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Magento 2 Marketplace Affiliate System

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Magento 2 Marketplace Affiliate System: With the help of this marketplace add-on, the vendors can use affiliate marketing system for their product listings. Anyone can register itself as affiliate user on the marketplace and start referring vendor products on third-party websites or blogs. A vendor can keep a track of all the advertisement clicks, purchases, payments, and HTML banner ads easily.

Also available for Magento 1

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Magento 2 Marketplace Affiliate System: This extension is a performance driven marketing module where the affiliate users will be benefited by getting rewards for each click, unique click and also if the visitor makes a purchase via the advertisement links. Using this module you can send a request to become an affiliate partner of any vendor. The vendor can manage their affiliate users from their end.

Important Note - To use Magento 2 Marketplace Affiliate System module, Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace must be installed.

Features -

  • Approve, disapprove and delete affiliate requests.
  • A vendor or the admin can manage the commission rates for affiliate users.
  • Create/edit/delete text banners advertisements
  • Measure affiliate users performance using various metrics.
  • Each vendor can check their advertisement revenue history.
  • Affiliate user can choose a preferred mode of payment and mention details for receiving payments.
  • A vendor can update the affiliate payment transaction information
  • A vendor can send an email to all the approved affiliates.
  • Separate registration and user panel for Affiliate User.
  • Send blog link approval request to vendors.
  • After approval from a seller, all products link will be available for a banner.
  • Text banners created by sellers will be appearing at affiliate panel.
  • On clicks or sales of a product, the affiliate will get the commissions.
  • View summary of clicks and sales.
  • Affiliate user can send the email to friends with product links.

 Module Configuration

After successful installation, the admin will configure the module settings for use. Here, the admin will configure the general settings, payment information, manage commission for affiliates, and the affiliate program terms. The admin will -

  • Enable the module by selecting Yes else select No to keep it disabled.
  • Select Yes to display blog link on the registration page.
  • Select Yes to allow affiliate registrations & to automatically approve affiliates.
  • Set the minimum payout balance. Enter the day number that will be payday of the month.
  • Enter the blog URL hint that is visible at the frontend.
  • Enter the affiliates email address and select various email templates.
  • Enable the Sandbox mode or make use of the production mode.
  • Set the payment for pay per click & pay per unique click.
  • Set the commission type as fixed or percentage.
  • Set the commission.
  • Enter the affiliate program terms & lastly, click the save button.
 Module Configuration

 Affiliate Registration

At the front-end, there is an Affiliate Registration link visible for the affiliate registrations. On clicking the registration link, a page will appear for the affiliate registration. After filling in the information the affiliate user will be registered. Here, the affiliate will enter his -

  • First and last name.
  • Enter his email address.
  • Enter the password & confirm password fields.
  • Enter the Blog URL.
  • Confirm to the Affiliate Terms.
 Affiliate Registration

 Affiliate Panel - Summary

After the registration, the affiliate user will be redirected to the affiliate dashboard. Here the affiliate will be able to see the current details for the seller. The details include - seller name, email address, click, unique clicks, total sales, sales commission, received amount, and balance amount.

  • Affiliate can view the details of the current seller.
  • Affiliate can view the total clicks.
  • Affiliate can view the unique clicks.
  • Affiliate can view the total commission.
 Affiliate Panel - Summary

 Affiliate Panel - Commission Rate

Under this section, the affiliates can check the commission rate of each seller. Apart from that, the affiliates can search the sellers using their email address. Here the affiliate can -

  • Check their commission rates.
  • View the per click commission rates applicable.
  • View the per unique click commission rates applicable.
  • Check the commission type.
  • Check the commission rate.
 Affiliate Panel - Commission Rate

 Affiliate Panel - Banner & Ads

Under this section, the affiliate can find all the banners and ads pertaining to the seller. The affiliate user can make use of the banners by copying the HTML code and pasting it on to a website where you want to display the ads. The affiliates can make use of the product and text-based ads.

  • Use Product and text ads of the seller.
  • Make use of the banners & ads by copying the HTML code and pasting at appropriate places.
 Affiliate Panel - Banner & Ads

 Affiliate Panel - Email Campaign

The affiliate users can send emails campaigns to their customers. Affiliate can send email to multiple email ids at the same time separating each by a comma separator.

  • Send email campaigns to customers.
  • Send emails to multiple Ids at the same time.
  • Add product links within the message body of the email.
 Affiliate Panel - Email Campaign

 Affiliate Panel - Traffic

Under here, the affiliate will be able to check the traffic summary. You can check the IP addresses, the referring URL, and the view date.

  • Check the traffic summary.
  • Check the IP address,
  • Check the referring URL
  • Check the view date.
 Affiliate Panel - Traffic

 Affiliate Panel - Sales

Affiliates can check the total sales that have happened. For the product purchases made by the customer, only after the order gets complete the affiliate gets the commission. The affiliate can see the details that show the seller’s name, the order id, order subtotal, commission, status and the date.

  • The affiliates can check all of the sales details related orders that get purchased.
  • Affiliate can view the order Id.
  • Affiliate can view the commission.
  • Affiliate can view the status and the date of the purchased order.
 Affiliate Panel - Sales

 Affiliate Panel - Payment Records

Under here, the affiliate can check the payment details. Here, the affiliate can check the details of the payments that have been made to him. The affiliate can view the details which include -

  • Name of the affiliate.
  • Affiliate email.
  • Paid by(How the payment was made).
  • Transaction Id and the IPN Transaction Id.
  • Transaction amount and the date.
 Affiliate Panel - Payment Records

 Affiliate Panel - Statistics

The affiliate can check the statistics for the traffic on their account. This can be checked on a daily or monthly basis.

  • Keep a check on statistics data for their traffic.
  • Check the data on a daily or monthly basis.
 Affiliate Panel - Statistics

 Affiliate Panel - Request to Seller

After registering as an affiliate the affiliate needs to select a seller and add a blog link where the affiliate wants to post the ads & banners. The affiliate needs to send a request for the same. After sending the request, initially the status of the request is pending and after the approval from the seller, the status gets changed to accept.

  • Affiliate user will send a request to any of the sellers.
  • Affiliate user can send request to multiple sellers.
  • Affiliate user can see the status of the request.
 Affiliate Panel - Request to Seller

 Support -

For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to


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Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation (Paid Service)
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  • + Features
  • - Bugs
Version 2.0.0
  • + Compatible with Separate Seller Dashboard navigation
  • + Compatible with Magento 2.2.x and Marketplace 2.1.x
  • + Installable through composer
  • Affiliate User:
  • + Separate registration and user panel for Affiliate User.
  • + Send blog link approval request to sellers.
  • + After approval from seller all products link will be available for banner.
  • + Also text banners created by sellers will be appear at affiliate panel.
  • + On clicks or sales of product affiliate will get the commission.
  • + Can see the summary of clicks and sales.
  • + Can see the commission rate of each seller.
  • + Can see the sold product detail.
  • + Prefered Payment method filled by affiliate.
  • + Able to see Paid summary from the seller.
  • + Affiliate user can send the email to friends with product links to increase sales of products.
  • Seller:
  • + Manage the affiliate request, seller can approve, unapprove and delete the request.
  • + Manage the commission rate for Affiliate.
  • + Seller can Create/Edit/Delete the text banners, need to approve textbanners.
  • + Seller can see the summary of Affiliate users.
  • + Seller can see the sales history.
  • + Seller can pay to Affiliate.
  • + Seller can send the email to approved Affiliate.
  • Admin:
  • + Admin can approve/unapprove affilaite.
  • + Admin can set the payment method for affiliate.
  • + Admin can controll the Affiliate registration.