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      OpenCart, 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x

      Opencart UPS Shipping Management

      Opencart UPS Shipping Management: By using this extension, Admin may include the shipping method of UPS (United Parcel Service) for shipping goods. United Parcel Service is the biggest and most trusted distribution business for parcels in the world. This shipping management is top-rated worldwide, and the WebKul Opencart is now available for this shipping method.

      Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management Opencart UPS Shipping Management
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      Opencart UPS Shipping Management: This extension enables consumers to choose the shipping method for their orders from UPS (United Parcel Service). Customers can view different UPS shipping options with real-time freight rates during checkout. Once the module is installed, the admin needs to configure the details. Calculate the shipping cost to apply to the admin products in the details provided by the administrator. UPS shipping is well known all around the globe for its services.

      Highlighted Features

       Tax class rule

      The admin has the option to add a rule for the tax class.

       Freight Rate Calculation

      This shipping method calculates the freight rate automatically for every UPS Shipping service.

       Shipping Services

      A broad range of UPS shipping services is provided by the module.

       Weight Class

      The admin can set different weight classes.

      Why choose UPS Shipping?

      One of the easiest options for those who want to ship their goods around the world is UPS shipping. UPS platforms have a reputation for their outstanding service, so there are fewer chances of errors.

      The administrator will customize the different shipping methods provided by the UPS shipping service. Let the customers on the checkout page pick any available UPS shipping service.

      Module Layout

      After the module has been activated successfully, the administrator can configure the module settings from the admin panel so that the shipping method is accessible to the customers for shipping their package.

      • Under the admin screen, the user can perform many actions and must enter an account ID, postcode, key, and password.
      • The admin will select the services the UPS provides.
      Module Layout

      Add Shipping Account

      After downloading this module, the administrator can configure the module to function smoothly. In the shipping option, the admin can see "Webkul UPS". The administrator can use the following settings:

      • The Administrator can enter the UPS Shipping Access Key, Username, and Password.
      • Admin can select different methods of Allowed Shipping to be shown to customers.
      • The administrator can enter the Origin Code for Shipping, Origin City, Origin Country.
      • The Administrator will define the package box dimension.
      • The administrator will set the weight in pounds or Kilograms.
      Add Shipping Account

      Customer Checkout Process

      The UPS shipment is now available under the checkout page after the product has been completed or added to the cart by the customer, and customers can use the UPS shipping process. The customer may choose the preferred method of shipping the products here.

      • On the checkout page, the buyer will see this shipping option.
      • In addition to the shipping price, the customer would have different choices for shipping facilities.
      • For the product shipment, the customer may select any 'Shipping Services'.
      • Show UPS shipping prices dynamically in real-time and reliably.
      Customer Checkout Process

      Order Information

      The shipping service chosen by the customer will also be noticeable in the specifics of the order.

      • The buyer will access their order data after placing the order.
      • All the specifics concerning your particular order will be displayed on the order information tab.
      Order Information


      • Enable or disable the status of Method UPS Shipping.
      • This shipping method has a custom name that will appear on the front-end.
      • Set the request form for packages.
      • Select the container type and its size.
      • The package’s average dimensions can be set.
      • Set various classes of weights.
      • The administrator has the option to add a rule for the tax class.
      • For freight calculation, the dynamic shipping process.
      • Select different services for domestic and international shipping.


      For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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      Posted On - February 1, 2021

      Super Service und schnelle Umsetzung

      Frequently Asked Questions

       Can admin set enable or disable UPS Shipping method?
      Yes, the admin can set enable or disable the UPS Shipping method.
       This module is supported by which version of Opencart?
      The module is supported by the above Opencart version 2.0.x.x
       Can the customer check their order information?
      Yes, the customer can check their order details.
       Can the admin check customer order details?
      Yes, the admin can also check customer order details.
       Where will the admin obtain the license key from?
      In order to get the license key, the administrator must build a UPS account.

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