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    Magento 2 A/B Testing Extension

    Magento 2 A/B Testing Extension: This module allows the admin to create multiple test variants of the web page. The customers can view the test variants created by the admin. This will help the admin to know which test variant is visited the most by customers. The admin can even view the reports of most visited test variants in the form of a graph. Using this module the admin can gather important data to improve the web page and to boost the conversion rate.


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    Magento 2 A/B Testing Extension: With the split testing module, the admin will be able to create multiple variants and make them visible on the frontend. The different variants will be visible to the admin and then the most beneficial variant can be made permanent. The process of creating a variant is really important for the admin as this will bring the frontend look really attractive. The admin can also add the CSV file of multiple classes that will work as selectors that will be selected by the admin while creating the goals.

    Highlighted Features

     Create Multiple Variants

    Make storefront more attractive with multiple variants.

     Get the Updated Reports

    Check continuous updates about store visits and conversion rates.

     Create Desired Goals

    Create several goals for the test scenarios.

     Multiple Track Type Available

    Track the goals with custom and default track types.

     Preview Changes Before Updating

    While creating variants, preview, and confirm the look.

     Select URL Type

    The admin can also select the URL type.

    Why Use this Module?

    For instance, just imagine that you are about to start an e-commerce website. The first thought that will hit your mind will be the customer visits and sales rate. And no one can actually forecast this to you. But, Magento 2 A/B Testing will seamlessly do this without any hassles.

    The store owner just needs to create test cases. On the basis of those test cases, the frontend visits will be recorded and shown under the report sections to the admin. The admin can create the variants and check the reports for which variants the customer visit and conversion rates are higher.

    Select View Patterns

    It is really important for admin to enable the module from the backend.

    • The admin will enable the module by selecting Yes for Enable field.
    • The admin will also select the pattern of how the variants will appear.
    • For how different variants to customers, the admin will permit the customer to view al the enabled variants in the frontend.
    • If show the same variant to customers is selected, then the customer will only see the single variant every time.
    Select View Patterns

    Create New Test Scenario

    In the a/b testing module, the admin can simply create the new test scenario using some basic steps:

    • The admin needs to click on the Add test button.
    • The admin will add assumption, run from, and run to date for creating the test.
    • The admin also needs to select the URL type among Specific URLs or Default Pages.
    • The default pages include category page, product page, and CMS pages.
    • For the category page, the admin can update the look of any specific category.
    • For the product page, the split testing will be performed on a specific product page.
    • If the admin selects CMS Pages, then the admin needs to select the CMS page for the split testing.
    • For the category page, then split testing will be performed on a specific category.
    Create New Test Scenario

    Create Multiple Variants

    The admin will then create the variants as per the desire to make the frontend more attractive.

    • The admin can create variants according to the requirement.
    • The variants can be created only after creating the test case.
    • For each appearance, a particular variant with different looks can be created.
    • The admin only needs to provide the name of the variant.
    • Do not forget to save the variant after creating al of them.
    Create Multiple Variants

    Enhance Your Frontend View

    Once the variants are created the admin can now pursue the changes in the frontend.

    • There is a view button available for each variant created.
    • By clicking on the admin can view the page that will be visible on the frontend.
    • An editor will appear where the admin can change the font, text size, make it bold, italic, etc.
    • The editable content will be highlighted using the dotted box.
    • The admin can also manage the alignment of the text.
    • Further, the admin needs to save the changes otherwise the changes will not be visible on the preview.
    Enhance Your Frontend View

    Add Multiple Goals

    The admin can also create goals for the test cases.

    • The goals will decide the functionality of the test.
    • The admin needs to give the name and description of the goal.
    • Admin will select the track type as Magento Defaults and Custom Type.
    • For Magento defaults, the admin can select among the default options.
    • For custom track type, the admin can select the tracks among Track Pages Visit On, and Click On Element.
    • If the admin selects Track Pages Visit On, then the admin will provide the page URL.
    • If the admin selects Click on Element, then the admin needs to provide CSS Selector.
    Add Multiple Goals

    Frontend Appearance

    Once all the changes are performed, the customer can see the variants in the frontend.

    • The admin will be able to see the new appearance of the page.
    • Multiple variants will be visible to the customers.
    • The customer can see different variants after refreshing the page.
    • To check the variants the customer must clear the site cache.
    Frontend Appearance


    • Run numerous a/b tests simultaneously.
    • Test particular attributes for a group of products at a time.
    • Test product page design.
    • Get informative stats reports.
    • The admin can manage the test duration.
    • Admin can select options on how variants will be displayed to customers.
    • Display test variants to customers according to conversion rates.
    • The admin will also create the goals for the test cases.
    • Compatible with Magento 2.3.x and 2.4.x.


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Magento 2 Extensions.


    Product Version3.0.0
    Released3 years ago
    CategoryMagento 2
    Last UpdatedOctober 20, 2023 (7 months ago)
    Supported VersionsMagento  2.0.x  2.1.x  2.2.x  2.3.x  2.4.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can the admin preview the changes?
    Yes, the admin can preview the updated pages before saving it for the final look.
     How can the customer check the multiple variants?
    The customer needs to clear the site data using the process mentioned in the user guide.
     Does the site cache need to be cleared for the seamless work?
    Yes, it is important to clear the cache for smooth work.
     On what page the tests scenario can be created?
    The test cases can be created for Category, product, CMS pages, or any specific URL.
     Can we restrict the customer from checking all the variants?
    Yes, the admin can do the same by navigating to the admin configuration.

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    Version 3.0.0
    • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
    • + Run numerous a/b tests simultaneously
    • + Test particular attributes for a group of products at a time
    • + Test product page design
    • + Get informative stats reports
    • + Manage test duration
    • + Admin can select options on how variants will be displayed to the customer
    • + Display test variants to customers according to conversion rates