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      DIRCKIII is one of the largest Liquor stores in the Netherlands. DIRCKIII is selling the liquor products for 50 years. They are selling products like liquor, wine, beer, water, juice, and soft drinks online as well as offline.

      The DIRCKIII Liquor stores are mainly founded in North and South Holland. DirckIII also has liquor stores in Utrecht, Flevoland, Noord-Brabant, and Zeeland. They have over 40 offline Point of Sale for the Liquor stores.

      DICKRIII online shop

      DIRCkIII also provides a complete range of products, spacious stores, and money-back guarantee of the products.

      eCommerce + Liquor Industry

      eCommerce has become a game-changer for many industries like food, Grocery, liquor, and many others. According to the survey at Statista, It’s predicted that there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019. According to the Slice, online sale of beer, liquor and wine for delivery grew 32.7% in 2017.

      To open an eCommerce store would bring many benefits to the liquor sellers and providers. Nowadays, every generation of the customer searches the products over the internet. So with going online selling, the merchant can increase their productivity.

      By opening an eCommerce Business for liquor, the merchants can increase their brand visibility over the internet, can reach more customers, and expand their customer base.

      How DIRCKIII found the solution with Webkul Akeneo Connectors?

      DIRCKIII was selling a large number of liquor products with offline stores. Nowadays, anyone doesn’t want to travel for purchasing the products. Most of the people looking for an online shop where they can purchase the products.

      To see the growth of eCommerce stores, they were looking for the eCommerce framework to start the business as an online store. They started using Magento 2 for managing the products. But, there was a problem with managing the product information in the eCommerce store.


      The eCommerce store like Bagisto, Magento 2 doesn’t provide the dedicated PIM (Product Information Management) tool. Basically, the eCommerce stores are used to show the product information at the front-end of the websites from where the user can purchase the products.

      So, they were looking for a solution where they can manage the product information and sync the product information to the online store. They contacted Webkul through Atwise. Webkul is the largest Akeneo solution provider in the World.

      How Webkul helps DIRCKIII to manage the product information?
      DIRCKIII wants to store all the product information in one place. They found the solution as Akeneo PIM. Akeneo is an open-source product information management tool. It is the most running open-source PIM platform in the World.
      With the Akeneo PIM, they can easily manage the Product Information in one place. They can export the product data in CSV/XLSX file and then import it to the Magento 2 store. It was taking much time in this process.
      Finally, they got the solution as Magento 2 Akeneo Connector. With the Magento2 Akeneo Connector, they can easily sync the product information from Akeneo to Magento and vice-versa.
      They can easily sync the product information in Akeneo with Magento 2.
      • - Attributes
      • - Attribute Groups
      • - Families
      • - Categories
      • - Product
      • - Product Variant
      • - Association of the product
      Now, they can manage the product information in Akeneo easily and in less time. Webkul assists them to manage other things from Akeneo.
      Manage Multiple Store Views

      With the Magento 2 Akeneo Connector, they are able to set the multiple store credentials in one place. It is very helpful to export the products from Akeneo to different Magento stores.

      Manage Multiple Store Views

      Manage Multiple Languages

      With the Magento 2 Akeneo Connector, they can manage the store views from Akeneo. They were running their shop in different languages like English, French. So, with this module, they can easily map the locale and currency of the store views in Akeneo.

      Manage Multiple Languages

      Manage Products Quantity

      Akeneo PIM is the Product Information Management tool. It’s not an Inventory management tool. But with this Module, they can easily export the products quantity and stock status from Akeneo to Magento.

      Manage Multiple Images with Products

      With this module, they can easily import and export images from Akeneo to Magento and vice-versa. This module provides a separate section for exporting the images. The merchants can select multiple images in this to export the products.

      They can also manage the alt text of the images for better SEO management.

      Manage Multiple Images with Products

      Manage Custom Attributes

      With this connector, they can also export the custom attributes like Brand and Color in Magento 2. For this, they can create the custom attributes in Akeneo and can select them in the custom attributes section.

      They were happy with our work. They come with one more requirement to schedule the export profile on a weekly basis. Our support agent suggested him to use the Akeneo CRON scheduler.

      Akeneo CRON Scheduler

      With this module, they are able to set the cron job at daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This module helps the merchants to automate the export process.

      They can easily set the multiple CRON job and in each, they can select the different types of export profiles like attribute export, categories export, product export, and product association export.

      Akeneo CRON Scheduler

      Webkul helps them in each case with the Ticketing system (UVdesk helpdesk) and replied in a fast and efficient way. They finally shared with us their experience.

      5/5 Client Review

      We requested the client to share some feedback on the Webkul support and products.

      Great Module, Great Service Thanks for the great module en great service. Small issues are usually solved within a day. Many thanks from all of the Atvise Team.

      Bouke Steemers
      Bouke Steemers

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