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    Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace

    Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace: The extension converts your Bagisto online store into a B2B Multi Supplier Marketplace. Manage RFQ (request for quotes), buy leads, supplier login & signup, supplier microsite, and more.


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    Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace: Convert your Bagisto store into B2B Marketplace like Alibaba, Indiamart. Bagisto B2B Marketplace will create an online platform where business buyers and suppliers around the globe can connect and do business transactions with each other. B2B Marketplace extension has various built-in features such as – Separate Supplier Microsite, Request Quotations, Quick Order, Contact Supplier, Supplier Reviews, Contact supplier, feedback support ratings, supplier product collection, order management, much more.

    Highlighted Features

     B2B Bulk Order Management

    The customers can place bulk orders and suppliers can manage a large number of products.

     Order Approval

    The supplier won't be able to see the orders if the order approval option set as 'no' by the admin.

     Supplier Review & Rating

    This will allow only the authorized buyers to get the review to the suppliers.

     B2B Quotation Management System

    The customers can request a quotation for any quantity of products to the suppliers.

     Supplier Approval

    The admin can approve and disapprove of the supplier according to the requirements.

     B2B Marketplace Landing Page

    The admin can do the landing page setting that will reflect in the front end.

     Social Channel Links

    The suppliers can also add their social channels.

     Restrict Supplier Categories

    The supplier can also select product categories on which they deal.

     Supplier Microsite

    Each supplier will also have a separate microsite.

     Supplier Dashboard

    Supplier dashboard for analyzing sales, review, and customers also

    Why Need Laravel eCommerce B2B Marketplace?

    B2B marketplaces can be set up easily as compared to the physical stores.B2B marketplace is an effective way to reach new customers which include customers which include retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and traders, etc.

    • Laravel Marketplace B2B module will convert the Bagisto store to a B2B marketplace, by which suppliers sell their products to other business owners.
    • Due to a large number of products, the price is also less. The B2B eCommerce business model has more market stability.
    • The customers can order the product in bulk quantity and quick order functionality is also available in the Laravel marketplace B2B module.
    • The supplier and Customer message feature is also available that can play a crucial role in the B2B marketplace.
    • The customers can request a quote regarding the products.
    • In the B2B marketplace, the suppliers got the buying leads that can be converted into an opportunity.
    • Adding eCommerce to your selling strategy allows B2B merchants to provide a better experience with the customers.
    • B2B marketplace can be a fast and efficient way of trading.

    Supplier Registration & Verification

    A separate section is available for the suppliers to do login and registration. The registration process of becoming a supplier is really easy. A supplier needs to enter its name, email, password, contact information, and address. Further, a supplier can become a Premium Supplier and receive a verified badge after the email verification.

    • Separate login and registration for suppliers
    • The supplier can set their shop name
    • The supplier can set custom shop-URL
    • Supplier email verification
    • Receive verified supplier badge
    Supplier Registration & Verification

    Supplier Dashboard

    The supplier dashboard gives a complete overview of business performance. A supplier can check different metrics and graphs for analyzing performance and improving the operations. The suppliers can also create a product using attributes.

    • Customers count
    • Order status
    • Total payout
    • Recent activities
    • Supplier reviews
    Supplier Dashboard

    Supplier Microsite

    Each supplier gets its exclusive section in the B2B marketplace where separate web pages are available displaying all the products, reviews, contact information, policies, and other necessary information. A supplier can easily add, edit, or update this information anytime.

    • Supplier profile page
    • Supplier reviews
    • Featured products section
    • Product collection page
    • Company contact information
    • Social media links
    • Shipping and return policy details
    • Supplier contact card
    Supplier Microsite

    Message Supplier

    Business customers can easily find and reach out to the right supplier and ask a quick question. Suppliers and customers can send and receive messages to each other including file attachments.

    • Send an inquiry to a supplier
    • View response rate and response time
    • Supplier customer messaging system
    • Email notification of new message and reply
    Message Supplier

    Quick Order

    Quick Order functionality allows a customer to quickly purchase the products without visiting the individual product pages. In the quick order form, a customer can search and add products using a name or SKU. After that, the customer can set the quantity and straightaway proceed to the checkout process.

    Quick Order

    Request a Quote

    The customer can send a quote request to a supplier mentioning a detailed description with the expected price. Request a quote option is available on the supplier microsite. Customers can also send a quick quote request from the product page also.

    • Add sample product images
    • Mention detailed quote description with the subject title
    • Customer can mention its contact information
    • The supplier can approve or reject a quote
    • Approved quotes can be completed using Add to Cart functionality
    • Supports file attachment
    Request a Quote

    Benefits of B2B Marketplace for Suppliers

    B2B marketplaces can be very beneficial for the suppliers. As it makes easier for whole sellers to search for potential customers and to complete the sales cycle. B2B marketplace allows whole-sellers/suppliers to reduce their operating costs.

    • It also helps the supplier to increase the long term sales.
    • B2B marketplace provides access and visibility to thousands of sellers across the globe.
    • This will reduce the effort of your supplier's business to be known to some buyers and will give instant promotion in the international market also.
    • The supplier can display the information for their products in different languages, this will help the supplier to sell their products globally.
    • B2B marketplace provides a better opportunity for the suppliers to speed up their order fulfillment processes using an eCommerce platform.
    • Adding eCommerce to your selling strategy allows B2B merchants to provide a better experience with the customers.

    Features List

    • Each supplier will also have a separate microsite.
    • Buying leads option work only if Suppliers have selected categories prior to the Supplier settings.
    • Supplier verification process
    • Social channels of suppliers also.
    • Supplier policies
    • The supplier can add also banner, shop logo custom HTML text.
    • Customers can create a quick order. Separate seller’s product collection.
    • Feedback and review system with interactive star rating. Contact Supplier support.
    • Supplier dashboard for analyzing sales, review, and customers also.
    • Interactive Seller Dashboard.
    • Send quotation request to the supplier.
    • Featured products section.
    • Supplier / Vendor Enable disable from the admin of the store.
    • This module also provides an attractive landing page with the top 4 Suppliers with their top 5 products.
    • Allow to Supplier to edit shop URL for Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
    • Admin can also do the Landing page setting.
    • Product Edit and Delete option on Supplier panel.
    • Latest order at Supplier dashboard and order management.
    • Supplier/Vendor transaction report at supplier panel.
    • All currencies Supported.


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version1.5.1
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedSeptember 6, 2023 (8 months ago)
    Supported VersionsBagisto  1.3.x  1.4.x  1.5.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the suppliers create the micro/mini-sites, also what will be the URL format?
    Yes, every supplier will have their own micro-sites with separate shop URLs. At the time of supplier registration, the Shop URL can be set. Sample of micro-sites-
     Can supplier-store have their categories for the products listed or do they have to global categories to list their products?
    A supplier can choose product categories as created by the store admin. The suppliers cannot add or edit or modify store categories on their own. On the frontend, only those categories will be visible for which the supplier has listed the products.
     Can the admin approve or disapprove the products created by the suppliers?
    Yes, The admin can approve or disapprove the products created by the suppliers according to the requirements.
     Does this module support all the currencies that are supported by Bagisto?
    Yes, this module all the currencies that are supported by the Bagisto.
     Does this module have a messaging system between the Supplier and the customer?
    Yes, this module has a messaging system between the supplier and the customer

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    • Features
    • Bugs
    Version 1.5.1
    • [Compatibility] Module is compatible with bagisto v1.5.1
    • [Feature Added] Only the Verified Suppliers should get the RFQ or Buying Leads requests.
    • [Feature Added] Supplier Individual approval functionality should be available.
    • [Enhancement] In Supplier and Customer both end message attachments need to be updated.
    • [Bug] Unable to see product clicking from admin -> B2B marketplace -> Products when clicking of product name.
    • [Bug] After creating a new supplier, then we can see that the logged in supplier profile is opened.
    • [Bug] We are able to place RFQ for the product with more price then the product price.
    • [Bug] Unable to Login Supplier without the login of Admin.
    • [Bug] Able to fetch the other Supplier Invoice details after changing the Invoice id
    • [Bug] Able to fetch the other Supplier shipping details after changing the shipping id
    • [Bug] Exception error appearing when we change the order id.
    • [Bug] Able to access the other Supplier transaction details by changing the id
    • [Bug] Supplier is not able to open the Buying Leads tab when customer RFQ
    • [Bug] Supplier is not able to message to the customer from RFQ Section it through exception
    • [Bug] Message is not received to customer in text form when Supplier message to customer from Buying Leads section.
    • [Bug] Getting exception while click on add to cart button.
    • [Bug] Request For Quote is not opened gave exception.
    • [Bug] Config Product popup is not working when click on add to cart button under Quick Order section.
    • [Bug] On edit config product varient through exception.
    • [Bug] Gave Exception while click on All Product button under Supplier's Profile.
    • [Bug] In Buying Leads, we can see the categories are having UI issue.
    • [Bug] Add Message "No Message Available" in Supplier message section, if there are no messages.
    • [Bug] Space needed in the Review Placeholder box. The text is merging in Border.
    • [Bug] Supplier Sell Page -> Reviews and Ratings -> Need to set the UI of Write Review Button.
    • [Bug] Sell Page -> Visit Supplier -> All Products -> there we can see the UI issue is appearing.
    • [Bug] Add to cart button and RFQ button overlap each other when Quick view Product.
    • [Bug] Send Quote Button overlap with the text.
    • [Bug]UI of Signup/login Popup is not proper.
    Version 1.4.5
    • [feature] In the Message Chat System we can also add the feature to send Attachments.
    • [Suggestion] It would be nice if we can show the Supplier detail in the mini cart.
    • [Suggestion] The Message Chat system needs to be updated and also the arrow needs to be added to the message. to go back for the mobile view.
    • [Suggestion] Message Supplier Box in the Product Page should appear in the Centre.
    • [Enhancement] Like Bagisto Core functionality, there should be an option where we can add the icons and images to the Supplier Page.
    • [Enhancement] Review and Rating at the Supplier end can be improved.
    • [Enhancement] In the Supplier Panel, when the customer sends a message, then the message at the Sidebar should show the message information.
    • [Enhancement] In Supplier Store Page -> Member Since Details need to be updated. Need to Add Month Details.
    • [Bug] When we assign the Same Product to the Supplier and then check the Price detail at the Checkout from both suppliers, there we can see the Price Issue.
    • [Bug] Incorrect Details of Product QTY is reflected in the Supplier End after the Purchase of the Product.
    • [Bug] Unable to put the quotation to Add to Cart after the quotation is finalized from the customer end.
    • [Bug] When the supplier fills in the details of the product on the edit controller for the first time then it is not saving the product properly
    • [Bug] In Supplier Product, Store Details vanish when we disable the Report Product configuration from the admin.
    • [Bug] Default Theme -> Customer Profile Supplier Message Section -> Complete UI issue.
    • [Bug] Getting Exceptional Error in Supplier Profile Buying Leads.
    • [Bug] Unable to Create the RFQs in the Module as there is a Migration issue appearing.
    • [Bug] Unable to Create RFQ from the Customer Profile, Getting an exceptional error.
    • [Bug] Getting Exceptional Error when we try to remove the logo and Banner from the Supplier Profile Admin Panel.
    • [Bug] Suppliers are Not Approved and still they are appearing in the Sell Page.
    • [Bug] Varients Images Option is missing when we assign Config Product to Supplier.
    • [Bug] There is an Issue Related to the Product ID in the RFQ section of the Supplier Profile.
    • [Bug] Validation needs to be applied if we fill zero qty in the Product Qty while Creating RFQ.
    Version 1.4.3
    • [feature] Compatibility issue with bagisto v1.4.3
    • [Enhancement] Now compatible with new release Bagisto v1.4.3
    • [Bug] There is no need for a quantity section when we add downloadable products in the cart.
    • [Bug] There should not be a UI issue in the quantity section on the checkout page.
    • [Bug] Supplier's products should be visible on their mini websites.
    • [Bug] Product names should be visible in the quick orders and requests for quotes at the supplier's mini-site.
    • [Bug] Request for quotes and seller profile section is shifting when the user is clicking over there.
    • [Bug] Ui issue in the requested quote in the actions at the customer end.
    • [Bug] Customer should be able to log out properly at the customer end.
    • [Bug] UI issue in between add to cart and request for quotes buttons in the compare page.
    • [Bug] Should be able to view customer profiles when the b2b marketplace status is inactive at the admin end.
    Version 1.3.3
    • * [feature] Admin can allow all or specific category to supplier's and for there leads.
    • * [feature] Admin can disable and enable the module from the backend configuration.
    • * [feature] Customer can flag products.
    • * [feature] Customer can flag suppliers.
    • * [feature] Guest can flag suppliers.
    • * [feature] Customer can flag products.
    • * [fixed] All Issues.
    Version 1.3.2
    • [fixed] #156 Not getting an option to message supplier if the product is created by admin and assigned to the seller.
    • [fixed] #201 Responsive - Not able to chat in mobile view (both i.e at supplier's and customer's end).
    • [fixed] #203 supplier did not fill the information then these fields should not visible at the front end
    • [fixed] #204 When creating a custom role for a supplier, the categories in the settings are not showing up
    • [fixed] #205 When creating a custom role for a supplier, the categories in the settings are not showing up.
    • [fixed] #206 Favicon issue in supplier page
    • [fixed] #207 update readme
    • [fixed] #208 UI issues in supplier and customer messages
    • [compatible] Bagisto Version v1.3.x.
    Version 1.3.1
    • [feature] Compatible with bagisto v1.3.11 version
    • [feature] Added products supplier info and item-seller-info
    • [feature] Added Product Copy Feature at supplier end for supplier product.
    • [feature] Supplier Product video for supplier product.
    • [bug] Distorted Ui on frontend after installation.
    • [bug] Getting incorrect expected price and expected total.
    • [bug] Layout issue on the search field of message supplier.
    Version 1.3.0
    • + Compatible with bagisto v1.3.0 version
    • + Added products supplier info and item-seller-info
    • + Added Product Copy Feature at supplier end for supplier product.
    • + Added product out of the stock feature.
    • + Supplier Product video for supplier product.
    • - Fixed Supplier verification email notification.
    • - Fixed forgot password email notification.
    Version 1.2.0
    • + Compatible with bagisto v1.2.0-BETA1 version
    • + Added products seller info and item-seller-info
    • - Not able to Quote in decimals.
    • - Added product for Quote request should be available in the Request Quote section of Customer so that he can request a quote for that product later.
    • - Getting exception when admin paying to the supplier.
    • - Correct the spelling of the Summary in My Requested quote.
    • - Correct the spelling of Expected in Supplier RFQ.
    • - Increase the width of the sidebar in the Supplier admin panel.
    • - Ui issue in Message at both customer and supplier end.
    • - Add padding in the message field.
    • - Fix the layout issue on the seller review page.
    • - Seller Unapproved products are showing in front.
    • - Review content hides in the slider when the seller has multiple reviews.
    • - Getting unauthorized access 401 error when supplier logs in.
    • - Correct the translation price when assigning a configurable products to suppliers.
    • - Getting exception when supplier creating a new product.
    v1.1.1 (15 of April 2020)
    • - Getting exception when customers search RFQ.
    • - Account information drop-down issue at customer panel.
    • - Fix the Remove Image button on the edit product page for the supplier.
    • - Layout issue on the cart page.
    • - Updates for RFQ list in the admin panel
    • - Updates in Add attachment for RFQ section at a customer panel
    • - Sidebar layout issue at customer panel when scrolling up
    • - customer menu icon
    • - duplicate categories are showing in customer's RFQ
    • - issue in category CSS
    • - Getting exception when seller filter product by quantity
    • - Update media tags of seller company information
    • - Company register since does not update at the front end
    • - Url issue in profile edit
    • - Seller company name is not updated
    • - Fix icon issue for sort by filter option
    • - Shipping amount shouldn't less than the supplier amount
    • - Error when contact with the supplier
    • - At the shop, the RFQ feature icon should be equal as other icons
    • - Seller should receive an order confirmation mail for their own product
    • - The discounted amount is not showing in order information to the supplier
    • - getting console error or page blank when view answered RFQ
    • - Getting exception when a customer views their answered RFQ
    • - Getting exception when supplier filter review on the basis of Created At
    • - Supplier shouldn't approve their own product
    • - Duplicate columns in RFQ at customer end
    • - downloaded RFQ attachment zip doesn't contain valid images, files
    • - error when customer add to cart a product from confirmed RFQ
    • - message box validation issue in RFQ at the supplier
    • - Getting exception when supplier message to RFQ
    • - Missing attachment in RFQ, when customer add an attachment
    • - If the quote is in a processing state then at the customer end it should move to the answered stage
    • - Issue in order list of the customer panel
    • - customer name should be shown on the RFQ response page
    • - Clicking over the store logo will logout the current login user
    • - Update message thread
    • - Getting exception when supplier filter RFQ by ID
    • - Getting exception when customer filter or search RFQ from the edit page
    • - Send button on Message supplier is not working for login user
    • - View icon is not showing in the RFQ list at the customer panel
    • - Buttons overrides on RFQ list at customer panel for the default theme
    • - Remove the sell button at the header for the login user in the default theme
    • - Quote ID should be classified with # tag
    • - Fix translation of send quote button when supplier response RFQ
    • - Search field is not working in the customer message box
    • - getting an exception when seller create their product
    • - Show open shop button configuration is disable from backend still showing in banner
    **v1.1.0 (23 of March 2020)
    • + Compatible with bagisto default theme version 1.1.0.
    • + Compatible with bagisto velocity theme version 1.1.0.
    • - Show alert message when guest_customer message to the seller.
    • -Disapprove supplier functionality is not working.
    • - Request for a quote is not working.
    • - Main configurable product stock should show 0 in the supplier grid.
    • - Confirm password field always giving password didn't match error in the default theme.
    • - No data in invoice pdf when downloading from the supplier dashboard.
    • - Seller should receive an order confirmation mail for their own product.
    • - By default product type should be "simple" select when the seller adds a new product.
    • - Gender or status fields aren't updated in edit supplier forms.
    • - Update warning message, remove the colon.
    • - Update the chat notification field should be boolean.
    • - Supplier policy is not shown on the seller profile page.
    • - Alert should be updated when email verification is enabled.
    • - Product status is disabled at seller end after admin approves the seller product.
    • - Update the hand icon on the send button.
    • - CSS issue in Velocity UI.
    • - CSS Issue at the customer profile.
    • - Getting exception when enable show popular seller from admin b2b configuration.
    • - Orderlist search field is not working in the supplier panel.
    • - Empty message alert is not showing when sending the blank messages from the customer panel.
    • - Getting exception when filter customers from supplier dashboard.
    • - Seller disable product but still product show in front by passing slug in URL.
    • - Getting an exception when clicking on all product buttons from the supplier website.
    • - Company Url validation issue.
    • - Modal pop issue at supplier mini-site and front and.
    • - Invalid warning showing while register seller.
    • - Remove space from the product list at the seller end.