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      The Stub & Co. is an online marketplace created by Joel weber who himself identify as a foodie helps to connect local alsatian producers with the consumers.

      The marketplace with the help of its multiple vendors currently offers a range of alsatian dishes along with wine, schnapps & cheese to promote local culinary heritage.


      To support the local & native dishes of the Alsace region of France, Joël Weber launched this marketplace to keep the Alsatian culinary heritage alive.

      A full-fledged online marketplace to promote Alsatian Culinary Dishes

      In a hope to connect the producers of alsatian dishes with the consumers, Joel Weber launched this online marketplace.

      With the help of Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace, Stub & Coe is offering the producers to start selling Alsatian dishes, specialities etc.

      The process has now become very easy & much simpler cause of the marketplace addon. Anyone can easily register & start selling their products on this marketplace.


      The marketplace integration also helps in showing the name of the producer who is offering the product on the product page itself.

      Special & Protected Delivery of Products

      As the stub & co. involved in the food business, it becomes its topmost priority to deliver the products fresh & on time.

      Thus to ensure the delivery of fresh products, the stub & co. employs the dedicated service of Chronopost called Chronofresh.

      Every product that requires preservation is shipped in refrigerated containers at a controlled temperature to ensure products remain fresh.

      A curated list of all the producers offering Alsatian products

      The online marketplace has made it very much convenient for the producers of Alsatian products as well as its consumers.

      With the help of the Marketplace seller list module, the platform displays a list of all the producers who are selling their Alsatian specialties on the marketplace.

      This is helping the consumers of the too Alsatian specialties as they can directly browse each seller offering & make their purchase.

      Joel Weber was found quotes on how his marketplace functions: Here, the sellers sell their products directly. The platform itself has nothing to offer or sell.

      Thus, making it an even more customer-centric marketplace.



      Moving on further, let’s see how Webkul helped Joel in tailoring the website as per his needs.

      Store Locator

      The store locator module offered by Webkul currently offers customers of the shop to locate the physical store on the map.

      Using this information, shop owners aim to provide correct & exact shop address information to customers.

      After using the module, Joel thought that there are some things that must be added/removed to the default functionality to make it even more useful.

      Some of the main things with which we helped are:

      • The store locator module only shows only one opening & closing time of the physical store. However, upon the requirement, we integrated the functionality through which now two opening and closing times can be shown. For example: If the store is open from 9 AM to 12 PM & then from 2 PM to 8 PM, it can easily be displayed to customers & similarly to add the timings fields were added at the backend too.
      • The above functionality was also integrated for each seller too so that they can individually manage their store timings.
      • These store timings were made visible at the checkout page too for the customers.
      • On the store page, functionality to add some details about the store was also integrated.

      An End Note

      Joel weber is only at the beginning of his stub & Co. adventure. He aims to make this online marketplace the one-stop place for purchasing Alsatian products. He is continuously looking for new producers to complete and diversify the range of products available today on Stub & Co.

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

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