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    Odoo Google Auto Translator

    Odoo Google Auto Translation helps translate things like product names, descriptions, event info, and website content into different languages super simple. It offers two ways to translate: automatic and manual.

    • It helps you translate Odoo content quickly.

    • It saves you time and money on translation.

    • This module supports multiple languages.

    • Does translations in real-time.

    • It works seamlessly with any Odoo module.

    • Automatically detects the language you're working with.


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    Now it's simpler to translate in Odoo!

    Odoo Google Auto Translation in Odoo helps in reaching customers worldwide by targeting different countries. With this module, you can quickly translate things like product names, descriptions, event details, and website content into different languages.

    This saves time and money, helps with using multiple languages, and makes translating a breeze for everyone. It works with any part of Odoo and figures out the languages for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

    Note: Odoo Mobile App Builder offers Android and iOS mobile apps for your e-commerce store, eliminating the need for a desktop or laptop for customers to purchase products.

    Odoo Google Auto Translator

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Google Auto Translation

     Expand Business Globally

    • It Helps in reaching customers worldwide by targeting different countries.

     Customer Focused

    • It ensures that translated content meets customer needs.

     Quick Translation

    • This module easily translates text into desired languages.

     Reduce Translation Costs

    • It saves money by cutting language translation expenses.

     Why do we need Odoo Google Auto Translation module?

    The Odoo Google Auto Translation in Odoo helps translate things into different languages quickly and easily. It's useful for product info and website descriptions.

    You can choose between automatic translations for fast results or do it manually for more accuracy. This module makes sure that everything is in the correct language for everyone to understand.

    Note: The Odoo Delivery Boy App simplifies the process for shop owners by allowing delivery boys to place orders and track their progress.

     Prerequisites For Using Odoo Google Auto Translator

    The Odoo Google Auto Translator module works in conjunction with the following source:

    You need to install this library for the module to work properly.

     Automatic Translation Process

    This process automatically changes words from one language to another without needing people to do it.

    • It also finds out the language of the words by itself.
    • Words are changed without people needing to do it.
    • No need for people to do anything.
    • The language of the words is found automatically.
    Automatic Translation Process

     Create Contextual Action

    Admin can create new or modify rules for translation by providing details about models, fields, and languages.

    • Admin can select models like- product, sale, etc.
    • You have to select fields like- product description, etc.
    • Automatically detect the source language.
    • Enable the auto-translation option.
    Contextual Action


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released1 month ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsTool
    Last UpdatedApril 18, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  15.x  16.x  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

      How does Google Auto Translation help in Odoo?
    It makes translating easy by offering options to do it automatically or manually, saving time and money. It also works instantly and supports many languages.
     What can be translated with Odoo Google Auto Translation?
    You can translate details like product names, descriptions, events, and website content.
     Does Odoo Google Auto Translation translate things right away?
    Yes, it translates things instantly, so you don't have to wait. It makes it easier to work in different languages.
     Can I use Google Auto Translation with any part of Odoo?
    Yes, you can use it with any part of Odoo. It works smoothly across the whole system.
     How does Odoo Google Auto Translation know what language to translate?
    It figures out the language of the text you want to translate by itself. You don't have to tell it.

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