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      SPW Industrial is a California-based supplier of discontinued and hard-to-find industrial parts, electrical equipment, MRO supplies. From its website, you can find an obsolete industrial part and request a quote easily.

      SPW Industrial

      SPW Industrial has an inventory of over half a million parts with same-day shipping available on most items. It has an extensive and easy to search website that allows you to have 24/7 access to the entire database.

      The company is growing fast to be an industrial parts distributor that utilizes in-stock inventory. Moreover, it has a global network of suppliers to reduce procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality products.

      Built on BigCommerce

      SPW Industrial is built on the BigCommerce SaaS platform. BigCommerce is the world’s leading cloud e-commerce solution for established and rapidly-growing businesses.

      Built on BigCommerce

      Combining enterprise functionality, an open architecture, and app ecosystem, and market-leading performance, BigCommerce enables businesses to grow online sales with less cost, time and complexity than on-premise software.

      SPW Industrial Marketplace

      Mohammad Matar manages the SPW Industrial and was looking for a marketplace solution. Because to grow an e-commerce business you need multiple vendors and suppliers for extending your product range.

      Additionally, you can earn a seller commission on a sale. Now with SPW Industrial Marketplace, it charges a referral fee when an item sells. The fee depends on what you sell and the total dollar value, further:

      • Zero insertion fees. Your listing is good until its sale or removed.
      • Bulk upload of your inventory.
      • Get faster payout. Transfer funds to your PayPal account or bank account

      SPW Industrial Marketplace
      After setting up the SPW Industrial Marketplace, we asked a series of questions on how Webkul helped Mr. Matar for launching this company:
      Why you have started this business? What kind of problem it is solving for the end customers?

      I started SPW industrial to help customers find hard to find parts for lab equipment and industrial equipment with fast shipping and reasonable prices.

      What were the challenges you faced while setting up your business?

      The challenges we faced that was a lot of sellers wanted to promote their products and liquidated their inventory but we could not offer a solution for that. That’s why we choose weblike to offer a marketplace for sellers and buyers to help turn excess inventory into cash.

      What is the team size and you manage your team?

      Our team consists of 10 people and I manage the team.

      How Webkul is helping you in setting up your online store/marketplace?

      Webkul Marketplace helped us to build an integrated marketplace with BigCommerce that is easy to use and user-friendly sellers can upload their products quickly and buyers are able to buy excess inventory from the website.

      Mohammad Matar
      Mohammad Matar
      California, United States

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