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      Leapp is an organization for refurbished Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iMac, but also refurbished headsets from Sennheiser. It is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

      The company's goal is to make the Apple product broadly available. They refurbished Apple products and make it usable with super quality services. In the Leapp stores, you will find a distinct range of rebuilt Apple products.

      landing page

      Leapp is running its eCommerce shop on the Shopify platform and managing the products on the website. But it is difficult to manage a large number of products over a live website. It creates a lot of issues like server and data loss.

      Query and Requirements

      Leapp is looking for the PIM Solution where they can manage the products and export/import the product from Pim to Shopify. Finally, they got their solution as Akeneo Pim. Now they are looking for the Akeneo connector that can connect the Shopify store with Akeneo.

      Leapp finds the solution as Shopify Akeneo Connector in Webkul store to export/import the products through API. With this connector, you can manage the products in Akeneo and export/import the product, product variants, attribute, attribute family, and category from Akeneo to Shopify and vice-versa.


      Sebastiaan Brouwers from the Leapp purchased the Shopify Akeneo Connector module and contacted Webkul for the support. At first, they have some doubts about the variant product level. Webkul assists him to short out the problem over the ticket.


      Sebastiaan also has some problem to sync the products from Akeneo to Shopify. They have some configuration issues and some Shopify API issues. Webkul asked him to share the SSH credentials.

      Webkul looked into the issue and correct the API issues, responded to their tickets, and solve their other problems quickly. Now all the issue has been resolved. He finally shared with us his experience.

      Client Review

      Sebastiaan also posted a positive review on the Webkul store and gave 4/5 ratings. You can read the feedback below or visit the link –

      Great connector

      “Connector works great. Support is good, reaction times are fast and support is thorough.”

      Amsterdam, Netherlands


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      Akeneo, Shopify
      Shopify Akeneo Connector