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      My Swiss Box is a marketplace specializing in gift and subscription boxes with a philosophy to offer all their customers quality and tasteful gift boxes, as per their desires and needs. It is an ideal site to find gifts from a wide range of collections of products.

      My Swiss Box

      What were the business challenges?

      The biggest challenge was to create a marketplace that will provide a platform for customers to find the perfect gift for their family, friends, loved ones, employees, or even their pets.

      My Swiss Box

      Their biggest challenge was to bring along product creators from various different fields under one shop, so they can establish themselves and develop in Switzerland.

      How does Webkul Marketplace Extension help out?

      Webkul created a marketplace using the Prestashop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace module on their Prestashop website, where creators can easily create their seller account, list their products, and sell with ease.

      My Swiss Box also wanted to provide subscription-based gift products to the customers to which they can subscribe to avail the gifts periodically with an automatic payment cycle.

      For this, we used our Prestashop Subscription Products module to create subscription-based products and integrated it with our Prestashop Stripe Recurring Payment module for automatic payment and renewal of subscription products.

      My Swiss Box

      Apart from that, we integrated other features like an option for customers to rate their purchase, automatically show native language and the currency of users by detecting their location, creator blogs, and more.

      Multiple Webkul modules were used in the development of this project :

      • Prestashop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace
      • Prestashop Marketplace Advance Commission
      • Prestashop Marketplace Blog
      • Prestashop Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway
      • Prestashop Rate Your Bought Product
      • Prestashop Geo-location

      What positive changes were noticed?

      With the help of Webkul's extensions, My Swiss Box was able to provide the creators from various fields with an established platform to come together and provide customers with a huge range of gift options.

      My Swiss Box

      Disclaimer: Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].

      PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace
      Prestashop Marketplace Blog
      PrestaShop Marketplace Advance Commission
      Prestashop Stripe Recurring Payment Gateway
      PrestaShop Custom Product Rating
      Prestashop Geolocation | Auto-set currency and language