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      Hire a Developer is an Australian-based online store where that provides fast, reliable, and free delivery services to send traditional rakhis and gifts to Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, USA, Canada. With so many offers and attractive prices, became successful in attracting customers. website view

      Built on BigCommerce:

      BigCommerce is the world's top cloud eCommerce solution which provides the facility of store creation, search engine optimization, hosting, marketing, and security from small to enterprise-sized businesses for establishing a well-settled online eCommerce store and for generating revenue rapidly.

      It provides merchants with the tools they need to start, develop, and innovate their online companies. Simply they aim to create the greatest e-commerce platform possible so that their clients can concentrate on what matters most: expanding their online store.

      bigcommerce view

      Mr. Rakesh the owner of, was pleased with the way his business was working previously, but he was not satisfied since he wanted to do more to expand his online store and increase income so he decided to turn his online store in to a Multivendor Marketplace to increase his revenue by earning commission from multiple vendors by allowing them to sell their goods on his store. So he started doing some research online and he got to know about our Webkul’s Bigcommerce Multivendor Marketplace application. In this manner, he is looking to expand the product range in the store and increase the popularity of his website and brand.

      So, he decided to download the app and try it out for 10 days for free, as our BigCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Application app offers a 10-day free trial. When he first saw the features, such as how the accountancy part works, how the payout transactions function, and how simply he can manage all of his sellers in one spot. He instantly bought the subscription plan after the trial time of the application expired. He requires some additional features into Multivendor Marketplace as per his business needs and reached to the Webkul for the customization. After understanding all the requirements Webkul business team provided customization as per his needs. After seeing such a quick and accurate customization work, he was impressed. Now he is enjoying how vendors are arriving at his website, registering, and selling their pieces of stuff.


      When he first installed the software, the Webkul team assisted him in every way they could with his questions and worries about the marketplace's setup. He was very delighted with the app and the assistance he received. is now becoming more popular, because of the variety of products they have now. And also the number of clients reaches to their website has been increased exponentially.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our Bigcommerce development services & vast range of featureful Bigcommerce applications.


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      BigCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace