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    Odoo Tableau Connector

    Odoo Tableau Connector connects Odoo with Tableau. The module allows you to analyze the company's growth and make the best decisions.

    • It integrates Tableau with Odoo.

    • This module increases the efficiency of the odoo with out-of-the-box features of Tableau.

    • Keep track of all data in a centralized dashboard.

    • The module gives you better data visualization.

    • It provides you with workbook embedding features.

    • It allows users to create many projects.

    • It provides you with the Cron for odoo to tableau data sync.


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    Odoo Tableau Connector Discover the ease of data visualization!

    Odoo ERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications and tools. We use it for project management, inventory control, accounting, and customer relationship management. Tableau has limitations, but Odoo offers dashboards to manage all these functions. Thus, integrating Tableau and Odoo can simplify data analysis.

    After collecting all the Odoo data, you will use Tableau to create reports and dashboards. It allows for easy data reporting while also saving time through automation.

    You can also look into our Odoo Power BI Connector a useful tool for BI tools.

    Odoo Tableau Connector

     Why do we need a module?

    Analyzing large amounts of data can be challenging when done in Excel. Tableau has been an exceptional tool when it comes to analyzing data. Our Odoo Tableau Connector provides a more detailed analysis of your odoo data, such as sales orders, invoices, inventory, etc.

    The flexibility of the connector allows you to select as much or as little data or tables as you need. We provide a token-based connection to solve privacy and information issues, so you do not have to worry about it.

    Want to start your business? then with a vast list of features, Odoo Bridge For Prestashop is the perfect solution for you.

     Highlighted Features of Odoo Tableau Connector

     Easy Data Visualization

    • Odoo Tableau Connector provides you with a better data View.

     Cron for better data synchronization.

    • It provides you with the feature of Cron, which synchronizes the project, data source, and table from Odoo to Tableau.

     Publish Tableau data

    • It grants a license to publish the data source and workspaces.

     Easy to connect

    • You can quickly link Odoo and Tableau without spending much time.

     Workbook Embedding

    • The feature of previewing the workbook data with workbook embedding is available.

     Easy to use

    • It provides many features with which your work is easy.

     Unique Workbook Embedding

    Odoo Tableau Connector provides table and graph views, which, simplifies data analysis by reducing switching.

    • Both the table and graph views are available.
    • Cut the act of transitioning from odoo to tableau.
    • It provides you with the feature of a preview.
    • It is easy to analyze the data.
    Unique Workbook Embedding

     Easy to connect

    You can easily connect your Odoo and Tableau without wasting much time.

    • You can connect the odoo and tableau with different methods.
    • It provides an option to connect odoo and Tableau with personal tokens.
    • You can also use user credentials to connect these two platforms.
    • You can get the site name from the Tableau URL.
    Easy to connect

     Simpleness of dashboard access

    The tool imports reports and dashboards from Tableau, offering accessible data.

    • Import reports and dashboards from Tableau.
    • It provides an accessible dashboard.
    • It simplifies a large amount of data.
    • It provides a graphical summary of the data.
    Simpleness of dashboard access

     Support for Many Projects

    The Module enables users to create many projects. It provides a framework for setting project tables.

    • It allows users to create many projects.
    • Projects provide the framework for any individual goal.
    • This module also increases the efficiency of both odoo and Tableau.
    • You can create many tables within the project.
    Support for Many Projects

     Project publishing in Tableau is simple.

    This module allows easy data configuration and reloading of Odoo data in Tableau. It saves valuable time and facilitates efficient data management.

    • You can publish the Odoo Project on Tableau.
    • You can publish the table into the dataset.
    • With this module, you can configure data with ease.
    • You may reload any Odoo data in Tableau with only one click on update schema. It saves you valuable time!
    Project publishing in Tableau is simple.

     Create Datasource

    The Odoo table connector makes it easy to set up sources of information for any project. It allows for productive and effective data management..

    • You can create data sources for any project.
    • You can create data sources using this module.
    • It simplifies the creation of data sources for any project.
    Create Datasource


    Product Version1.0.0
    Released2 months ago
    CategoryOdoo AppsConnectors
    Last UpdatedMay 24, 2024 (1 month ago)
    Supported VersionsOdoo  17.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the cost of the Odoo Tableau Connector?
    The cost of our Module is $299
     Is this $299 per month, per year, or for a lifetime license?
    It is a one-time purchase cost.
     Can we have a preview of the tableau workbook on Odoo?
    Yes, we have provided the odoo Workbook Embedding feature.
      What do we need to connect Odoo and Tableau??
    You need to provide the name, server URL, and authentication method.
      What are the Auth Methods in the Odoo Tableau Connector?
    There are two methods for the connection: personal token and user credentials

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