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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    OpenCart Web To Print

    OpenCart Print on Demand Module: Using this extension, the customers will be able to customize and design their selected products at the storefront. If you are selling out personalized products like Signatures, stationary, etc. then this extension is the best one for you and your customers as there are many options to customize the product. The customers will be able to choose from the predefined templates where in the customer can change/alter the image, text, and layout within the template.

    Also available for Opencart version 3.x.x.x
    OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print OpenCart Web To Print
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    OpenCart Web To Print: This extension is perfect for giving your customers multiple options to easily personalize and sell your personalized products such as signatures, stationery, signatures, etc. on your online e-commerce store. This way you can offer your customers the easiest way of designing, previewing, and then ordering personalized products online from your storefront.

    Highlighted Features

     Customize print template

    The customer will have full access to customize and edit the print template

     Search Image with Pixabay

    The customer can not only add the image by browsing from the system but also search the image with Pixabay too.

     Download Image

    The customer can download the print-ready zip file from their customer panel.

     Live Preview

    The customer can also preview the final personalized print product.

     Set Up Web to Print with Store

    After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will be able to configure the module settings. The admin can set different default configurations adhering to which the templates can be added. Admin can-

    • Enable or disable the module.
    • Enter the auto-save time in which the template would be automatically saved.
    • Select the allowed options among Text, Image, and Other(like shape), which customers can use while customizing the template.
    • Enable or disable the online search of images for the template at the customer end.
    • Enter the Pixabay API Key.
    • Enter the limit of words allowed in the text-box while the text is being entered in the template.
    • Enter the extensions of the image which are allowed.
    • Enter the allowed size of the image.
    • Enter a message that asks for approval of the design and a checklist of items to be verified before submission of the template.
     Set up Web to print with store

     Add Web to Print template

    This module provides various functionalities to admin for creating a unique customized template. Admin thereafter even manages those templates by their assignment.

    • The admin can create multiple templates and assign the template to the product as per the choice.
    • This will enable the customer to choose the pre-defined template configured by the admin.
    • The admin can even edit or delete the existing templates.
    Add Web to Print template

     Customize Image/Text/Shape on Product

    The customer can get a great advantage via this module as he/she can order a product with his/her own design and look. The customized design created by him/her can be bought by them.

    • On the product page, the customers will see the “Customize this design” button.
    • After clicking the Customize this design, the Canvas editor will open.
    • The customer can either create a template by himself or choose any pre-defined template created by the admin.
    Customize Image/Text/Shape on product

     Customize Product Design Request

    The admin can create a pre-defined template for the customer. And even the customer can create the custom template if the customer doesn’t find the pre-defined template as per their requirement. For creating the template -

    • Add the template code as per the choice.
    • Enter details of the canvas like width and height.
    • Configure the number of sides and their names for customization like the front, back, etc. that are; sides where the customizations will be reflected.
    • Even add text, image, and shape.
    Customize product design request

    Configure Template Side Image

    This module lets customers use a predefined template or add a new template to customize the product.

    • The customer can choose the product side on which side customization will be reflected.
    • Also, the customer can select a number of sides for customization.
    • The customer can check the final image before checkout the product.
    • Edit or delete any of the uploaded images.
    • Upload the Image having extensions - jpg, png, gif, jpeg.
    Configure Template Side Image

     Features -

    • Fully canvas-based product customizer.
    • Admin can add images for adding images to the product template.
    • Admin can add colors to the text, shape editor on canvas.
    • Admin can edit the product template and add some initial designs for the customizer.
    • Admin can create multiple templates for a single product like for front design, back design, etc.
    • Customers can edit the template in the front-end.
    • Customers can use different editors for customizing the design like an image editor, text editor, shape editor.
    • Customers can search for images using pixabay while designing.
    • A customized template image will be generated and shown in the cart and other places as the product image.
    • Customers can add to the cart the customized product.
    • After successful purchase customers can download the images from the order.
    • Admin can see and download the customized image template for the order in the order information.

     Support -

    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


    Product Version3.0.0.2
    Released6 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (8 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.3.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Can admin limit the text size from the store backend?
    Yes!! the admin can limit text size while configuring the module.
     Which type of image format can be uploaded by the customer?
    This module supports jpg, png, and jpeg image format to customize the product.
     Can the customer select the side on which they want to customize the design?
    Yes!! the customer can enter the number and name of sides for customization.
     Can the customer include the shape on the canvas to customize better?
    To make the design better, the customer can add text along with shape on the canvas.
     Does this module allow the customer to upload the image from Online?
    Yes!! the customer can upload the desired image online through Pixabay.

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