Left) format. That is, one can even see the app in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and other such languages. The app here not only supports the format but also the layout. This will allow the customer with RTL format to easily operate the app.

  • Better Customer Interaction
  • Optimized UI
  • Effective conversion rate from countries following the language format.


  • All Product Type Supported - Simple product, Grouped product, Bundled product, Configurable product, Virtual product, Downloadable product.
  • In Addition to the above products, the app supports AR Products also (Here for iOS, the AR products are supported in the application as well the Safari web browser).
  • Interactive banner.
  • Featured Product carousel.
  • New product carousel.
  • Hot deals.
  • Provides the customers with layered navigation for optimized search.
  • Informative and interacting shopping app with a fast and intuitive response.
  • Supports default Magento 2 shipping methods.
  • Supports ordering via phone, cash on delivery, money order, and personal cheque as payment methods.
  • Well configured and easy to use at the admin end.
  • The app supports Machine Learning to search a product in a smarter way.
  • App has support towards AI-based features like- AR Product Visualisation.
  • The app also gives support to the AI feature-Augmented Reality- Size Calculation(only iOS).
  • A fully native app built on Kotlin and Swift.
  • The app support GDPR to protect and control the data of the app user.
  • Product Search Via Barcode Scanning (Additional Charges involved).
  • The admin can manage the Home Layout Configuration dynamically like App Theme color, App icon, Select launcher icon type, Splash Screen image, Home page Layout (Featured Category and Banner view), and Categories View.
  • The admin can also add the walk-through for making the application look more fascinating.

Building RTL Arabic Mobile for Saudi Arabian Wholesaler - Jomlah

Jomlah - Magento 2 Mobile App Builder has helped Jomlah.com to generate more revenue by increasing the accessibility of the store via an app. The organization deals with multiple products to make your life easy. Now, the introduction of a native app, it has made the process more convenient and friendly.

Hub Furniture - Ultimate Home Furniture Collections

Looking for furniture that is best suited to your home or workplace, is a pretty hard task. Magento 2 Mobile App Builder makes it comfortable for their customers, as the customer can experience the product using AR Product technology.

Hub Furniture is an Egyptian Furniture company that was started in 2016, after 18 years of experience. This provides the products and services at the lowest possible price.

Pickaboo - A Complete Shopping Mobile App from Bangladesh

Pickaboo - The e-commerce startup from Bangladesh disrupted the industry and online mobile shopping experience in the country with the help of Magento 2 Mobile App build by Webkul the application surpassed more than four thousand reviews and 1million downloads on the Google Play store itself.

Webkul’s interactive Magento 2 Mobile App helped the startup generate massive revenue by easily increase its user base. Being a native-based design application it optimizes the user device features and helps customers access the app very smoothly.

Apart from this, the app is filled with various basic and advanced features like layered navigation, advanced search option, web push notifications, and a lot more. Read the full story and find out how the Pickaboo mobile app can help the e-commerce startup become a unicorn company.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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Abdulrahman Hussni
Posted On - November 3, 2021
Great services
Great services.
Very satisfied with the service i received.
Check my amazing app at App Stores "Tawfeer".
Note I switched from another company from monthly subscription to one-time payment from
متجر الأمين
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Best Company Ever Worked with
One of the best vendors we worked with, they have professional developers and a support team. We have been working with them for many years and they always produce quality work.

Thank you, Webkul Team!
Mathias Saalwächter
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Best Support Ever
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Auswahl von Webkul als Dienstleister für eine native Magento 2 App. Die Kollegen bei Webkul sind außerdem sehr engagiert. Durch das Ticket-System, dass Webkul hat, sind sie gut organisiert.

I'm very happy with Webkul as an external development partner for a native Magento 2 mobile app. The colleagues at Webkul are also very engaged. Due to their ticket system, Webkul is very organized.
Hussain Al-Hammad
Posted On - October 18, 2021
Excellent Services & Products
Excellent service as usual. We have been using Webkul services & products for past few years and satisfied every time. We never run into a conflict! They are time consistent, professional, and up to the job.
Posted On - October 4, 2021
We trust Webkul & Webkul team
A long time ago we trust Webkul software and the Webkul team. They have a highly professional technical team. Their support is usually on time
Sherif Samy
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Professional, Helpful, and Reliable
Webkul is a very reliable partner. We appreciate their products, modules, and great technical support. They are very professional, helpful, and quick.
Thanks Webkul Team
Israel Alba
Posted On - September 29, 2021
Best Support Service and Customization
I'm a systems administrator that has hired Webkul on multiple occasions for various different projects dealing with Magento1 and Magento2.

Their Magento1 and Magento2 modules have clean code that meet Adobe Magento standards.

I have purchased Modules, Mobile Apps and customized work.

Webkul development team was able to get us out of trouble in one instance when our Magento2 Server crashed. Webkul was able to restore the MySQL database and Magento2 install from our backup with no problem.
Brent Simpson
Posted On - September 17, 2021
Very professional and responsive
A few days ago, we purchased Webkul's Magento2 APP builder.
This is an excellent APP product. Besides, they give good service.
They are so professional and quick. Thank you very much.
Pratik Firodiya
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Always reply instantly
Always reply instantly and solves the problem
Mohamad Osama
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Mobikul is very good software
Very Good effort in the systems they provide, The Support is very good and they have nice ticketing system.

I really enjoying my experience with them.
www.lababy.co.th/ (TH)
Posted On - September 1, 2021
We Appreciate the Work of Webkul Team
We appreciate the work of Webkul team.
They provide excellent service, work, resolve issues quickly.
We recommend it and you won't be disappointed. We guarantee
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Provides Good Service
They always try resolve your issue asap.
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great company
great company
no matter what you want I think this company is able to do a great job for you
just received my project and I'm very satisfied with it
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Thank you Webkul for your support!
Thank you Webkul for your support!
Will continue to work with you on future projects!
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Exceptional support and great product
Exceptional support and great people. I recommend the magento 2 mobile app to everyone, which works great and very speed.

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Nice to meet you Webkul
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Thank you
Mohamed Tawfik
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They have professional team all issues we have been faced has been solved. and also they make customization this feature not all companies provide it.
shopatvescape.com/ (US)
Posted On - February 15, 2021
Webkul provides well coded software
Webkul provides well coded software that works well at reasonable cost. Most importantly, it supports it products by resolving issues quickly in a reasonable time frame. I appreciate their response time on support, and diligence to see issues resolved. I will be continuing to do business with Webkul moving forward.
Tom Z
Posted On - February 15, 2021
very fast and quality support
very fast and quality support
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