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      About the client:-

      The National Health Australia i.e NHA is the home of medical alarms, medical equipment, and PPE for Australians nationwide. Their goal is simple, to provide assistive technology and quality medical equipment to every corner of the country.

      Currently, they are providing a range of medical alerts or personal alarms nationwide to seniors, lone workers, and individuals with a disability.

      They have exclusive rights over the device in Australia and always welcome new wholesale customers.

      National Health Australia website view

      Many challenges, one solutions -

      National Health Australia was using QuickBooks online and Salesforce both but independently which was difficult for them to manage because both the systems are disconnected with similar data. They have no insight into the customer's invoices in Salesforce so it was intractable for them.

      National Health Australia’s team was spending hours analyzing the client’s information and comparing the details with both systems to decide the next steps. Due to these issues, Cross-selling products to their customers was a big challenge for them which results in the low performance of the organization.

      After figuring out the issues of the client, We provided them a real-time data integration solution i.e eShopSync for QuickBooks.

      eShopSync for QuickBooks helps them to integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks online which gives them the ability to add and sync new customers in real-time to QuickBooks to get created in Salesforce. Now, If any updates happen in QuickBooks then the National Health Australia team is aware because it gets reflected in the Salesforce too.

      eShopSync for QuickBooks provides a two-way syncing from QuickBooks to Salesforce as the client is creating invoices from the QuickBooks system and Salesforce.

      Results that National Health Australia got:-

      With the help of eShopSync for QuickBooks integration, They are now able to see the most updated customer details in Salesforce that helps them in cross-selling their products. Now they have all the customer insights and updated data without spending hours of time and manual updates.

      National Health Australia team members’ efforts are reducing in manual syncing and comparing data between two systems. They can now alert the customers about the invoices which are unpaid or have an outstanding balance in real-time which gives them a high return on investment and increased the team efficiency.

      Finally, Webkul gave a solution to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

      What’s ahead for eShopSync:-

      eShopSync assuring to provide business-oriented solutions to the customers with our numerous product offerings. We are developing and delivering more robust solutions to our customers.

      To know more about the applications and services we offer, do check our eShopSync

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