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    Age Verification System for WooCommerce

    Age Verification System for WooCommerce: This extension allows you to verify the age of potential purchasers to ensure they are above the minimum legal age to purchase a product within the webstore. The admin can apply the age verification for the product, category, and shop pages of the webstore. In turn, the age verification requirement for purchasing the products will be the seller's defense in consumer protection legislation.

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    Age Verification System for WooCommerce: provides the ability to add age restriction on products, product categories, and shop page together. In order, to keep products such as wine, tobacco, liquor, etc. out of the reach of small kids. This module also allows admin to add the pop-up logo on the pop-up which will appear in the front end for the verification of the age for the particular age group of customers.

    Using this module the admin can even add the URL link to the other website for the redirection of the unauthorized age group of customers for the particular product, category and shop page.

    Highlighted Features

     Leave Button URL

    The customer will be redirected to the link entered by the admin in case if he presses the Leave button.

     Verification Method

    The admin can decide the type of Age Verification Method for the front end.

     Product Restriction

    The admin can also restrict particular products for a particular age group of customers.

     Category Restriction

    The admin can restrict the entire category for a particular group of customers.

     Custom Image

    The admin can add the custom image which will get displayed on the age verification pop-up.

     Design Management

    The admin can choose the width, background color, text color, button color, and button text color for the pop-up.

    What is the use of this module?

    In today's world, we have so much stuff on the web stores that some time could be harmful to the kids, so to keep harmful stuff away from the reach of kids. We always want the plugin which can verify their age before showing them the product on that webstore, that's why we have introduced Age verification for WooCommerce. Using this module you can restrict your shop page in such a way that the unauthorized age group of customers would not be able to place an order.

     What is the use of this module?

    Verification Method

    The admin has the option to choose the type of verification method that can be applied to the products and categories. The admin can choose to apply the type of verification that includes:

    • Ask User to Enter Date of Birth, in this the customer age will be verified on the basis of the date of birth.
    • Using Checkbox, in this the customer needs to click on the checkbox for the age verification.
    • Using Yes/no Button, in this the customer needs to select yes or no for the age verification.
     Verification Method

    Restrict Particular Product

    Maybe there are only a few products on which you may require age restriction. So by using this module, the store owner can restrict a particular product.

    • The admin can add age verification to the product while adding a new product or by editing the existing product.
    • The admin can disallow any of the particular product for adding the age verification.
    • The admin can also add the default image for the restricted products.
     Restrict Particular Product

    Restrict Particular Category

    The store owner can make a particular category for the products such as tobacco, wine, dangerous goods, etc. and can restrict that particular category for the unauthorized age group of customers/guest visitors.

    • The admin can edit the particular category for adding the age restriction to it.
    • If the admin adds age verification for a particular category then all the products under that category will require age verification.
    • The admin can disallow any category to get age-restricted.
     Restrict Particular Category

    Content Configuration Settings

    This module allows the admin to configure the age verification pop-up as per the requirement.

    • The admin can set the pop-up title for the age verification pop-up.
    • The admin also set the pop-up title/content color.
    • Option available for entering the URL for the leave button.
    • The admin can enter the error message for the invalid age group.
     Content Configuration Settings


    • Upload custom image for the pop-up.
    • The admin can manage the pop-up content settings.
    • Select methods to verify users age – checkbox, date of birth, yes/no
    • The admin can enter the custom text for the Enter and Leave buttons.
    • The admin can set the Leave button URL.
    • Customizable design – width, button color, background color, text color


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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     Frequently Asked Questions

     How can I add age verification to a new category?
    You can add age verification to any category by editing that category.
     Can the admin restrict different age groups of customers for different products and product categories together?
    Yes, the admin can restrict different age groups of the customer for a particular product, particular product category and both of them together for that age group. The admin can set up the age restriction by entering the required age value for which the restriction should apply.
     What if the admin didn't enter the Error URL on the backend?
    The unauthorized age group of the customer will get this error message "You are not allowed to view this product", if the error URL is not entered by the admin.
     In how many ways the admin can customize the age verification pop-up?
    The admin can select the method for the verification of age, can set the default image for the pop-up, configure the text settings and layout settings.
     Is there any limit to apply the age verification on the product, category?
    No, there is no limit. The admin can apply age verification on an unlimited number of categories, products.

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    Version 1.0.2
    • Added: Fixed Multiple Issues.
    • Added: Update Coding Standard.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Added the restriction to subcategories product if the parent is restricted.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release