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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    Opencart DHgate Dropship Management

    Opencart DHgate Dropship Management: Using this plugin, the Opencart store owner can now import the products from Dhgate webstore and then can list them within his webstore. Apart from that, the admin can easily create multiple warehouses and assign warehouse managers to them. Apart from that, the admin can assign default products and the Dhgate imported products to the warehouses as required.


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    Opencart DHgate Dropship Management: Now, the Opencart store owners can create multiple warehouses and assign products to them. The admin can create multiple warehouse managers and can assign them as required to each of the created warehouses.

    Apart from that, the admin can import products from Dhgate webstore and then list them within his Opencart store. After that, whenever an order for products(DHgate) gets placed by the customers, the admin will get the products drop-shipped directly from the Dhgate eCommerce marketplace webstore by quickly placing an order on behalf of the customers.

    To place the orders at DHgate, the admin should have an account. The admin needs to make use of the Chrome browser to do so, allowing the auto-order placement up to the section where the admin needs to enter the payment information for placing the order.

    Please Note -

    • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
    • Opencart DHGate Dropship Management module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.
    • To use the DHgate product import feature you need to install chrome extension else the import feature will not work.

    Highlighted Features

    Create Multiple Warehouses

    Add/edit/delete an unlimited number of warehouses as required.

    Warehouse Product Assignment

    Easily assign the products/Dhgate products with the quantity to the different warehouses.

    Warehouse Shipping

    The admin assigned shipping methods will be available to customers for selection.

    Import Products Via DHgate

    Import products from the DHgate marketplace store and start listing them within your OpenCart webstore.

    Imported Product Information

    Fetch the details of the products that include - Product Name, Price, Meta Tag Title, Meta Tag Description, Meta Tag Keywords, Product Variation(price), Product reviews, and more.

    Easy Store Authorization

    After adding the Dhgate Product Importer Chrome extension, the admin can first authorize the store and then start importing the products as required.

    Why to use this extension?

    Using this plugin, the store owner does not need to keep goods in stock but instead transfer sales orders and shipment details to the warehouse manager, who then ships the goods directly to the customers. Shipping rates will be calculated according to the warehouse origin address.

    The admin can assign warehouses to the products and can add shipping methods that the warehouse provides, and during checkout, the buyer can choose those shipping methods as per the choice.

    Using this extension, apart from the warehouse creation, the store admin can also import products from the Dhgate webstore to the OpenCart store. After import, the admin can list the products and start selling the same on their website. All of the DHgate orders are visible in another section for better management.

    DHgate Dropship Management

    DHgate Product Importer

    Before importing the products, the store admin will have to install a Chrome plugin that allows doing so. After the plugin gets installed correctly within the Chrome browser, the admin can start selecting the products to import. Here, to import admin is able to -

    • Install the DHgate product importer to the Chrome browser.
    • Verify the OpenCart Store.
    • Import Products from DHgate to the Webstore.
    • Import a single product or products in bulk as required.
    DHgate Product Importer

    Initial Module Configuration

    A small configuration is required before the admin can make use of the OpenCart DHgate product importer. To configure the module, the admin will have to configure three tabs which include - General, Product, and DHgate tabs.

    • Add the API key required to set the Latitude and Longitude of the warehouse location being added.
    • Select the users that will be assigned and the order status.
    • Select the order status that is supposed to be a complete order status for the warehouse products.
    • Allow/disallow the warehouse managers to add products under their warehouse account panel.
    • Allow warehouse Managers to add products under their assigned warehouses.
    • Select the option to enable the products for listing directly to the OpenCart store.
    • Enable/disable the option to approve the products that have been added by the warehouse managers.
    • Select the product field tabs that the admin wants the warehouse managers to use while creating products.
    • Use the username and token for authenticating the store, set the number of products to import.
    Initial Module Configuration

    Manage Warehouses

    The store admin can create multiple warehouses and can assign products to them as needed. The admin needs to fill in required data of the warehouse and the latitude and longitudes get auto-filled. The admin can manage the warehouses by -

    • Add/Edit/Delete the Warehouses as required.
    • Assigning Managers to the created warehouses.
    • Assigning Products to the warehouses.
    • Assigning Dhgate products to the warehouses.
    • Assigning product quantities to the created warehouses.
    Manage Warehouses

    Warehouse Products

    The admin will be able to see all of the products that are added to the various warehouses and can manage them as well. Apart from that, the admin can also filter the warehouses with the given filter options. Here, the admin can -

    • Approve, Disapprove, and delete any of the products that are assigned to the various created warehouses.
    • Filter products according to the assigned warehouse.
    • Using the product name filter the particular warehouse product.
    • Filter products as per the model, quantity, price, and status.
    • View the quantity of each product for the respectively assigned warehouses.
    Warehouse Products

    Warehouse Products Order

    The admin can easily check the orders that have been placed for all of the products that are assigned to the various created warehouses.

    This allows the admin to easily check the information regarding the orders that have arrived for admin’s created warehouses so that the admin won’t miss any. Here, the admin can -

    • View the orders for the default products that have been assigned to the warehouses.
    • View orders for the Dhgate products that have been assigned to the warehouses.
    • View the order place dates for all of the orders to keep a check. View the Bill to & Bill for names for the placed orders.
    • Option to access the order information by tapping the View button.
    Warehouse Products Order

    DHgate Orders

    After importing the products to the OpenCart store from the DHgate marketplace, when these product’s order gets placed within the OpenCart store all of these orders get listed under the Dhgate Orders section. Here, the store owner can -

    • See a complete list of DHgate Orders placed by the customers.
    • DHgate order status is visible to the admin.
    • Check the order status for the DHgate products - Not Placed, Placed, and Processing.
    • Tap the available Place Order button to place the respective order at DHgate on Behalf of the customer.
    • View the date when each of the respective orders has been placed by the customers.
    DHgate Orders

    Create Pricing Rules

    The admin can create pricing rules for the products. These rules apply to the admin default as well as the DHgate imported products. To apply the rules, first, the admin will have to create the rules. Here, the admin will be able to -

    • Choose a channel from - Default or DHgate to apply the price rules.
    • Enable or Disable the price rules.
    • Set the Price range From & Price Range To Values within which the products will fall to apply the pricing rules.
    • Use the increment or decrement operator to accordingly change the price that gets added or subtracted from the product’s actual price.
    • Select the amount type as fixed or percentage of the product price as required.
    • Enter the amount or percentage that is to be applied according to the selected amount type.
    Create Pricing Rules

    DHgate Sellers

    After importing the products, the admin will now be able to check the sellers of the imported products as well. This section displays the sellers whose products have been imported from DHgate to the OpenCart store.

    Under this section, the admin will be able to -

    • See the Dhgate seller names whose products have been imported to the Opencart store.
    • Check the date when the products were added.
    • Total Number of products that have been imported for each of the respective sellers.
    • The admin has the option to view the products imported for each of the sellers.
    • The admin can also edit the products imported by the sellers from this section as well.
    DHgate Sellers


    • Import products from Dhgate marketplace to your OpenCart store.
    • Products with variations can also be imported from DHgate and these variations are created within the OpenCart store as well.
    • Allow Warehouse Managers to add products under their own account panel.
    • Product approval for products added by the warehouse managers.
    • Set the allowed product fields that are accessible for adding products by the warehouse managers.
    • Import Product reviews for the DHgate products and choose to enable them or keep disabled even after importing.
    • Add new keywords that allow removing the keywords collectively from the DHgate products.
    • Select the store in which the imported products will be added.
    • Select the language in which the product’s name, description, etc, will be added while importing the products from Dhgate to OpenCart store.
    • Select the default quantity of the products that will be set for each product while importing the same from DHgate store.
    • Enable/disable option for pushing the products directly to the OpenCart store without any approval.
    • Option to generate multiple tokens for the OpeCart store authorization before importing the products.
    • Option to set the order status which will be supposed to be Complete Order status of warehouse product’s order.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


    Product Version2.0.0.5
    Released4 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (9 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to import products from Dhgate to OpenCart webstore and dropship the placed orders?
    You can make use of the OpenCart Dhgate Dropship Management extension that allows the admin to import products from Dhgate to the OpenCart webstore. After the order gets placed for the DHgate products within the Opencart store, the admin can place the order thus drop-shipping the product.
    Does the admin have the option to choose how the products from DHgate are pushed to the OpenCart store?
    Yes, the admin can set the configuration wherein the admin will be able to enable/disable the option for pushing the products directly to the OpenCart store without any approval.
    Can the username/token for the store authentication be changed?
    The admin can set the username as required within the DHgate configuration settings. Accordingly, the saved username can be used for authenticating the store whenever required. Also, the admin can change the username the multiple numbers of times as feasible to the admin. Similarly, the token can be generated as required.
    Is there an option to choose the language in which the DHgate product description should get imported?
    The admin can select the store language in which the DHgate product description and other details should get imported. So according to the selected store language, the description details will get imported.

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    • + Added the module for 2.x.x.x version with journal3 and journal2 theme patch
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