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    Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping

    Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping allows the main admin to integrate USPS shipping services for the multi-company saas website.

    • The admin can enable/disable this shipping method.

    • The admin can choose the title and description for the storefront for this method.

    • Allows admin to choose shipping methods under USPS shipping services.

    • Automatically calculates Shipping Charges.

    • Options for the packaging type and drop-off type are available.

    • Super admin configures the USPS shipping details.

    Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping
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    Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping: This module allows the admin to enable the USPS shipping method. It automatically calculates the cost of shipment from the Tenants origin address to the delivery location.

    Options for the packaging type and drop-off type is available in the admin panel. The Store owner can choose the title and description for this shipping method for the storefront. USPS methods are available for both US-based as well as international customers.

    Please Note - You must have installed Laravel e-Commerce Multi Company SaaS Module first, for using this module.

    Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping

    Highlighted Features

     Set Globally Shipping the Products

    It allows shipment in the US. Apart from that, the order can be shipped internationally.

     Easy Checkout

    The customers can easily checkout by selecting the USPS services.

     USPS Services

    USPS serves a large part of the globe

     Set Title for Shipping Method

    The tenant can set the title for the method as per his need.

    Why do we need a Laravel (Bagisto) SaaS USPS Shipping module?

    Laravel SaaS USPS shipping module helps the tenants to deliver their customers' products at their doorsteps. It is an agency of the US Federal Government that provides the easiest shipping method. The customers can choose any one shipping method from the available ones. The shipping price can be calculated as per the size, weight, and distance.

    Integration at SaaS Store

    After the successful installation of the module, the super admin needs to set the module in the shipping methods.

    • He needs to select the mode for the shipping method from living or development.
    • Can enter his user id that would be unique.
    • He needs to enter the password for the shipping method.
    Integration at SaaS Store

    Set the Title and Description

    Once the super admin has integrated the module into the store, then the tenant can easily configure its setting from their backend panel.

    • The status can be active or inactive by the tenants for the shipping method.
    • Title and description of the shipping method can be set by the tenant that will be shown on the Front end.
    • The tenant can also select the container type from the dropdown menu.
    Set the Title and Description

    Checkout Process

    After the USPS is enabled from the tenant's end, the customer can choose it from the checkout page and can use this method to deliver their product.

    • The customer can select it from the multiple options of USPS shipping that are allowed.
    • The customer has a right to select the variable shipping price of different shipment methods.
    • It will show real-time and accurate USPS shipping rates automatically.
    Checkout Process

    Managing the Invoice

    The tenant can easily manage the orders whatever the shipping method selected by the customers is shown to the tenant while creating the invoice.

    • Invoice and Shipment can be created by the tenants from their dashboards.
    • Order cancellation can be done by the admin also.
    • The payment method used by the customer can be seen on the order status page.
    Managing the Invoice


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.


    Product Version2.0.0
    Released2 years ago
    CategoryBagisto LaravelB2B
    Last UpdatedApril 3, 2024 (3 months ago)
    Supported Versions2.0.0  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the tenants set the origin address for the shipping?
    The tenant can set the origin address for the shipping.
     Can this module work in test mode?
    It can work for both the live mode as well as for the development mode.
     Is the Multi-tenant SaaS module also required for this module?
    Yes, as this is the addon for the multitenant saas module so the multitenant SaaS module is required for this.
     How the tenant can see which shipping method has been selected by the customer?
    The tenant can see it while creating the invoice and shipments.
     Which types of products are restricted in USPS shipping?
    Products like knives, firearms, sharp instruments, etc are restricted in USPS shipping.

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