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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    Opencart Google Shopping Feed

    Opencart Google Shopping Feed extension helps you to connect and map your Opencart store product data to Google shopping feeds.

    • Store products add to Google Feed using content API.

    • Products get updated on Google Feed once synced on the store.

    • Dynamic Attributes mapping.

    • Map store category with Google shopping feed categories.

    • Export products in bulk or selection.

    • The admin can add unique shopping feed product value for each product.

    • Supports Simple and Downloadable products.

    • Option to Authenticate the Merchant account of the user.

    • Cron functionality added to export products for Google shopping feed.

      Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed  Opencart Google Shopping Feed
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      Opencart Google Shopping Feed: If you have ever wished to purchase the product, you must have Google it before purchase to know the current rates and which seller is offering the best offer for the products.

      Google shopping ads are displayed on the top right page on Google Search. These ads offer the best source of advertisement for the products.

      With this extension, the admin can display their products on the Google Search page without any hassle. The module helps the owner to increase the sales to the next level by allowing the owner to create Google Product Feeds for their Products and exporting the products to the Google Merchant Account.

      Opencart Google Shopping Feed

      Highlighted Features

       Easy To Manage

      The module offers easy management of the exported products.

       Mapping Categories

      The admin can map the categories of Opencart store with the Google Feed Categories.

       Easy Export

      The admin can easily export the products either in bulk or selectively.

       Effective Advertisement

      The module offers a vast reach out to potential customers.

      How Google Shopping Feeds benefits your business?

      Consider your product pops up whenever a customer makes a Google search. Imagine the level of exposure the product will get. If spoken in short the Google Shopping Feeds provides lots of exposure and significant growth.

      Google Feeds gain its importance in the market with an estimated 76.4% of the retail ad search spending is directed towards Google Shopping Feeds. This will boon up your business to a whole new level.

      The following Benefits of Google Feeds provides

      • Easy expansion of the brand and business.
      • Offers to increase the sales graph.
      • Offers a vast level of the customer base.

      Integrating Shopping Feed To Store

      In order to showcase your products to the Google Shopping ads. You can integrate the Opencart Shopping Feed extension into your store. The admin can configure the following details.

      • The admin can enable or disable Google Feeds.
      • The Google Console credentials are needed for the export of product from the Opencart to Google Merchant Account.
      • The admin can easily update the products on the Google Merchant Account after the Product is synced with the Store.
      • The admin can view the changelog for the attributes on the product page.
       Integrating Shopping Feed To Store

      Category Mapping

      To map the Opencart products to Google Merchant Account, the admin needs to map the Opencart Categories with the Google Categories.

      • The admin can set the default Google Feed categories which will be assigned to the product if the respective Opencart category is not mapped.
      • The admin can map the Opencart categories to the subcategories of the Google Feeds as well.
      • Mapping can be done for multiple categories.
      • The admin can edit the existing categories to the new categories of Google.
      • After export, the updates in the categories will get reflected in the Google Merchant Account.

      Note: The updates done on the product on the store may take time to get reflected on the Google Merchant Account.

       Category Mapping

      Export Product to Google Merchant Account

      For the products to get displayed in the Google Shopping Feeds, the admin needs to export the products from the store to the Merchant Account.

      • The admin can be export all the products in bulk to the Merchant account.
      • If required, the admin can export selective products from the store.
      • The admin can set the attributes for each product separately.
      • If unconfigured the default attributes will be fetched for the exported products.
       Export Product to Google Merchant Account

      Sync Products with Cron Setup

      The admin can set up cron functionality in their store for automatic product synchronization.

      • Admin can enable or disable the cron functionality.
      • They can set the time zone for their cron setup.
      • The admin can also set frequency for the cron like daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly (15 days), and quarterly(90 days).
      • Also, add the start time to run the auto cron job.
      Sync Products with Cron


      For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

      You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


      Product Version2.2.0.0
      Released5 years ago
      Last UpdatedMarch 6, 2024 (1 month ago)
      Supported Versions2.x.x.x  2.0.x.x  2.1.x.x  2.2.x.x  2.3.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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       Frequently Asked Questions

       What happens to the deleted products which are exported on the store?
      If you require to delete the exported product, then the customer has to manually remove it from the Product list of the Google Merchant Account.
       Does the module updates reflected on the Google Merchant Account in real-time?
      The updates may take up to 2 hours to get visible on the Merchant Account.
       Can the image also get exported to Google Merchant Account?
      The image does get exported to the Google Merchant Account.
       What product types does the module support?
      The module supports Simple and Downloadable product types for export.
       Which module offers the best way to advertise the products?
      You can easily advertise your products of Opencart Store on Google Shopping Feeds with the help of Opencart Google Shopping Feeds module.

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      • + Added cron functionality to export products for google shopping feed in version 3.x.x.x and 2.3.x.x.
      • * Fixed the SEO issue.
      • + Added the size option for Google shopping feed products.
      • * Resolved the max execution time for a large number of the products.
      • * Issue resolved of unknown merchant Account.
      • * Redirect URL issue resolved.
      • * Issues of the version fixed
      • + Added in all the remaining version of Opencart i.e 2.0.x.x, 2.1.x.x, 2.2.x.x, 3.x.x.x
      • + Module was added for Opencart Version 2.3.x.x