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    Multi Vendor SMSA Shipping for Magento 2

    The seller can use this module to activate the SMSA Express shipping method for faster product delivery to customers. The shipping charges can be set by the seller to support the shipment's weight. Furthermore, this module allowed the seller to set a charge for an additional per kilogram of weight in the event of a shipment weighing more than 15 kg.


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    SMSA Express Shipping is one of the most straightforward service providers in the courier sector, making it one of the most cost-effective, versatile express, freight, outbound, and inbound shipping services accessible. Furthermore, Adobe Commerce Marketplace SMSA Shipping strives to meet the needs of residents and enterprises in terms of domestic and international parcel delivery.

    The delivery should come from Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. The product can be shipped to all of the approved nations by sellers from these origins. And in total the maximum allowed shipping weight is 35 kg. Above all, the admin can use this module to print shipping labels and assign tracking numbers to increase business efficiency. This module calculates the shipping price depending on the weight of the order.

    Important Note: This is an add-on of Webkul's Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace, so you need to install Marketplace modules first.

    Highlighted Features

     Shipping Label Generation

    The seller can generate the SMSA shipping label.

     Easy Configuration

    The shipping module can be configured in a few simple steps by the seller.

     Set Price for First 15 kg weight

    The sellers can set the price for the first 15 kg weight of the product.

     Additional Charges for Per Kg Weight

    The vendor can set an additional price per kg weight of the product if the product weight is above 15kg.

    Why do we need Multi Vendor SMSA Shipping for Adobe Commerce module?

    With the help of Magento 2 Marketplace SMSA Shipping, the seller can provide SMSA shipping methods to the customers to deliver their products in a fast and secure manner. Also, The Magento 2 SMSA shipping module helps sellers to define a shipping price that customers will see during checkout.

    Integrate SMSA Shipping for Vendors Products

    The seller can manage SMSA configuration settings in their profile.

    • Pass Key - The seller can enter a passkey for SMSA shipping.
    • Price for first 15 Kg - the seller can set the first 15 kg price which they want to charge.
    • Price for additional per kg - the seller can set an additional price for weighing more than 15kg.
    Integrate SMSA Shipping for Vendors Products

    Basic Admin Options to Setup SMSA Shipping

    To provide a better and faster delivery service, the admin can integrate and configure SMSA shipping to their online shop.

    • Enable - The admin can turn on or off the module here.
    • Title - The admin can assign a title that will be displayed on the customer side.
    • Allow sellers to save SMSA details - The admin has the option to allow vendors to save SMSA details here.
    • Sandbox Mode - The admin can enable or disable sandbox mode here.
    • The admin must write a PassKey.
    • The price for the first 15 kilograms can be established by the administrator.
    • Additional charges per kilogram can be established by the administrator if the weight exceeds 15 kilograms.
    Basic Admin Options to Setup SMSA Shipping

    Benefits of Using SMSA Shipping

    • Customers will be able to have a more secure and dependable choice for shipping their products with SMSA Shipping.
    • The customer will have a choice of SMSA shipping on the checkout page, which the admin has enabled from the backend.
    • Following the addition of the order's shipping address, the SMSA shipping cost is displayed.
    Benefits of Using SMSA Shipping

    Shipping Label Generation and Order Handling

    The seller can manage the order easily and can view order details and shipping information. Furthermore, the seller able to view payment methods, and product details.

    • The seller can generate an invoice, shipment, cancel the order, hold the order, recorder it, and as well as send emails to the customers.
    • The seller can see details related to the product like shipping address, product name, SKU and quantity, etc.
    • A credit memo for the order can be generated by the seller.
    • The seller can enter the tracking number for the customer.
    • The customer is able to print the order and can see the order information from the front end.
    • The seller can send track notification information through email.
    Shipping Label Generation and Order Handling


    • The vendor can set a price for the first 15kg and also for additional weight.
    • Allows the admin to enable or disable the SMSA Shipping module.
    • The rate can be set by the admin based on the weight.
    • A shipping label can be created by the admin and seller.
    • The weight cost stated by the admin will be used to calculate shipping.
    • For shipping, the admin can specify specific countries.
    • Allows the admin to specify a per-kg price for shipments weighing more than 15kg.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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    Excellent products, excellent technical support

    Posted On - September 17, 2021

    We use Webkul products on our website, we are very satisfied with Webkul Products, and their technical support is also excellent. Thanks again

    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the seller customize the shipping label?
    The seller can download the SMSA shipping label and can add the tracking number as required.
     Does this module allow the admin to select specific countries?
    With the help of this module, the admin can have the ability to select specific nations for product delivery.
     How rate is calculated in SMSA Express Shipping?
    The rate is calculated as per the weight to the distance.
     What if we choose multiple seller’s products together, can we use SMSA shipping over there?
    you can use SMSA shipping on multiple seller’s products only when it should be enabled from the backend by the multi-seller.
     Can the seller and admin both print shipping labels and invoices?
    The seller and admin both can print shipping labels and invoices as much as they want.

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    Version 4.0.1
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    Version 4.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x Enterprise Edition.
    • + Admin can enable or disable the Marketplace SMSA Shipping module.
    • + Admin can set the Marketplace SMSA shipping method name that will be shown from the front side.
    • + Admin can set the rate according to weight.
    • + Admin can allow sellers to save their Smsa Credentials.
    • + Seller can create the shipping labels and can print shipping labels.