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    Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App

    Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App: Convert your grocery website into a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Magento 2 Grocery App is a perfect solution for the customers to quickly order grocery items from their smartphones. Fully native apps give the advantage of interacting with mobile hardware features. Plus, it also provides a more seamless and user-engaging shopping experience to customers.

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    You may also check Admin Panel Web Demo of this Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App.


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    Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App: Magento 2 Grocery App can help in the conversion of the grocery-based website into an app. The app can help the store owner to generate maximized profit margin. This is majorly due to easy accessibility as they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

    The native app uses the advantage of device-based features. This will help the user to be engaged more with the app. This will remove the gap between the store owner and the customer. The app allows the customer to search for the desired product in an optimized way.

    The customer can even easily add products to the wishlist for completing the purchase whenever required.

    Note - You can get both the native mobile applications - Android & iOS. Please select Android+iOS option in Platform above Add to Cart button.

    Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App

     Highlighted Features

     Native app

    The app takes advantage of device-based hardware features as it works natively.

     Enhanced User Interaction

    The app has multiple features to facilitate the customer and keep them engaged.

     Easily Configurable as Per User requirement

    The admin panel gives the store owner to edit the app as per requirement under the Mobikul Tab.

     Default Payment method Supported

    The app supports the Magento default payment that is- phone, cash on delivery, money order and personal cheque.

     Multilingual with RTL support

    Mobikul app supports multiple languages including RTL layout for languages having right-to-left text format- like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and others.

     quick search

    The desired product can be searched by three methods- keywords typing, voice search image detection (machine learning - text and product detection).

      How does It work?

    How does It work

     Push Notification

    In order to attract new and repeated customers, Push Notifications is the best way to keep them updated about the latest offers, deals, new arrivals, exchange offers, and events.

    Push notification is said to be a more successful and direct method to contact customers than the traditional emails or SMS marketing.

    • Best marketing tool.
    • Attracting many customers.
    • Maximizing the sales traffic on the store.
     Push Notification

     Anytime/Anywhere Order Placement

    The customers can use the Magento 2 Grocery App anytime and anywhere to place the orders. They don’t have to wait in the queue for the checkout process or move around the store to search for products.

    Thus, giving them a much more convenient shopping facility. This will give better connectivity between your store and customer.

     Anytime Order Placement

     Native Application

    The Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App is loaded with splendid features of the native application to make it highly usable for the customer. Through these features, the app user can get a bonafide shopping experience.

    These dedicated apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store - Being a native app the features work more efficiently as they are dedicated on a specific device.

    Right from Push Notification to location detection, the app works quite effectively with a native app.

     Native Application

     Live Synchronization

    The Magento store admin need not to worry about the changes/updates done on the website to be reflected on the app. Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App is synchronized on a real-time basis with the website.

    This saves data integrity any changes in product, categories, change in stock and other details done from one end is reflected on the other.

    • Serves data consistency.
    • Saves time and effort.
     Live Synchronization

     Payment Gateway Support

    To provide a complete online shopping experience, accepting online payments from the customers is a must. Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App supports multiple online payment gateways for processing the transactions.

    You can integrate any third-party payment processing company for accepting payments via debit card, credit card, net banking etc.

    • Secure money transfer.
    • Increase the reliability of the customer.
    • Multiple online payment methods supported
     Payment Gateway Support

     Shipping method Support

    In the grocery delivery, the major part which needs to be taken care of is the delivery. It plays a vital role in acquiring the maximum customer.

    The app can be integrated with the delivery boy to provide its customer with a fast and assured delivery of desired products.

    • No more worry of shipping method as now the customer can select any desired method.
    • Easy delivery of grocery products to the customer to any location.
    • Multiple shipping methods are compatible
     Shipping method Support

     Advanced Search

    If the customer happens to look for the product, then they need to search the same in the complete app scrolling through thousands of products.

    This becomes a tedious task and can revoke their interest from the purchase. Our grocery app is enabled with quick search methods like-

    • Typing keyword - The user can simply type the special keyword and look for the desired product.
    • Voice Search - In this case, the app user will speak the desired keyword and through Voice Recognition the word is identified and finally it gets browsed in the complete app.
    • Search via image - Here, the search is done by the image. The app learns about the desired product through- the image detection or text detection. After the machine learns it searches the product in the app.
     Advanced Search

     Complete Features List

    • The customer can purchase the grocery items using the mobile app on the go.
    • Increase the customer’s engagement over the mobile platform.
    • Growth in sales and revenue.
    • Better user experience.
    • The app has user-friendly features like – easy checkout process, sign up or sign in, wishlist, interactive shopping cart, push notifications, and many more.
    • Fully native Application.
    • Multi-payment gateways supported.
    • Real-time synchronization.
    • Mobile and Tablet supported.
    • Featured category.
    • Featured product carousel.
    • New product carousel.
    • Fully Native Android and iOS
    • Unlimited Push Notifications
    • Real-Time Synchronization
    • Multi Payment Gateways supported
    • Multiple Shipping Support
    • Multi-Lingual Support
    • Interactive Theme
    • Enhanced Layered Navigation
    • Offline Mode
    • Finger Print Login
    • Related Products
    • Voice Search
    • Mobile & Tablet support
    • Easy Checkout Process
    • All types Product Supported
    • Multi-Currency Support
    • Product Sharing over Social media
    • Social Login (Need to purchase separately)
    • Mobile Login (Need to purchase separately)
    • One Time Password (Need to purchase separately - Magento 2 OTP Extension) Order Tracking by Notification is included in the package of this mobile app.

    Hethey Grocery - Asian Online Grocery Shop

    Hethey Grocery Mobile applications provide the ease of delivering grocery products seamlessly to the people in Switzerland. The app is inspired and implemented by Mobikul Grocery App.

    The customers can shop for groceries, vegetables, fruits, cosmetics, fish, etc at the best price from the most elegant merchants. The customer will get their grocery delivered in a single day. The missing products can be delivered again. More offers and deals every week.

    Hethey Grocery - Asian Online Grocery Shop


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Will I get the mobile apps with the source code? Can I update it?
    Yes, you can get the source code of the app. For this, you need to select the option- "Mobile App with Source code" at the time of purchasing the app.
    You can update the source code by yourself (or you can ask us to do so). But this will end your support as now we don’t provide support on customized code at your end.
     Will I get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with this Mobikul extension? If I wish to buy one application only?
    Yes, you will get both the mobile applications (Android & iOS) with the Mobikul Mobile App builder for Magento. For this, you need to select the Platform as the “Android+iOS” option.
    However, if you wish to purchase only one app then in Platform you can select the option as “Android” or “iOS” as per your choice.
     How to get the source code post-purchase?
    We will provide you the source code on your respective mail ID. Please follow the point no. 4 of the following link -
     Does Mobikul provide white Labeling (labeled) Mobile Apps for the eCommerce Store?
    Yes, Mobikul provides white label and fully customizable native Apps for your eCommerce Store. You can get the complete details by clicking here.
     What is the tech stack used for building the application?
    Technical details for the Native iOS & Android app- Android --> Android Studio as an IDE with coding language as Kotlin/ Java. iOS --> XCode as an IDE with coding language as Swift 5.
     What is the version of Android Studio?
    For now, the product supports the 3.5.1 version of the Android Studio. However, if you wish we can make the code compatible with the latest Android Studio version. You need to inform us of the same on [email protected]. This might take a few days but we will try to achieve this as soon as possible.
     What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
    The minimum Android OS support is for version 5.0 (Lollipop) and the maximum is up to version 9 (Pie). However, for now, Android 10 support will be on request.
     What design pattern is implemented in Android?
    The app uses the MVVM (Structural) Architecture design pattern in Android.
     Is there Android OS 10 support?
    For this, you need to share the request on [email protected]
     What is the version of Xcode?
    This iOS app uses Xcode version 11.
     Does the latest iOS code support iOS 13 and 14?
    The code is compatible with the latest iOS 13. However, for the upcoming version 14, the code will support the same once it will be out for public use.
     What are the minimum and maximum iOS version supported?
    The minimum iOS support version is 9.0 and the maximum iOS version is 13.
     What design pattern is implemented in iOS?
    The app uses the MVVM (Structural) Architecture design pattern in iOS.

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