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      The e-commerce startup from Bangladesh Pickaboo is now capturing a huge market in the country and has proclaimed itself to be a one-stop shopping destination. Though, the online shop, originally began in 2016, offering a complete selection of products in categories ranging from electronics to home appliances, the latest smartphones, Cameras, Computing & Accessories fashion, health equipment, and cosmetics.


      While there are so many rivals in Bangladesh that are supposedly capable of giving a tough time to the online e-commerce store but Pickaboo has surely emerged to be one of the most promising amongst all.

      E-commerce Startups At top of Ladder From Bangladesh

      Various other popular e-commerce companies of the country are Clickbd, Bikroy, Daraz, and Shohoz but there are various reasons why we believe so read the full success story to find out more.

      Currently, there are no Unicorn Startup in Bangladesh specifically in the e-commerce sector so with the growth rate Pickaboo is growing can it become one of the first startups in Bangladesh which reaches the valuation of more than $1Billion the initial benchmark considered.

      Becoming a Hub for SmartPhones in Bangladesh

      The young and dynamic CEO of Pickaboo Morin Talukder realized how digital medium is gonna help them build the e-commerce store from scratch. Therefore, the company utilized all possible ways of advertising its startup campaigns and new product launches using social media platforms.


      One of the most successful drives on the website was the Pickaboo Mobile Mela as they realized the need of the people of Bangladesh which are ready to shift to the online mode of buying smartphones if offered better services.

      Bangladesh is one of the fastest pace growing economies of South Asia and therefore as seen in developing nations with a good number of inhabitants it has a considerable demand for smartphones especially for common people which helped Pickaboo change the landscape of e-commerce business in the country.


      The most renowned online store in India the Amazon became successful because they targeted selling the basic product requirement of common people.

      As smartphones being one of them similarly Pickaboo also emphasized the same, for example even a local fisherman is facilitated and feels happy as the cellphones help them better manage their business by staying connected to their buyers, know prices being offered of commodities in a different region.

      Thousands of Reviews & More Than 1 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

      The success of a product or venture is determined based on how consistent it is in terms of sales it generates but to define or presume how much a startup is likely to be successful can be concluded with customer satisfaction the amount of curiosity and user engagement that it is able to capture.

      You would be amused to know that the time since Pikaboo application was published and within a very short period of time it got hit with so much love from the customer’s thousands of reviews and more than a million downloads gradually increasing its customer count by every minute and delivering happiness. Swiftly Raised $5M in Seed Funding in Just Four Years

      Gone are the days where a web application is enough to generate good revenue create a good customer base if you want to retain your customers you need a Mobile app with features like Web push notifications feature keeping its user engaged in the Pickaboo application added by Webkul for the android/iOS platforms both.

      Yes, you have read it correctly 5 million dollars in seed funding over a span of four years and probably will be thrice the amount in its series A or B funding as the e-commerce startup has the mobile app which is going to help build trust with the investors.


      Login Using Facebook & Google in Pickaboo Web Application

      With the help of integration of our widely used Social login module now the customers of the Pickaboo can easily log in to the web application it also supports guest login.

      This feature certainly enhances the user access of the Pickaboo web application as now more customers can log in conveniently directly using their Facebook or Google accounts.


      Tech Stack For Mobile App Development

      Choosing the right technology will future-proof your business and supports growth. So there are different stacks used for mobile app development we emphasize how to pick the best one based on user requirements.

      Firstly, let’s have a look at major options that are available for all the clients and businesses who are looking to develop a mobile app for their business.


      Recognized and Widely used Tech Stack for Android and iOS development. Webkul helps clients simplify things and stop wondering what's the best tech stack for mobile app development?

      Native: The built application is platform-specific i.e Android/iOS. Let’s first check the Android tech stack the programming languages used for the programming languages to use are Java or Kotlin. Whereas, for iOS tech stack your programming language is either Swift or objective C.

      Hybrid apps are a blend of both native and web solutions they function like websites but run from within a native application and its embedded browser your tech stack here can include the standard web techniques like HTML, CSS, or Javascript and frameworks like Apache Cordova

      Cross-Platform is the process of creating software applications that run on multiple mobile platforms. The tech stack has various options namely React Native which is a Javascript framework for developing natively rendered mobile apps for iOS, Android, and web.

      Why Webkul's Work as a Mobile App Developer has been Fruitful for Pickaboo

      We understand that our client’s requirement changes with time and therefore we are ready with so many different modules that can be integrated on the client’s existing mobile or web application previously built by Webkul or any third party. Thus, providing an opportunity to keep your online store updated with the latest functionalities and trends as per the market demand.


      A Great Final Product Integrated With Various Features From Webkul

      When the Pickaboo startup reached out to Webkul there requirements were pretty clear as they needed to build a mobile app store with installation of a theme as per their existing web application design and layout.

      However, with the Magento 2 mobile app, the complete Pickaboo application has numerous features which Webkul integrated creating an exemplary final product that too in a very short time.

      An exquisite product page that easily lets users swipe and check product images with customer reviews along with their rating date and time. Moreover, it’s a native mobile application this is optimized extremely well based on device features also the checkout process is quite smooth.


      Apart from the basic mobile app features, there are a few other progressive functionalities that set the Pickaboo application way adobe and better than any other e-commerce mobile app.

      Like advance search, sort by price with enhanced layered navigation, mobile and tablet support, and much more. Concluding the customers and visitors of the Pickaboo application enjoy a great user experience.


      EBL SKYPAY Payment Gateway in Pickaboo Mobile App - Integrated by Webkul

      No e-commerce mobile app is complete without a secure and user-friendly payment gateway in the Pickaboo mobile application Webkul has integrated the EBL SKYPAY payment method on the request of the Pickaboo as they were already using this payment gateway in their web application.


      Moreover, this is a widely used payment gateway in the country the EBL SKYPAY accepts any valid and internet-enabled card issued in Bangladesh by Visa or MasterCard, the two major global payment brands. It also complies with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


      How can Pickaboo Compete With Other Global E-commerce Startups?

      The major advantage that the startup has over other global e-commerce is that it has a homegrown advantage and has already established itself in the country with immense love and support from the people of Bangladesh.

      As we all know an e-commerce model is successful because it lets you offer your products to a huge number of people so to compete with other global e-commerce startups Pickaboo needs to do the same, let more people join its user base by running various ads and campaigns on its website.

      Making the website and mobile application easily accessible to the people by offering product and catalog translation in the native languages of Bangladesh so that every common people can use the application easily.

      Download Pickaboo Mobile App

      You can download and check out the Pickaboo mobile app on your Android and iOS smartphones or tablets from Google Play and App Store.

      Disclaimer - Please note all the images and content used in this article belongs to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected]

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